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  1. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread

    And I got Eto' date=' Sniejder and Lucio. 96,95,94 It would take gotze hummels and Gross years to reach that. Say something then..:D[/quote']

    that is definitely a gooooooood deal man...even though mat hummels subotic and gotze is good...eto'o sneijder and lucio is even better!!! there is no way they will reach this height in short time...i think even gotze, the best among those 3 , will be hard to get above 92...but if he join other big gun in europe thats a different story... anyway...if the deal like this is done at other game world, i will definitely report the guy that got eto sneijder and lucio to smfa LOL...cause that is a most good deal i have ever seen..for the dortmund manager...anyway..goodjob though:D

  2. Re: Different prices for reserving different clubs

    I think they need to start making the odd Game world where its public instantly giving some other manager the chance to pick up big clubs.

    i agree on that..like last time when we are all sitting in front on the pc and keep on refreshing the page just to wait the world to pop out and then take on some top top club...although most of the time i would fail due to internet connection speed haha..but it is more fair that way...

  3. Re: Prevention of new setup destruction.

    It's become such an issue in forum game worlds' date=' where by people raid the unmanaged clubs immediately and leave the team scant and then nobody wants to manage it.

    This causes the setup to suffer.

    I think SM should block buying from unmanaged for the first 14 days of each setup, to allow managers time to join a setup and not be devoid of all the best players in that squad.


    ya u are probably rite...bt now dere are so many game world open each day..every ppl would just want to manager the top club( barca , real , man utd )etc. so the lower club even if u leave a 14days gap, nobody will wan to manager them...of course dere will be som ppl who like challenge will manager but most of the ppl would rather wait for a new world to open than joining the small club

  4. Re: Setting Minimum Transfer Fees- POINTLESS

    so whats the point of 100mil fees when you cant bid higher than say 35M? i feel a minimum fee should reflect the max fee another clubs chairman can offer' date=' so the idea of a bid can at least be entertained.

    why would i pay 100Mil for wilshere anyway?![/quote']

    he counter offer you 100mil means he is giving u a message: he dunwan to sell his player. end of the story ntg to be complain about

  5. Re: Javier Hernandez for Neymar

    try get neymar but not using hernandez to trade him...hernandez is already a man utd 1st team while neymar is only a santos 1st team( no offence to santos fans) neymar will become very good in the future...but can also become a player which talent is overshadow by the fame..not sure if he can suit himself at european club or not..he may become like robinho...if real madrid buy him.....

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