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  1. Rui Pedro is the best striker from his age and will be one of the future competitors for the spot in the national team. It will be either him or André Silva, Gonçalo Paciência, José Gomes. At least for now.
  2. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players
  3. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Big time yes, he should be transferred this summer to one of the big Portuguese clubs, Sporting would be great for him. If not, he will probably leave to play in other leagues. In game potential i don't know, but I can see him getting called for national team regularly.
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread You should be grabbing Ricardo Pereira, just in case...
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Porto could be signing: Caju, Lucas Lima, Cicinho and Gabriel Barbosa, all from Santos
  7. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players Going to talk about those player but very fast, on another hand, there are some that are worth a big fat post to talk about. Anthony Lopes: First time I saw Anthony Lopes, I said "1m84 for a goalkeeper, there is no way he will get to the top". But he got me wrong, what he doesn't have in centimeters, he has in skills, reflexes and agility. Anthony is playing a lot with Lyon and for now, he is the best goalkeeper after Rui Patricio. Cédric Soares: I have so many mix feelings about Cédric, facts are, Cédric is a decent player, but not special, doesn't see in hi
  8. Re: Odp: Portuguese Under-19 players I really like João carvalho, he is the box-to-box kind of midfielder who is great penetrating into the opponents defense. I see him like an Herrera, in playing style, again, not comparing players. As for Diogo, I liked his U-17 euro but haven't followed him since. I am having a hard time watching Benfica B and U-19 due to too much work :S On another hand, I am actively following the U-15 and U-16, and I will start talking about those players. And I really like some of them.
  9. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players Back again for a some more updates, but first I would like to say that it's been really good to see some of "our" players getting big minutes in top clubs and even in the Champions League. *UPDATE* March 2015 Tiago Ilori: One of those players that I warn you so much about, I liked him, but I was afraid about the transfer to Liverpool. One year after that portuguese soap opera, I think I was right about him making a bad move. At the moment, and if he had stayed a Sporting, he would probably be a starter. I was always a lot better than Tobias Figueiredo
  10. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players RENATO SANCHES Name: Renato Júnior Luz Sanches Nationality: Portugal Age: 1997-08-18 (17 years old) Position: Midfielder / Offensive Midfielder Foot preference: Right Height: 173 cm Weight: 75 kg Stats: Youth career: Benfica from 2008 to 2014. Benfica B: -2014/2015: 12 games (326 minutes) and no goals. National Team: Portugal U-19: 2014/2015 with 3 games (120 minutes) and 1 goal Portugal U-17: 2013/2014 with 8 games (627 minutes) and 3 goals 2012/2013 with 3 games (73 minutes) My Opinion: The first time I saw
  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Hi there, Can a Livepool fan talk me about Harry Wilson and the new signing Toni Gomes from "Portugal". Both 16 year old players
  12. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players U-19 Call A new year and a new U-19 team. Euro U-19 are now annual and for that reason National teams have a constant renewal of their rosters. After reaching the final last year, Portugal will have to climb the mountain again, from 0. It always is a difficult battle from the first group stage, this competition brought a lot of good things and the competition is enormous. Portugal will have a target on his back and for this reason, it's vital to start strong. Group 7: Portugal Denmark Wales Albania Now about the players, probably you will know th
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