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  1. Re: Leite Adriano definitely go up hes been so good lately he scored a brilliant header in the pre season game against united...only 2 find it was on the wrong side of the field... keep him at 93
  2. Who do you think should be increased??
  3. ppl please comment and tell me wat u think. UPDATED 03/08/2007 carrick:92/93-brilliant passer of the ball, excellent vision. got better and better then longer the 06/07 season went on and is now crucial to uniteds midfield. Scored some important goals including a couple of great goals in europe. DESERVES an increase. Evra:92-performed exceptionally well all season replacing heinze. Great tackler. Possibly go up to 92...better than players like riise, jankulovski and van bronckhorst. vidic:93-formed a great combination with ferdinand. culd possibly be the best partnership in the premiership. regular 4 club n country, and solid tackler, has also backed up his performances with a couple of goals and very aggressive defender. eagles:88/89-has made a handful appearances for the first team including a great goal against everton last season. also scored a wonderstrike in the tournament to asia in uniteds pre season..a player to keep an eye on. ronaldo:100! jks but the kids amazing. other players to look out for this season in a manchester jersey: nani anderson hargreaves tevez (hopefully)
  4. crouch a 93..... no way... never! he barely deserves a 90 imo... most of his goals are headers or tap-ins, hardly world class material!!! how can you rate Peter Crouch higher than Robinho etc???????? lol mate if ur sayin crouch dont deserve a rating increase coz most of his goals are headers n tap ins...then why is van nistelrooy a 95? if this game went on the quality of goals gerrard wuld b like a 200 lol. but on the otha hand i agree crouch doesnt deserve a 93, leave him where he is.
  5. i think most people will agree with me wen i say that timmy cahill shuld b given a rating increase. he has easily been evertons best performer this season along with johnson..and has scored 7 goals which is outstanding 4 a midfielder only 10 weeks into the season. mayb an increase of 1 or even 2 wuld be acceptable.
  6. dont you think cristiano ronaldo should be higher than 93...he is having a standout season and i think ribery is good...but him and ronaldo shuldnt b rated the same ronaldo should go up by 1 and also i think eto'o should also rise in rating by 1...he scores just as many goals as henry does both quality strikers
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