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  1. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread
  2. Re: Different prices for reserving different clubs i agree on that..like last time when we are all sitting in front on the pc and keep on refreshing the page just to wait the world to pop out and then take on some top top club...although most of the time i would fail due to internet connection speed haha..but it is more fair that way...
  3. hey dere is a new world championship called 11026...only 3 club reserved...lots of good club left feel free to join!!
  4. Re: DeRossi deal yup if he want to sell you den it's absolutely a nice deal
  5. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread if the world open at 20:00 2day then i can't take it on time lol..nvm
  6. Re: Coentrao or Van Der Wiel definitely not
  7. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread yaya my favourite club has already been book...u noe which club i m talking about
  8. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread hmmm since the top club are all gone so whats the point of reserving?? we can get a good bt not top club anyway even we didn't reserve haha..so just wait the world to open
  9. Re: Javier Hernandez for Neymar try get neymar but not using hernandez to trade him...hernandez is already a man utd 1st team while neymar is only a santos 1st team( no offence to santos fans) neymar will become very good in the future...but can also become a player which talent is overshadow by the fame..not sure if he can suit himself at european club or not..he may become like robinho...if real madrid buy him.....
  10. Re: Coentrao or Van Der Wiel not in the same position....one in LB another in RB...get both of them lol...but coentrao is a muz-get comparing the both of them
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread i think fergie will surely surprise all the fans, even the world...by some shocking signing...and that signing will be a cm....always believe that fergie has something on his sleeve cause he always do
  12. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread atlentico manager now muz be laughing.....although i feel sry for man utd manager though
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