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  1. Re: Do animals feel emotions? I can't believe there is even a discussion about this Of course they do! Anyways back to pets, that is a gorgeousss dog Spam We're getting a new dog soon, a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (hopefully ) Heres a pic of one: Half wolf, half alsatian lol. They can even howl
  2. Re: My Music Thread - Blazin' Hip-Hop, R&B and D&B Sorry for the delay guys, i've been ratherrr busy recently Dubstep Update: Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning (Aems' Dubstep Rmx) Requake - Different http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAscMUxCjd4 Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (ZEDS DEAD REMIX) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsIuO0TewlI Hip-Hop Updates Rock City - Single Life MUST HAVE!!! http://usershare.net/sbgfn64bzlju Rock City - World Coming Down Blazin!!! http://usershare.net/5u9sk15lu8a4 Usher - More (Prod. By RedOne) Blazin!!! http://www.supashare.net/kz06k35
  3. UTR

    Fittest Singer?

    Re: Fittest Singer? Shes gorgeous now' date=' but wasn't always.... [img']http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/nov2008/0/6/9C0584A2-C4A7-77E9-4154375F17DF4257.jpg[/img] Still perfect? I'm sorry, but i know people who are better looking than she was before she started spending loads on her appearance.
  4. Re: Rasmus Jönsson ^I still don't agree
  5. Re: Rasmus Jönsson Tiesto, i know you have deleted your comments, and i plan to after one last thing: 1) I do not think i was out of line originally when i complained to WoOkOo. Regardless of the quality of my thread, i did undoubtedly make the first dedicated thread on him. So its really a matter of principle. If you made first post on a player, and then i also wrote a thread after, and then continued updating/getting recognition for my thread, you may feel "a little annoyed" too. And anyways, i commended wookoo for the quality of thread, recognised it was better than mine, and suggested th
  6. Re: Rasmus Jönsson Well, 11A* at GCSE does help. Plus i'm in top 5% of country for my age, and could join MENSA if i wanted to. So yeahh, i think its safe to assume that i'm more intelligent than some on here...
  7. Re: Rasmus Jönsson I think you meant "i said that on the original post, well done" I made no secret of it, and of my reasons. This was written in that post: "NB: I do not claim to have written this, it can be found at imscouting.com Just putting it so everyone can see it" <-------- at the top, in bold writing, just so there was no confusion. I don't do stuff on this for personal gain, i just want others to see it/learn from it. So quit your whingeing, cos i reli am not bothered. Pathetic.
  8. Re: Rasmus Jönsson Don't stop providing updates, just ask a mod to merge this thread and my one before you do so. This is a top quality thread, it just wasn't the first one.
  9. Re: Rasmus Jönsson I find it a little annoying that you continue to write on this thread as if it is the only one on him. I wrote the first thread on him, but you haven't touched that :/ I don't care that my thread may not be as good, i still wrote about him first and by continuously updating your thread you're suggesting that you "discovered" him. I'd much rather the threads were merged, cos i think it is important to get the updates from you seeing as i have a life beyond SM and can't watch foreign leagues, but still.....
  10. Re: Nick Griffin on Question Time
  11. Name: Jacopo Sciamanna Position: Fwd Age: 19 Club: Lazio Not On DB After filling the void left by the departed Libor Kozak and Ettore Mendicino, the Viterbo born youngster is desperate to make the jump to the senior squad as he takes centre stage for Sesena’s Primavera. “This year is a very important one for me,” declared the 19-year-old striker in a recent interview with Lazialita. “I am now at an age where I need to step up either here at Lazio or if necessary elsewhere. Overall this season is the moment of truth for the rest of my career.” A classic centre-forward, the 19 year old
  12. Re: Antione Griezmann - Man U + Liverpool Target More interest from top clubs. A few weeks ago it was reported that there was possible interest from Liverpool and Man U. The chase for his signature has been stepped up as Arsenal, Valencia and Villareal all sent scouts to watch him play against Levante. This is particularly impressive when you consider that the Arsenal scout was Cagigao, one of Arsenal's top scouts and the man responsible for bringing Fabregas and Merida to the club. Apparently, all 3 scouts were very impressed by the young french winger.
  13. Re: The Rap Thread. [Game] Listen mate you better back off I'll split you in half like a blast from lennox Hotter then flammable rocks You can't test me cuz, ur a and u like ***** Experts slosh i specialize in handling fobs With men hatchin' and plannin' plots lookin' to jam in my spot But their stamina's not up to par, get ripped apart with a wrecking bar, rasclat Listen my lyrics are state of the art But tell them jankrows to stay in they yard Or get stabbed with a stake to the heart I'm tryna walk a straight path but you're making it hard Taking you apart is no task I'm kill
  14. Re: quaresman's newsic (new+music=newsic) compilation I'm sorry, but hip-hop/grime etc is infinitely better than rock/metal etc And incidentally, mine was uploaded before it was popular and became big.
  15. Re: My Music Thread - Blazin' Hip-Hop, R&B and D&B Hip-Hop Update Trae The Truth - Something Real (feat. Slim Thug, Plies, And Brian Angel (of Day 26)) Hot http://limelinx.com/files/e2a57318c828b6e138de68bb44ea7280 London Dream Boyz - Star (Feat. T-Pain) Fire http://limelinx.com/files/de04389e380a0efd56ebb6524f4c9572 Shakira – Give It Up To Me (Feat. Lil Wayne) (Prod. By Timbaland) Blazin!!! http://limelinx.com/files/bf4292d56483ac693485ea1c006e2566 Eminem - Taking My Ball Blazin!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA6wjOukxBM Rihanna – Russian Roulette Blazin!!! http://lime
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