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  1. Re: Problem with sm it worked for me and i got into the get a club bit and got real madrid in wc 8160 (i think). The only team taken as well, not many have the chance to take any team for free!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Re: Croatian Encyclopedia how is delac going?
  3. Re: Chelsea vs birmingham/analysis I reckon it will be a scoreless draw. Birmingham have a good record at home and chelsea not so good away, plus they have they first-choice strikers out. Should be a VERY good game.
  4. Re: {UKFSC} World Cup 2010, Discussion Me, Spain, dont have a very good draw
  5. Re: {UKFSC} World Cup 2010, Discussion oh yay!... i get to play USA, Brazil and Germany. I thiught i would have a good chance when i picked Spain Imagine that group in real life though...deadly.
  6. Re: So..Who will be the top four this season? Stuff the quietly bit 1. Chelsea 2. Man U 3. Arsenal 4. Tottenham (Birmingham come 5th on goal difference to Spurs)
  7. Re: {UKFSC} World Cup 2010, Discussion You got a tough match first up Dan
  8. Re: Premier League 09/10 [Fantasy Football] Im currently on top of the head-to-head league. Wat will happen if i win it? Does gold membership go straight to my account? If someone could answer this please do, as it would help Thanks
  9. Re: Young cms Hamsik would be a good choice or even Fletcher of man u.
  10. Re: Deal for David Villa. Exactly wat i would have said!
  11. Re: My 3 year old Newcastle Team (Pic included)
  12. Re: Help for Bradford City Squad Ill try help you with the ones you should keep, here it goes- GK-Delac Amos (might become more a part of man u when VDS retires) Def- Otamendi, Badstuber, Muniesa, Westermann, Kacheridi Mid- Ljajic, Gatagov, Elias, Hazard, Pedro Fwd- Neymar, Welbeck, Yakovlev, Muniain, Carlao They are probably the best 5 from each position (bar keeper). All the ones currntly in bids are all good players looking at a decent rise.
  13. Re: Official Birmingham City FC Thread Just a bit of future info about city- Next 5 league games- Everton vs Birmingham @ Goodison Park (Dec 20) - Birmingham vs Chelsea @ St Andrews (Dec 26) - Stoke vs Birmingham @ Britannia Stadium (Dec 28) - Birmingham vs Man U @ St Andrews (Jan 9) - Portsmouth vs Birmingham @ Fratton Park (Jan 16) A mixed draw some would say...tough ones at home...easier ones away. They are currently first on the form guide of the last six matches with 1 draw and 5 consecutive wins (now record for them in the premier league).
  14. Re: Official Birmingham City FC Thread That one hasnt had many posts in the last 3 or 4 months so i thought i would kinda make one that will be better and more helpful.
  15. There is not a proper discussion thread about good old Birmingham. I believe that there should be since we are now in the top 10 in the Prem League. Please post all discussions, news or transfer rumours about them on this thread. Lets make it the biggest and the best!
  16. Re: official birmingham city thread Not many people would have thought we were at this position halfway through the year...its AWESOME!
  17. Re: {UKFSC} World Cup 2010 Really sorry just remembered about this thread- 1.Spain 2.Australia 3.Brazil 4.England 5.Ivory Coast
  18. Re: Merthin's competition - EU League What are the scores mate? Im tom hemsley and i have marseille and would like to know how im going.
  19. Re: {UKFSC} World Cup 2010 ill give it a go thanks mate, do we get to pick our team/country?
  20. Re: Play in my Game Worlds and win prizes from SM Shop! Come on guys, give it a go. Im in it (euro union setup) and need 2 more people to make it happen. Give me some good competition!!!!!!
  21. Re: Petition for 1 in 5 GCs to be normal. Defiantly put my name down. I can accept the world champs and english champs being reservable but not the gold champs. They are the big gameworld and should be left as they always have been.
  22. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers Hey guys would it be ok if i could join as well please. My sm name is tom hemsley.
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