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  1. Re: Yoann GOURCUFF or Jesús NAVAS? Defiantly Gourcuff, Navas is a very good player and when he overcomes his homesickness then he will also be amazing. Gourcuff is in great form and isn a pivotal player for Bordeaux and France
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Gerrard, although if you are planning to buy/keep any do so with all of them
  3. Re: Glen Johnson Yep, Johnson is a lot younger and will feature fro England in the WC, just a great talent especially now that he has moved to a bigger club in Liverpool and is reapin the rewards
  4. Re: Abused after winning Bidding war YOu could send a ticket i guess or talk to one of the mods regarding the transfer
  5. Re: A-League Setup it was either him or flores i needed them quick cause of injury. just some warning is it ok if i sign adam griffiths of al-shaba (now adelaide united) because he has signed for adelaide for the champions league or something, is that ok?
  6. Re: Young and/or Rising Dutch/German Players See if you can get our hands of Lukaku of Anderlecht, great star but might already be taken. Others would be Muller of Bayern and maybe Braafheid as well
  7. Re: Buy Xavi or Schweinsteiger and Sagna Id go with sSchweinsteiger and Sagna. Schwini is a great player and being a MID helps. Sagna would also help our backline a lot.
  8. Re: Nemeth for Lukaku? Definately mate, Lukaku is going to be an awesome player
  9. Re: Best free agent Managed to pick up Aquilani, Leiva Lucas and Ngog for a combined 13.5 mill. NOt bad that
  10. Re: A-League Setup down to 6th but only 4 points of the top, miller injured for 6 weeks which has hurt a lot, bringing in Steven Bryce (32yrs, 79 rated).
  11. Re: CHIELLINI, Giorgio Very tough one. Mata will become a great player given a few years and Clichy is a solid LB although not first-choice for France. In the end i would do the deal though, Chillieni will be a part of the national team in the World Cup and couple of good performances could see him moving to a top team.
  12. Re: A-League Setup yeah good idea, anyone wise with a LB or CM 75+ rated available?
  13. Re: £30mill for a CM or AM ideally I would go fro Lampard. He may be getting on bit compared to others but i think he is a massively overrated and should be in for rise. Another option would be Diego of Juve.
  14. Re: A-League Setup Bought Dyron Daal and Pieter Collen and if any one has a CM or LB with 75+ rating give me a buzz (im gold coast btw)
  15. Re: CAF suspends Togo for next two tournaments Very poor decision, players shouldn't be penalised for something their government did.
  16. Re: improve my barca team I reckon you should sell Rafa Marquez and get Lahm for the RB/LB dilemma. Think about getting a winger which would also help a new barca team.
  17. Re: Dan Griffin's Updated Signature Store.
  18. Re: have a B team Most people already try and have at least 2 player per position (more depending on the formation used) to cover for injuries and NMF's.
  19. legend_707


    Re: Hi Welcome to the wonderful world of the forum
  20. Re: Who to buy? Lukaku would be the obvious choice but if you could afford Sergio Canales or Iker Munian then they would be realy good as well
  21. Re: Dan Griffin's Updated Signature Store. Could i have one of Chucho Benitez and Seb Larsson (same as current) both in BCFC kits, you pick the background etc. Thanks mate in advance, just want something different.
  22. Re: Signature of The Week Competition (Week 1) Voting 1st- Allan-NI 2nd- Zampa 3rd- AdamEFC
  23. Re: No rise for Pato!?! You reckon Pato should have got 93, he has had a good all round year.
  24. Re: Yoann GOURCUFF I would do it, he could probably rise +1 more max courtesy of his national caps in the World Cup
  25. Re: Best/Worst Flags in the World That Belgium flag doesn't look like a proper rectangle to start with then you see the white corners.
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