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    Eighteen Year Old Singer/Songwriter Who Loves Football
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    South London Not Too Far From Charlton.
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    Football Music Sex
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    Sales Assistant For A Retail Company
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    Charlton Athletic Football Club , Although Im Very Fond Of Arsenal And Fulham
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    My Favorite Player Would Have To Be Theirry Henry When He Was At Arsenal He Was Amazing.
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    Domestic Leauge Once Runner Up Three Times ,Domestic Cup Runner Up Once , Domestic Shield Once
  1. Re: World Championship 10580 Discussion Thread taken over wolfsburg
  2. looking to join an active world championship
  3. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread Rearranging the squad most are transfer banned but is gonna let everyone leave except joe hart
  4. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread New to the setup , took hearts , wasnt becuase they had a decent team its cause last time i was in a scottish setup i took them and they brought me great luck and im hoping to do the same with this lot will proberly loan a few players out and be up for doing a few deals so do not hesitate to get at me guys !
  5. Re: Banned from newspaper thanks mate much appreciated i just know none of them really use the forums and im kinda new to them but thank you for letting me know it was really helpfull
  6. i got banned from using the newspaper when i first starting playing like 6 months ago ( it was tototaly my fault) . ive learnt from my lesson and want to be productive with my newspaper posts but im still banned how do i get i unbanned
  7. Re: Reserving a club thanks fellas but i was almost certain gold members used to be able to reserve for free
  8. really trying to get my head round this, Im a gold member and im prettty sure that gold members are aloud to reserve for free , How do i do this ? many thanks bradley
  9. Re: Right now im watching... Lulz he got his fat *** destroyed on public televison
  10. Re: Right now im watching... I watched it at the cinema was immensley scary , what do you think was the scaryist bit ?
  11. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! hey i know your like a really busy person but id be reallly greatfull if you made me a charlton sig using these and if the pics dont come up im sorry im not really good at these forum things but thanks x
  12. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Im looking for a new leauge to join and im just posting to ask how good is your transfer list & newspaper i know the majority of you use this instead of it but im looking for a very active leauge B*
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