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  1. Re: Lukas Jutkiewicz- Nice riser and potential

    heyy just found out how to use the Search tool :P

    I've seen Lukas play a lot!! as I am from Swindon and was a massive fan till i moved to the U.S (Uni) :(

    Lukas from what I have seen is a very talented boy..

    Oh and Greener great write up on him!! Musta took u quite a while.....

    Havent heard of him in a year or two aint been home at all :/..

    Cheers for the update on him.............

    KEEP ME UPDATED on this... He still playing for Motherwell right?

  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Thanks Greener' date=' and also what would you advise on deals regarding Ashley Young and Marko Marin. Ive rejected deals in excess of £20m for Marin, and Ive put a minimum fee of £35m on Young. If I get a bid of £35m for Young, should I sell? Bear in mind, Im Preston who only get around 20,000 fans in, I have only £7m, only three senior forwards and have 5 players capable of playing on the wings (Young, Marin, Lennon, Benayoun, Pienaar)[/quote']

    35 mil for young.. do it ;) We seen how good Young was last season well for most of it and he didnt get that rise....

    I have a feeling Villa will only get 7th this season if that.....

    Spurs for 5th they look really balanced this season and Bassong is a great buy (and im not jus going on todays game...) He was outstanding for Newcastle last season but the same couldnt be said bout the other 3 goons in the defence. they will score plenty of goals.... and I rate palacios in Midfield very highly..:rolleyes:

    Man city.. will get 6th id say..... Unfortunately.....

    Villa and everton for 7th....

    anyhow back on topic..

    35 million for Young if it comes in... do it!!!!

    especially if u have a limited budget.. and with a small team drawing in small crowds..

    with 35 million im sure u can buy some good wingers or a striker if u need to.. I recommend Dzeko if u could get him... i doubt it though he will prob be snapped up already...

    i wouldnt suggest selling Marin and Young....

    only one unless u knew u could get a replacement. u could try to get a player exchange also in the Young deal..... perhaps a Young talent or soemthing along with 35 mil or something to sweeten the deal even more ;)

    Hope I helped....................:o

  3. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker

    some relatively not so good news for Frank-

    West Ham boss Gianfranco Zola has admitted the club is in the market for a new striker.

    The Hammers have been credited with an interest in Italian international Luca Toni who has slipped down the pecking order at Bayern Munich.

    Zola refused to reveal any of his targets, but is hopeful there could be some movement on the transfer front next week

    "Everybody knows that that is a position where we need a bit more cover but I rely on the club and the club knows that," Zola told the club's official website.

    "The club is trying to strengthen the team so maybe this week something will happen.

    "This team can improve. The good thing about this team is that after the last game, I said we needed to improve certain things and they just did it. It is very encouraging for me and I'm absolutely convinced this will be a positive season."

    Source- Sky sports ;)

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