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  1. Re: A League Of Our Own Match report/Transfer news thread Juventus announce Corey Wong as their new manager. The chairman expects nothing less than promotion so anything but that would see the quick depature of the newly employed manager. Wong however has said he is confident in his team with star players Buffon, Chiellini and Diego. He also stated he is looking to bring in another winger to play on the left and to rebuild the clubs ageing strikeforce.
  2. Hello, just wondering if anyone could make me a gif of this video to use as a sig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLk598kDTYk from about 16-27 seconds. I have tried making one before but they have always been rubbish! I would be very grateful for anyone who has the time to do this for me.
  3. Re: Managers wanted for a fast custom league. Juventus please account - corey_wong@hotmail.co.uk Is it the new squad btw?
  4. Re: New Custom European Set-Up. Hi Gump, could I claim Roma please. Can you send the team to this email address corey_wong@hotmail.co.uk Thanks, looking forward to this when it kicks off!
  5. If anyone is up for managing a team in a Spanish Championship please join 765! After only 9 turns only 15 clubs have managers so there are some excellent teams up for grabs already, or if you fancy a challenge try to take a div 2 unknown to the top!
  6. Hi, a while back i remember reading an excellent thread on how to maximise money from sales of players to external clubs whilst playing in a spanish or english champ by tactically selling players to boost others chairmans value. Sounds very complicated but you'd know what im talking about if you'd read it . If anyone can provide the link i would be very grateful, have been looking for ages without success!
  7. Was looking to sell Kaka so when the Barca manager offers me xavi + yaya i accept. His chairman blocks the deal so his new offer is iniesta + yaya. Any thoughts? Should i accept?
  8. Re: Can I have more than one account Cheers, hopefully i will buy a gold account soon anyway edit - both repped
  9. Re: Can I have more than one account
  10. Just checking to see if this is possible or if i would be violating the terms and conditions etc. Can i use more than one account to allow me to manage more than 3 clubs? I do not intend to take over any clubs in gameworlds which the other account is already managing in, but solely to allow me to manages more teams. If not it looks like forking out £12
  11. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? my messi for casillas + ramos?
  12. Re: need future risers for this positions
  13. Re: Eric Abidal or Philip Lahm?? who to buy?? Yeah i traded abidal for lahm in one of my setups, he is the next best rated LB after abidal and will surely overtake him in the near future. I heard united were interested in him.
  14. Re: Does anyone know a rising left back?? Definitly buy cissokho, playing at the best club in portugal and getting his place on the starting line up recently, league and champions league. He can only rise.
  15. Hi guys i have 2 deals on my barcelona career: Mascherano for 10 mil + milito + hleb (both players predicted drop to 92) or Essien for 40 mil + yaya toure Which one to go for? Essien is the better player but mascherano is younger. Is he likely to hit 95 too?
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