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  1. If Harry Kane didn't get 94 in the last review, after YEARS of consistency, I think Salah should only get 93 and should also wait for his 94.
  2. Ederson is a huge part of Man City's successful style of play. If they can maintain their current level of performance over the next 2-3 seasons his rating will climb high. Alisson would need to make a step up club-wise to do the same. I'd go for Ederson Moraes.
  3. Currently I have deals accepted for Simone Zaza and Amine Harit. I can only afford to sign one of them. Zaza would start for me, but I know literally nothing of Harit. Is his potential so great that I should pass on Zaza?
  4. I believe they are still in the process of negotiating, though it looks likely he will sign for them. http://futebolatino.lance.com.br/arthur-releva-ansiedade-para-fechar-com-o-barcelona/
  5. Ashley Barnes is currently an established starter for Burnley. 28 Appearances last season with 1777 minutes in the league. We're 29 games into the league this season and he already has 28 appearances with 1527 league minutes. Burnley are currently 7th and are only 5 points behind 6th-placed Arsenal. Barnes has been rated 84 since January 2015. In the next review should he expect something like +2 or +3?
  6. I've seen doubts over the legitimacy of his age, however even if he is older (say 16 or 17) those are impressive numbers.
  7. In one of my squads I've collected the following La Liga players: Ruben Blanco Ruben Vezo Loren Moron Dani Raba Christian Stuani Leo Baptistao Carles Perez (though I understand he's playing for Barca B atm) I've seen earlier in the thread that Vezo should be on for +2/+3, but I was wondering how the rest might do at the end of the season. Loren Moron only has a handful of apps, but he's been starting regularly the last few games and has grabbed some important goals, so I believe there's still a lot of speculation with him. Thanks.
  8. From the in-game help; I've found this should cover your query: "Stadium Building' is a feature in which your current stadium capacity is increased if your Chairman believes their club currently do not have an adequate sized stadium to compete successfully within its current division. Why have Stadium Building? Managers who decide to take on certain clubs in lower leagues are at a disadvantage if they achieve success on the pitch and climb up through the divisions. This is purely because their stadium size will restrict them off the pitch and they can not compete financially with clubs with bigger stadiums. A solution to this problem is to allow a club to raise the capacity of their stadium, then in essence you are allowing them to compete off the pitch with their more illustrious neighbours. You can understand the need for 'Stadium Building' as there is nothing more frustrating then getting a team with a small stadium from Division 4 all the way to Division 1 and then struggle financially. This is why those of you who mange certain clubs in the lower divisions (along with clubs certain clubs in the Gold Championships) will benefit from ‘Stadium Building’ as it should help you financially. How do you increase your stadiums capacity? Your Chairman will make a decision at the end of the season whether to increase the ground capacity of the stadium and this will be based on a number of factors including current capacity and division. You can not access a feature called stadium building or request to increase your stadium capacity as the decision is solely down to your Chairman. This is because the Chairman will look after the best interests of the club and leave you to get on with managing the day to day aspects of the club. It will also mean that clubs will not end up with unrealistic stadiums within their Game World. At the start of the new season if the Chairman decides to increase your capacity then you will receive a message within your Club Messages stating the new increase in capacity (which takes immediate effect). Your Chairman will pay for this increase in capacity and it will not effect your clubs balance. Your club is not just limited to one increase and your Chairman can increase it again (and again if needed) based on the factors already mentioned. However, your Chairman will not increase your current capacity if they believe that the stadium is already at an adequate size to compete successfully within your current division. Due to this clubs can have a different stadium capacities across different Game Worlds depending on how long the Game World has been running, their original stadium capacity and current division."
  9. Run a 4-3-3 B formation. Tackling: Hard. Mentality: Attacking. Passing Style: Short. Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks. Tempo: Fast. Pressing: Own Half. Counter Attacking: Yes. Tight Marking: Yes. Use Target Man: Yes. Captain your Goalkeeper. Your Target Man should be your number 9 (Central Attacker in the 4-3-3). Have Forward arrows on the fullbacks and wingers. Now I would expect your strikers to get goals.
  10. Lucas Torreira or Serej Milinkovic-Savic? Primarily looking at long-term potential and likelihood of moving to bigger club, etc.
  11. Harry Kane (38) sets a new Premier League record for most goals in a single calendar year. The previous record was 36 by Alan Shearer in 1995. Harry Kane has scored more hat-tricks (8) in 2017 than Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Aguero and Cavani combined (7). Harry Kane is now the world top goalscorer of calendar year 2017 (56 goals). He's only 24, but he's been delivering and improving upon himself for nearly 4 years now. This boy is so much better than a 93 rating.
  12. I respectfully disagree. Sterling has always been quality; he has simply added goals to his game which has drawn him a lot more recognition this season. His performance over time (particularly the past 4 months) should have merited him a +1 in the recent review. If he continues on his current form to the next review, he will be deserving a +2 to 93 to make up for SM's mistake. Perhaps the same is true for Kimmich also.
  13. Aside from the poor individual cases across the leagues, I've never known them to miss out an entire team before *cough* Huddersfield *cough*.
  14. I would say that Sterling will 100% hit 92 tomorrow, but... Kimmich never saw 92, Kane never saw 94, Azpilicueta never saw 93, Mertens is still 92. I'm also hoping for De Gea to hit 95 due to him being the world's best in his position (Neuer should be above on SM rating due to club/NT achievements) but that is optimistic of me.
  15. I hate to attack the person rather than the argument, but I find it hilarious that you can attack someone for bias in this instance. You yourself, on your profile page, have a picture of Klopp holding an LFC banner. Perhaps there is a little bias on your side? Both Coutinho and Eriksen are fantastic players, but I rate Eriksen higher.
  16. I feel Umtiti's rise is almost certain, whereas I'm 50/50 on if Dier will rise in this next review.
  17. I'm expecting Kolasinac to rise, he's consistently been high quality for Arsenal. SM might want to wait until the end of the season though.
  18. There's no meaningful way to challenge, no. It would be unlikely that they have specifically targeted reductions at players you own; you've probably just made unfortunate choices in your acquisitions. There are a number of threads on this forum dedicated to predicting (it's pretty much down to a science now) which players will rise/fall and by how much. As it happens, there are the Italian, English and Spanish leagues under review in the next few weeks. I might advise you check these threads to make purchases/sales whilst there is still time.
  19. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/redknapp-will-sign-assouekotto-if-star-puts-porn-star-career-bid-on-hold/news-story/a93ae55ce6a6e937e299e5a56e8555b9?nk=ae790091fa58ab8d2c300cf772c48b4b-1511449167
  20. Completely agree. I know it's only anecdotal, but a good example of this occurred for me on Saturday. My starting 11 were rated lower than my opponents, yet I played 4-3-3 (B) (attacking down flanks) against 4-3-2-1 (attacking through middle) and destroyed them 5-2. Despite conceding 5 goals, their keeper also had a match rating of 10, so i expect it could have been more. They were dominated in every stat.
  21. Pulisic is looking at a +1 or a +2 in this review and I would be very surprised if he got anything more. SM ratings are not based on transfermarkt value or whoscored points.
  22. I've never known values from transfermarkt to influence SM ratings.
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