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  1. Re: Milan's l Signature Request l + l Portfolio l hey mate could i get one with essien in the yellow chelsea shirt on it? doesn't matter if you can find the yellow one, just go crazy
  2. Re: CUSTOM ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP 200 MILLION/plus players Chelsea and you already know my name etc
  3. Re: FORUM CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS - Discussion Thread Have made offers for about 15 89-90 rated players with cash so interesting to see how many i actually get haha
  4. Re: £250 Million starting Budget/ NEW GAME hey mate, i know its not on the list but would i be able to grab liverpool? if not then thats fine, thanks
  5. Re: African Championship 1 got a solid core of Fabregas, Higuain, Hazard, David Silva, Modric, Alexis Sanchez.. pretty much all the rest of squad is about 90 and under 25 new start to a season so good luck to everyone!
  6. Re: African Championship 1 I'm another one of the original members just cleaned up the div 1 title, cup and shield finals of the last season and the charity shield, supersport is now a force!! hah Higuain and fabregas just signed on aswell along with hazard and de gea
  7. Re: African Championship 1 Me (supersport united) managed to beat zamelek in the last game 2-1. Finished a credible 5th in div 1. Happy with my team now.. Adler Gibbs Alderwield San Jose Makeev Gago Carioca Reus Ninis Stoch Chamakh Only 2 players over 21 and the rest are great prospects so looking forward to next season
  8. Re: Next Big Setup Sign Up Here legend_707 (my sm name is tom hemsley)- Real Madrid Have done some match reporting in the past, and this looks like a good tim eto do more. thanks mate this sounds pretty interesting haha..
  9. Re: African Championship 1 Disappointing loss in the final to Ismaily 2-0.. now in 5th position and will try and hold that. Rene Adler and Kieran Gibbs are coming which will give me a great defines. Supersport have turned out to be a good choice of team in the end haha
  10. Re: The Lucky League Table Challenge - **NEW** Good idea mate...put me down as well thanks
  11. Re: African Championship 1 up to 3rd in div 1...and about to play bottom team that has no wins at all
  12. Re: African Championship 1 Lost 2-0 and a disappointing start. Nobody got a matchrating above 7 and we had 4 more shots on target than the other team...grrrr match engine
  13. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Could someone make me one with David Villa and Michael Essien on it plaza. Doesn't matter what background or anything like that. Thanks in advance
  14. Re: African Championship 1 Managed to snag Javier Hernandez (beat off bit of competition there ). Also got some risers in Toko Bundebele, Galiulin and Kakuta. Quite happy so far
  15. Re: The Man With A Heart of a Lion The Ultimate Test Good luck mate swell, im Supersport United so good luck trying to beat me in it
  16. Re: African Championship 1 joined as supersport united
  17. Re: Win your own game world im now 7 points in front t top of div 2...and thats y i got higuain not villa as he just went up +1 and now my best player by a country mile
  18. Re: Countering 4-4-2 with 4 Defenders - URGENT HELP! If you want, it wont really matter
  19. Re: Countering 4-4-2 with 4 Defenders - URGENT HELP! I think you should play a 3-5-2, it doesn't matter if Lahm plays on the right side of a 3 man defence he will still play good.
  20. Re: Custom GW yeah...id be interested in taking a team as well mate...pm me any details as soon as you have made it or something thanks
  21. Re: Little World Soccer Could i plz have barcelona mate...pm me any details about this setup if you could thanks
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