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  1. Re: Most profit made on one player bought pedro for 1m and have an offer of 74m on the table.
  2. Re: Highest squad value managed to get my werder bremen team worth over 500m but only got 22m cash!
  3. Re: Player Concerns if wot u say is true then why do I have two 17 year olds both rated in their 70's having concerns about first team oppertunities!
  4. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Does anyone have an idea what will happen to Christian Zapata's rating? Udinese struggling in Serie A the now. Will he drop from 90?
  5. Re: young risers sergio canales, kike femenia, think its antoine griezmann, oscar sielva, alberto botia, lionel galaeno, sebastian emanuel gonzalez, daniel villalba, iker munian. All these players are due a rise soon imo so if u want them buy them quick. Also sanmartin joselu & novegil hugo mallo. These should make u a few pound if u decide not to keep also an argentinian second name machuca possibly alex?
  6. Re: Player Concerns A big thank you to the genuises at soccermanager for ruining my team, thanks to their introduction of player concerns i will have to sell my rising stars. I buy players who have a lot of potential and so far most are rising in every rating change but now i'll have to get rid of them. Even my youth team are moaning because they aint getting playing in the first team. This could cause me to resign from soccer manager!
  7. Re: Player Concerns cant actually believe this a thought the idea was to improve the game, surely you have better ideas on how to imrove the game. I have built a large squad preparing hopefully for the first division as a result of this i loan out as many players as possbile but now this stupid rule will force me to sell players much earlier than I wanted and possibly sell players a dont want to!!!!!!! Very Bad Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Re: CB imo rolando of fc porto will rise to 90 in next portuguese ratings!
  9. Re: Bojan for Balotelli? definately bojan isnt getting a look in bcoz of pedro get balotelli!
  10. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? gutted that jagielka got injured this season he was a stick on for a 90 if he was playing i rate him more than lescott although am glad he hasnt went down.
  11. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? I agree with ramsay i thought he might have made 87 especially as he's an international. Also disappointed denilson didnt get a rise to ninety although he was injured a think he will keep diaby out the time plus last season especially at the start he was arsenals most consistent performer. Watched the villa game tonight steven warnock must be one of the best left backs there is slightly better goin forward but a dont think there is at defending, also leighton baines performing well. Another one i noticed and was surprised about was colocinni dropping two to 88, he's still an international, does that mean when newcastle go back up he'll automaticall go back to a 90?
  12. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Iker Munian? Bought him ages ago I personally think he might get a bit bigger rise, also soldado I think is a def 89.
  13. Firstly ad like to suggest an improvement to transfer deals, I think sell on clauses should be introduced as part of negotiations when ure selling players as sometimes ure forced to sell to raise funds. You should be able to negotiate a price as well as a percentage sell on clause that you want when selling. What do you think? Since SM have made it easier to sell players especially to their real life clubs they should make it easier to loan out players as well. Would really appreciate your views and opinions or suggestions for discussions.
  14. Re: a bid for fabregas a wouldnt sell fabregas for any amount or any players am sure if u wanted another striker u can sell another of ure players.
  15. Re: Sporting Gijón +6 Riser and more? alberto botia also a good buy plus he actually belongs to barca!
  16. Re: Cheap defender for FC Twente I think scott dann may be worth having a look at real club birmingham, may even get small rise in ratings soon.
  17. Re: Post your 10K Star If ure looking for a cheap riser I suggest looking at fraser fyvie real life club aberdeen and also ross forbes of motherwell, very cheap and sure to rise! If already been mentioned then sorry.
  18. Re: Which Striker ? mounir hamadouii or sumit like that, only 88 def riser buy now before dutch league ratings are done or elia as already quoted. Also bergessio of st etienne
  19. Re: 17-year-old striking sensation - Nile Ranger u probably already know but he is on the database now!
  20. Re: C.Ronaldo = Fabregas and David Villa ? Personally I'd bite his hand off fabregas is 22 while xavi and lampard are knocking on as is drogba. Fabregas will be better than the rest soon and imo villa is better as well than ure other strikers.
  21. I am trying to buy a couple of players but the managers of there clubs havent logged on for weeks, one of them has a repatation of 46 and hasn't logged on till roughly the 25th june. Surely something shoud be done about this, letting members go a month without logging on is far to long. Anyone agree? How long does this person above have to log on, any ideas?
  22. Re: Left Back & Right Back Help! ally cissokho be gd left back
  23. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! Have to agree with jagielka especially as I have him, for me he's as good if not better than lescott who I think is still prone to switching off at times.
  24. Re: Mysterious bank balance rise Yeah I'm pretty sure mine did as well not sure by how much tho, could've been anything between 5m-10m.
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