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  1. Re: Win your own game world coming second so far after 2 solid wins (im shaktar) hoping new signings gago, valencia and higuain can make an impact
  2. Re: Pique or Albiol Get PIque NOW... he is and will be an absolute star for the next 10 years
  3. Re: Young Highly Rated Strikers (80-90) Good idea to get keirrison, but muller of bayern should go from 85-88 which is also pretty good and he is very cheap as well
  4. Re: Help with a good team I would do a 3-4-1-2. Drogba and Messi up front and Zanetti, Lucio and Samuel down back. Robben on one wing and Cambiasso on the other (even though out of position). Xavi and Hamsik in the middle behind Sneijder. Hope that helps!
  5. Re: Win your own game world i am in as shahktar donetsk in div 2...which team are you?
  6. Re: New spanish setup yeah i might give it a go, pm me some info about it would b good
  7. Re: World Cup Fantasy challenge! ill give it a go,heres my 4-3-3 team then- Schwarzer Maicon Chiellini Vidic Evra Robben Lampard Ronaldo Eto'o David Villa Messi Wat do you guys think about it?
  8. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Could someone plz make me a Michael Essien and David Villa signature. Doesnt matter wat background or anything like that. It would be massively appreciated! thanks
  9. Re: Important match i would go 3-5-2 to counter all of this. They have only 1 up front so you only need 3 and 5 on 5 in the midfield is the best way to go. If you are losing at half time or 60 mins then maybe try a 3-4-3 to go for the win. Good luck in the game!
  10. Re: Looking For Dedicated Managers Ill join if thats ok mate. Sounds like a good challenge
  11. Re: A-League Setup Looking for this to be a strong season for my Gold Coast, going to buy Keirrison as my marquee player and hopefully either schwarzre or federci as keeper. Anybody know if federici is going to rise???
  12. Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! Hey mate, can you please make me a pique avatar. Just a pic like the others would be great and no writing thanks. Just want something a bit different.
  13. Re: Help Needed Squad Ratings In A Few Years yes, defiantly buy de gea. any man that can play in front of asenjo in goal is a great talent
  14. Re: Pique Trade Exactly right!!!!
  15. Re: A-League Setup Got 7 seven youngsters, al bought with about 500k. They are Monterosso, Osama Malik, Aziz Behich, Jack Hingert, Luke Brattan, Steven Lustica and Evan Kostopoulos. Very happy and am about to get Broxham (22yr old,78 rated) from Melbourne
  16. Re: Ac milan team - need help! Try a 4-1-3-2 formation. Toulalan as the CM/DM and Ribery, Robinho and Gourcuff as the 3 AM/Wingers. Have Pato and either Fabiano or 'Dinho up front
  17. Re: A-League Setup Got Celeski and am quite happy that i have only lost 3 times this season, twice to a NQ Fury team hat isn't following the rules sadly.
  18. Re: A-League Setup Finally a nice win of 5-1 against Perth puts me in 3rd, looking to offload some risers to get some better players in. Want Cole
  19. Re: A-League Setup Managed to pick up David Carney with the new rule, got 1 mill to spend, any ideas on who to buy?
  20. Re: Leftback please help rep awarded Evra would be ur first target if he is available but then either got for marcelo (know he is a LM mainly but is playing amazing football so will get a rise) or vargas of fiorentina
  21. Re: Deal for Messi id have to agree partly, Rooney is an amazing player, so if you do say Berba and Ash Cole for example and 30 mill that would be better
  22. Re: A-League Setup Just a thought for the comp, watt about if we could buy an extra non aus marquee player and extra aus player per season. So at the start of the next season u are able to buy another 2 overall marquee players, any thoughts on this ides?
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