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  1. In a save for the long run. Looking for some young players 85 and under who seem to have a lot of hype around them. Most of the ones over 87+ seems to be at already managed clubs and it's impossible to deal with the managers so looking to do with the long term approach. Would be grateful to get some suggestions of some players under 85 who have the potential to reach those levels of the likes of Havertz, Aouar, Jovic etc in the next couple of years.
  2. I'm currently managing Aberdeen in a Scottish game world and this is my squad at present. Obviously I've managed to buy and sell a lot of risers and this is my current squad. I'm in this game for the long run and I'm wondering if it's worth cashing in on De Jong at the moment? I could sell him and get a combination of any of these 2 (with the money I have in the bank as well) I could get Aouar, Ndombele, Havertz, Rodri. 2 questions- long term would that be a good deal to sell him and bring in 2 of the above and secondly which 2 has the highest potential if I was to cash in? Also am I missing anyone who has that long term potential rated 86-90
  3. Thanks for that list. Going to be helpful with my long term save. Would be nice to get a similar type of list for players between 80-85 too.
  4. What do people think of Militao? I've currently got around £15 mil to spend on a centre back and I'm looking for a long term option. I know he's moving to Madrid in the summer. Has he got 93+ potential?
  5. Frankie De Jong, Ben Chilwell, Luka Jovic, Piatek, Sancho, Joachim Anderson,, Neuhaus,, Wan Bisakka, Brooks, Zagadou, Nelson, Guendouzi. Thanks so much for all the help guys! I'll be patient with this lot and keep those listed above after the advice. Would be great to be able to snap up some more 80-85 rated players who're likely to grow in the months/years to come. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated cheers
  6. Hello guys, So I've took over a smaller club and bought loads of risers. Who down there should I be holding on to (world class potential) I've already raised around £50 million from selling low rated risers but I have these ones who I want to know whether they're working keeping hold off or not. I've got another manager in my game world who seems to be snapping up all the high rated players so don't want to sell them and regret it. Frankie De Jong, Ben Chilwell, Luka Jovic, Piatek, Sancho, Joachim Anderson, Rosario, Neuhaus, Joelinton, Regerio Olivera, Mazraoui, Wan Bisakka, Brooks, Zagadou, Nelson, Guendouzi. Thanks a lot.
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