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  1. Re: Balotelli or gourcuff? go for gourcuff... a massive talent!
  2. Re: 5 People you'd love to wake up next too i definately agree
  3. Re: 5 People you'd love to wake up next too jessiza alba on one side magan fox on the other and then i wouldnt need 3 more.
  4. Re: The Special Setup -Official Teams And Rules
  5. Re: The Special Setup -Official Teams And Rules
  6. Re: The Special Setup -Official Teams And Rules yes but maybe he will wont to manmage an english club?
  7. Re: The Special Setup -Official Teams And Rules same with me balig.
  8. Re: The Special Setup -Official Teams And Rules legend_707 (aka tom hemsley) got man city... cant complain as they have spent big which is good 4 me
  9. Re: What tatics to use?(i will giv Rep points if your help is Used by me) i think u should try a 3-4-1-2, with these people in each position: Gk- Reina LB- Cole CB-Terry CB- Chivu RM-Ljajic CM- Xavi CM-Fletcher LM/Wing- Cole (with up arrow) AM- Messi FWD- Pato FWD- Aguero Will u try it?
  10. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup ok thats fine then
  11. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup i willl join, it sounds a great idea. Just one question though wat if i get sergio busquets when he is still 20 years old and wont to keep hold of him and when he is 22 do i have to sell him straight away or can i keep him ( considering i already have one spanish player).
  12. Re: help my team! wat do formation do u suggest then, i am playing a 4-4-2 with my LM and RM being wingers with arrows pinting forward.
  13. Re: Dream Team GK- Casillas RB- Sergio Ramos CB- Chiellini LB- Marcelo DM- Essien Wing- Ronaldo AM- Xavi Wing- Iniesta FWD- Eto'o FWD- David Villa Bench- Silva, Lampard, Vidic, Ibrahimovic, Lahm and Robinho
  14. Re: help my team! The only problem is i have mati fernandez injuered for 2 weeks, but could replace agger with dmytro chyhrynsky who i bought for a swap with senderos. Willl it still work if i play banega where the new player is and denilson in the AM role?
  15. Re: help my team! Will give rep points for writing a good post!
  16. Re: help my team! thanks mate If anyone else can help plz leave a message
  17. i have a birmingham city team 10 turns into season 2 and was wondering if i could strengthen it in any way. the link to my team is: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=940232&clubid=8413783&sid=19456 Give any feedback u want! At the moment i have a budget of 16.1 mill
  18. Re: What do you think of my team? can someone help me in what to do to improve my birmingham city second season squad. Check my team out at; http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=940232&clubid=8413783&sid=19456
  19. Re: Clash of the Teniss Hotties all im gonna say is... Kirilenko
  20. Re: Guide to 352 formation can anyone help me to what is my best formation with my players? i currently play a 4-1-3-2 but am open to any changes. Akinfeev- 91 Sapunaru- 88 Agger- 89 Pique- 90 Vrgas- 90 Ever Banega- 88 Nani- 89 Mati fernandez- 89 Mata- 91 Pazzini- 89 Higuain 91 I have Senderos (CB)- 88, Bendtner (CF)- 88, Vidal(DM)- 88, Denilson(CM/RM)- 89 on the bench. Plz suggest any changes you have!
  21. Re: SKRTEL or BRUNO ALVES Keep Skrtel defiantly, he is playing very solidly and is also very fit
  22. Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them? My first club was and still is birmingham city in english champ 2514. i started with 16 mill and a club that didnt have the people that are now loaned to them (bouazza, sinclair and costly). We finished first in div 2 and am currently in 7th in div 1, 10 rounds in to the second season. We also won the English Cup in the first season as well. My team starting team is as follows: Gk-Akinffeev- 91 RB-Sapunaru- 88 CB-Agger- 89 CB-Pique- 88 LB-Vargas- 90 DM-Ever Banega- 88 Wing-Nani- 89 Wing-Juan Mata- 89 AM- Mati Fernandez- 89 CF-Pazzini- 89 Fwd-Higuain- 90 Not a bad team at all! My backups are the likes of senderos, guerrero, bendtner, denilson (loan), vidal and the only two players left from the original team, mcfadden and larrson
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