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  1. Re: Graphic Design Feedback the background off the higuain sig is great but the pic looks a little squashed in...
  2. Re: Need a list of Wingers at external clubs outside of a World Champ.
  3. Re: Daneil McBreen 69-75+ A late bloomer, but a very good one at that!
  4. Re: EC 4761- The challenge to prove you are the best! Transfer/Gossip Thread I have just joined by request from Jared and have taken Shrewsbury Town. Ps. Jared, can u send me a quick list of "requirements" plz
  5. Re: Vlad Animated Avatar Request Could i have on of the soccer australia logo (like above)and birmingham logo. thanks in advance mate!
  6. Re: General Gipsy's GFX Thread will u do it for me mate?
  7. Re: Foster - My Graphics Thread could u plz make me an avatar of michael essein preferably in his ghana kit...thanks in advance m8
  8. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o That is abousolutelty FRICKIN AMAZING! You are the best mate...
  9. Re: General Gipsy's GFX Thread Could you use this pic and use some type of ghana background then...
  10. Re: General Gipsy's GFX Thread I really like your avatars...would you be able to make me a better Michael Essien avatar in his Ghana shirt please...would be much appreciated!
  11. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o Here is the link for the renders. They are done by Dan adn are the 4th post i think. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=798129&posted=1#post798129
  12. Re: Cut Renders Perfect....thanks heaps!
  13. Re: Cut Renders Sure m8 just do your thing...
  14. Could somebody please cut these to pictures into renders so that they are ready to be made into a sig plz...just post them when done. Thanks a lot for whoever does it!
  15. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o or You could use these on a different background and obviously make them smaller. It doesnt which larsson pick you use.
  16. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o You could use the same Benitez pic in my curent sig, in u cant find a Larsson render then thats ok..just do it on Benitez
  17. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o These are really awesome...some of the best ive seen on SM. Could i plz have one of Seb Larsson and Christian Benitez in Birminham gear. Thanks in advance
  18. Re: Sean's & Jared's Request Thread sig sorry...
  19. Re: Sean's & Jared's Request Thread Could i plz have one of seb larsson and christain benitez in birminghan kits and background...thanks in advance!
  20. Re: Which is the better? agree with tecalee, although lass would still be a very good buy
  21. Re: SM Raffle! thats a good idea... it would get more normal mangers to login more often which can only help the game
  22. Re: Ghana rules!! It was a pretty tense penalty shootout but they got there in the end!
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