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  1. Re: World Championship 10580 Discussion Thread taken over wolfsburg
  2. looking to join an active world championship
  3. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread Rearranging the squad most are transfer banned but is gonna let everyone leave except joe hart
  4. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread New to the setup , took hearts , wasnt becuase they had a decent team its cause last time i was in a scottish setup i took them and they brought me great luck and im hoping to do the same with this lot will proberly loan a few players out and be up for doing a few deals so do not hesitate to get at me guys !
  5. Re: Banned from newspaper thanks mate much appreciated i just know none of them really use the forums and im kinda new to them but thank you for letting me know it was really helpfull
  6. i got banned from using the newspaper when i first starting playing like 6 months ago ( it was tototaly my fault) . ive learnt from my lesson and want to be productive with my newspaper posts but im still banned how do i get i unbanned
  7. Re: Reserving a club thanks fellas but i was almost certain gold members used to be able to reserve for free
  8. really trying to get my head round this, Im a gold member and im prettty sure that gold members are aloud to reserve for free , How do i do this ? many thanks bradley
  9. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Looking to get rid of a few players at chelsea Ricardo Carvalho Micheal Mancienne Torsen Frings Anderson Deco Looking for part exchange only although would proberly take cash for Mancienne
  10. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread i told everyone they were smashing it! Chelsea get their comeback on with a 3-1 win over hull city , chris goes , get at me man looking to take 2 of your young starlets lets talk business my friend
  11. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Their a good team take of em i might buy a few players off you or p/e a few , sorry about the the debt its the player wages if you get em into the prem the debt wont be there but yeah hope you come up the team deserves it
  12. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Been given an offer i can't refuse ive been with pompey for a while now , got em into the playoffs but they crashed out and now their second in the championship and ive brought the likes of john arne riise and steven gerrard to the club but im moving up onto bigger and better things as im going to take over chelsea i refused last season but this season ive decided i dont think ill be able to take pompey up and going through playoffs again is too painfull whoever gets the job will have a really good squad and ill proberly be interested in taking some of my favorite players with me to stamford bridge
  13. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread 4th win on the trot for pompey finally starting to gel together despite having near enough my whole defense injured ( Riise Grygera Neville Bodmer & Gabbidon ) not to mention captain Joe Cole is out of action , but Kevin Kuranyi has been a quality acting captain , hopefully can pull another win away at barnsley , aiming for automatic promotion this season i dont want to go through the playoffs again but gettin reading and sunderland to let go of them two top spots is going to be no easy feat , going to have to take it one game at a time
  14. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread deffo although i am excited about next season despite losing in the play off semi final
  15. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread i gotta admit i do find it quite funny that 3 of the 4 teams in the divsion 2 play off were managed yet the unmanged team won the playoffs what are the odds of that
  16. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Portsmouth player awards. Player of the year - Joint award , Kevin Kuranyi and Vincenzo Iaquinta Top Goal Scorer - Kevin Kuranyi 15 Goals 17 Assists Best Young Player Of The Team - Ismael Aissati 3 Goals 1 Assist Top Midfielder - Juan Arango - 7 Goals Fan Favorite - Vincenzo Iaquinta Settled in straight away banging in 12 and assisting 5 Biggest flop - Joint award , Steven Gerrard and Callum Davenport Got a new striker comming in to increase my firepower for next season and ive got a new under 21 goalie in a p/e for my old u21 goalie possibly looking to offload steven gerrard need him off the wage bill looking for p/e
  17. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Your a sure thing to be in the top two next season without a doubt you had such a strong season i woulda expected you to win the play offs with the squad you got in fact you'll proberly smash next season ,main thing is youve taken defeat on the chin like a man now youve gotta focus on next season becuase dont think ill be letting boro beat pompey
  18. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread crashed out of the playoffs to an unmanged wba who had 2 shots on goal and i had 8 and only scored once propper gutted wanted to get in the final at least looks like another tough season with boro who ive never personaly beat always drawn with ahhh im propper guttedddd and with gerrard gettin two yellows for a dive and spitting in someones face . SORT IT OUT STEVIE. hes gonna be for sale next season when his Tb comes off my squads so small need to expand it
  19. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread a 3-2 win against plymouth argyle saw portsmouth secure a 5th place playoff position , thatll see me take on westbrom in the playoff semi final then hopefully onto the finals but all 4 teams look good , bristol city have an amazing goalie and a quality striker in mario gomez westbrom have a good strong team and boro have a devestating strike force that could tear most teams in half hopefully will get promotion or at least the finals , good luck to all teams in the playoffs also may have to sell steven gerrard when he comes off his transfer ban if anyones interested
  20. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread a win against ipswitch saw my pompey secure a playoff position regardless of the next result might rest a few players for the play offs and just play a few reserves for game against plymouth argyle in the week
  21. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread pompey need a win today or a draw at least a loss could cost usa paly off place hopefully kuranyi and kiessling score tonight their due a goal soon.
  22. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread a 5-3 loss to bristol city saw my pompey clinging to dear life to a play off spot with 2 games to go im 1.5 mil in the red hopefully all i really need a win and a draw at least to stay up also juventus have offered me 12 mil for iaquinta but hes been so vital its a hard decision
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