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  1. Rui Pedro is the best striker from his age and will be one of the future competitors for the spot in the national team. It will be either him or André Silva, Gonçalo Paciência, José Gomes. At least for now.
  2. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players
  3. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Big time yes, he should be transferred this summer to one of the big Portuguese clubs, Sporting would be great for him. If not, he will probably leave to play in other leagues. In game potential i don't know, but I can see him getting called for national team regularly.
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread You should be grabbing Ricardo Pereira, just in case...
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Porto could be signing: Caju, Lucas Lima, Cicinho and Gabriel Barbosa, all from Santos
  7. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players Going to talk about those player but very fast, on another hand, there are some that are worth a big fat post to talk about. Anthony Lopes: First time I saw Anthony Lopes, I said "1m84 for a goalkeeper, there is no way he will get to the top". But he got me wrong, what he doesn't have in centimeters, he has in skills, reflexes and agility. Anthony is playing a lot with Lyon and for now, he is the best goalkeeper after Rui Patricio. Cédric Soares: I have so many mix feelings about Cédric, facts are, Cédric is a decent player, but not special, doesn't see in him any kind of great potential. Maybe he could turn out to be a João Pereira, but even that I don't think he will achieve. Cédric has decent crossing, decent defensive skills but it's not enough for top clubs. Ivan Cavaleiro: I never liked Ivan Cavaleiro, I was always honest about that, even when he scored tons of goals in the second league. I see a lot of skills in Ivan, I can see why people love him and why he is playing good minutes in the Spanish league. But, I don't see a lot of potential in him, I think his performances are nowhere near regular. And... I don't know what the best position is for him, winger? striker? second striker? You guys help me with this one Hernâni: The first time I talked about Hernâni here was when I made the "Portuguese List", a list of players in the first and second division that were worth to take a look. He was loaned that season to Atlético CP and now, 2 seasons later, he is at Porto. As for the player, I love him, love his intensity, his speed and understanding of the game. Hernâni is a player who knows what he has to do and when, goes for 1 vs 1 when he has to, waits for teammates when he has to, etc... I just hope he won't get treated like Ricardo Pereira. Tomás Podstawski: Maybe the unluckiest player of the season, we all know Rúben Neves ascension but this climb could have been done by Tomás, if only he was not playing for Portugal at the time that Lopetegui needed a defensive midfielder. I can't say that Tomás has been under-performing but he hasn't been as impressive and this is completely normal. Podtawski needs a new challenge, something new and harder to make him step up. In my opinnion, he should have been loaned to a first league team. Rúben Vezo: Vezo is another of those players that I wasn't very hyped about. I don't see as many good things in him as other people do. I think he has too many flaws in his game and commits a ton of errors at this stage of his career. And with that said, he should never have left Portugal so early, now Vezo is struggling to get playing time, and this is what he needed the most to improve on those flaws. Raphael Guerreiro: Arguably the best player from this list, a player that I have been following since 2012 now and it's really good to see him like this. I love the fact that he is also playing as a winger, this will give him new challenges, new skills and another way to see the game. He is ready now for top clubs and this should be a very interesting summer for him. On the national team page, I dare to say that Guerreiro is better than Coentrão at this point, there is no way to deny this in my mind. Tomané: An intriguing player, a striker who doesn't score many goals, but who does his job perfectly. I love how he moves around and how he works for his teammates and how he tricks the opponent defenders to give wingers and midfielders space to be successful. Players like André André, Bernard and others, shine because of him. I do not see him as a top talent but, in the Portuguese reality, every good striker is a worth to keep an eye on.
  8. Re: Odp: Portuguese Under-19 players I really like João carvalho, he is the box-to-box kind of midfielder who is great penetrating into the opponents defense. I see him like an Herrera, in playing style, again, not comparing players. As for Diogo, I liked his U-17 euro but haven't followed him since. I am having a hard time watching Benfica B and U-19 due to too much work :S On another hand, I am actively following the U-15 and U-16, and I will start talking about those players. And I really like some of them.
  9. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players Back again for a some more updates, but first I would like to say that it's been really good to see some of "our" players getting big minutes in top clubs and even in the Champions League. *UPDATE* March 2015 Tiago Ilori: One of those players that I warn you so much about, I liked him, but I was afraid about the transfer to Liverpool. One year after that portuguese soap opera, I think I was right about him making a bad move. At the moment, and if he had stayed a Sporting, he would probably be a starter. I was always a lot better than Tobias Figueiredo and would naturally be the owner of his spot. André Silva:After all that time without playing, André finally agreed to the extension and that way he was able to be back in the pitch and grab some game time that he needs so badly. He has been sharing his time with Gonçalo Paciência and has scored 3 goals in the second division. A lot less hype, as expected but he continues to improve his flaws and skills. Ricardo Pereira: Probably the player suffering the biggest injustice out of this all. He plays always well, as winger or right back, gives it all at every play and still doesn't get more minutes or even a loan. I feel bad for him and he deserves more. André Gomes: You might know that I have had some doubts about André Gomes, before going to Valencia, he was being very inconsistent, making horrible decisions and simply not giving his all in the pitch. Now I maybe understand why, André just needed a different environment, where he feels like he is an important piece. And this is the case with him at Valencia, André is playing out of his mind, week after week, being considered by maybe, one of the best players in the league and arguably one of the best of his team. João Cancelo: A player that I always believed for his potential, for his ability to help his team to attack and play like a second right winger. On anothe hand, Cancelo always had problems to work hard enough, and with the tragedy that happened to his mother, João needed a place where he could fully be comited to work. I don't know how his work production is going right now but I thing and I hope he now understands what it takes to be a professional football player. And if he does, he will have a great future, he is young and talented. Rafa Silva: Rafa is one of those players that need a move, I always liked him and defended him but he is not playing like he was last season. Maybe it's because of his position as Rafa is playing as a right winger more than a offensive midfielder, and that is really not the best for him. But overall I think his cycle with Braga is over and he needs a new challenge. Bruma: I think there is too many people sleeping on Bruma. Yes he did a bad move and yes he is not playing at his best but he came back from an horrible injury and he is still 20 years old. Bruma is playing more regularly now and he is picking up the pace. I hope and honnestely think that next season Bruma will have is big test, injury will not be an excuse and he will have 21 years old and will need to explode. Tozé: We all know that Tozé needed this, a reality wake-up, a first league experience to know what he is really worth. I now understand and can see that what I have been saying about Tozé is real, he has potential, he has quality and he is more skilled than most of his teammates. But Tozé has been losing his spot in the line-up, I don't really know if he is under-performing or else, but Estoril has now a new coach and Tozé scored in the first match after this change. Let's hope we can see more from Tozé now. Tiago Ferreira: Tiago has left Zulte and I with that proved that he isn't good enough to play in a first Belgium division. He said his football style was not suited to this league but I don't see him having any kind of future, maybe mid level of the Portuguese league but not more than that. Betinho: Another player that did not live up to the expectations. Betinho cant even establish himself at Brentford and because of that I don't believe that he can be the solution to the striker problems that Portugal has. Chaby: Another player that had potential but lost tracks on the way up. He is skilled and he can play but not at the highest level, he can't stand out on the Portuguese second league. Agostinho Cá: After great performances with Portugal U-19, Agostinho Cá has been erased from football and I can't even find where he is playing, if he is. It's sad. João Mário: The 22 year old midfielder has now played 22 games with Sporting in the first division this season. Claiming is spot in the line-up over André Martins, showing that he can do at Sporting what he did with Setubal and he does it even better. João Mário scored 5 goals already, he is playing great football, and he has improved his main weakness, defensive intensity. Now he is on his way to the national team and it is only the natural result of his latest performance. Luis Rafa: The young Portuguese left-back has finally got his own space with Porto B. Kayembe left to Arouca (where he is playing very well) and this gave Rafa the opportunity to play loads of minutes. Rafa has been taking the most out of it, growing his popularity in the club and outside of it. He is seen as the future of the left Portugal wing, alongside with Raphaël Guerreiro who is currently in the driver's seat. Anyway, Rafa really has to improve his defensive awareness. Bernardo Silva: No one predicted that he would do so well. This sums up Bernardo Silva's season with Monaco so far. We have to keep in mind that he is only 20 years old and had never played in the first division regularly. Bernardo has shown that Benfica's coach was and is wrong when he refuses to give young Portuguese players minutes and chances to show their qualities and potential. Like many other U-21 players, Bernardo Silva already has one foot on the national team and it's only a matter of time until he gets called... once and for all. Paulo Oliveira: After Paulo being in and out of the line up, Sporting finally gave him the spot. Mauricio was sold, Sarr was too inconsistent, Rabia a non-factor. This facts led to Paulo Oliveira becoming the new boss of the defense, he is clearly the best player of them all and now he can show it every week. Another player on the verge of being called to the national team. Carlos Mané: In the first part of the season, it was really hard for Carlos Mané, he was not playing and when he did he didn't play well. But the second part of it has been different, not completely but better anyway. Mané has played some quality minutes and had some great performances. I think people still don't understand what his playing style is and don't let him play like he want and how he is more eficient. Let's see if he can get more minutes in the middle and show his potential in that position. Rúben Neves: New Portuguese golden boy, a great history and a good example of how players should be seen. Choosing players for what they are worth and for their potential, but never hurting his development. Rúben Neves has shown a lot of determination, intelligence, and confidence. He just turned 18 and battles with everyone and doesn't feel any pressure, not even from Champions League games. There is no way I can see Ruben haven't a bad future. Rony Lopes: Just like Bernardo Silva, Rony was loaned to Ligue 1, to play for Lille. Once again, just like his compatriot, he never played in a first division regularly. And his season hasn't been easy, he suffered 2 injuries already but that hasn't hold him off, people love him at Lille. People look up to his ability to make the team a lot more dangerous in the attack phase and this shows that he will be a great player and probably one of the main pieces of the future of the national team.
  10. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players RENATO SANCHES Name: Renato Júnior Luz Sanches Nationality: Portugal Age: 1997-08-18 (17 years old) Position: Midfielder / Offensive Midfielder Foot preference: Right Height: 173 cm Weight: 75 kg Stats: Youth career: Benfica from 2008 to 2014. Benfica B: -2014/2015: 12 games (326 minutes) and no goals. National Team: Portugal U-19: 2014/2015 with 3 games (120 minutes) and 1 goal Portugal U-17: 2013/2014 with 8 games (627 minutes) and 3 goals 2012/2013 with 3 games (73 minutes) My Opinion: The first time I saw him play was when he played alongside with Rúben Neves in the U-17 Euro. Before that I had learned about his hype but never had the chance to see him in action. People talked about his impressive ability to bring creativity to the game and how technically skilled he was as a player. Renato was meant to be the next big thing, a player out of the ordinary with sure potential. At this point you may be thinking that I am going to say that people were all wrong, but I really don’t mean that, on another hand, I hate sure predictions at the age of 16. Renato is clearly a very good player but he still has a long way to go, and that takes us back to that Euro U-17. If you follow these posts you will remember that I like him a lot and then as the competition progressed I turned to Rúben Neves a bit more. The reason this happened was due to the lack of consistency of Renato Sanches performances. Of course his playing style will force him to have great or bad games because he always takes his chances on duels and on a bad day it can be frustrating, as for another player like Rúben, he plays safer, relaying on his pass accuracy and defensive effort, making it easier to be consistent. This same problem can observed on wingers, but then again, the best ones are always the ones who can maintain a very high level of performance during most of the game and of the season. Now talking about Renato Sanches again, at the age of 15, Benfica B coach wanted to call him to the team but the club refused arguing that he needed the playing time he was getting on the youths teams and that he would not get on the second team. I do agree with this decision, but I would have liked for him to train more often with the professionals. Now that he is working full time (or almost) with Benfica B, Renato can show his skills and how good he can really be. In my opinion you can only really predict how good a player can be when he faces full grown men, because during his youth career a player can be very successful using almost only his physical advantage and even if Renato is not very tall, he is very strong and a muscular player with a big physical presence. This season, I didn’t expect Renato to play tons of minutes, it’s a complete different world with the pros, and the Portuguese second league has no mercy, horrible pitches, super aggressive players and very close results that lead to intense games. For this reasons Renato still had and has to get used to this league but also get the physical needs that a game like this seeks. Next season I would like him to be a starter and to play most of the 90 minutes. For the long future, recent past have not been kind to young Portuguese players at Benfica, and it’s always so difficult to enter that first team squad, even if some of them were better than the ones that are there… With that said I know that the club really likes Renato and are taking care of him and believe him to be part of the future of the Portuguese national team. Renato is an offensive midfielder who likes to do a bit of all, he doesn’t shy away from defending and pressuring when he has to and that is a big plus to my eyes. He moves the ball really well and can play simple but also having in mind his major upside, his ability to destroy the opponent midfield, progressing with the ball and putting his creativity and skills to the service of the team. He is not selfish; Renato unbalances the opponent to create the necessary spaces to make the last past or the hockey assist. Another big strength in Renato’s game is the long shot that he has, always powerful and he is not afraid of using it. All in all, Sanches is a player to follow and a very interesting talent. Like I have been saying, Portugal has all the ingredients to make a very good national for the years to come. But having talent isn’t enough and only a lot of hard work and a bit of luck can takes us to a good post-Ronaldo era. IHv7RyN7DbA
  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Hi there, Can a Livepool fan talk me about Harry Wilson and the new signing Toni Gomes from "Portugal". Both 16 year old players
  12. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players U-19 Call A new year and a new U-19 team. Euro U-19 are now annual and for that reason National teams have a constant renewal of their rosters. After reaching the final last year, Portugal will have to climb the mountain again, from 0. It always is a difficult battle from the first group stage, this competition brought a lot of good things and the competition is enormous. Portugal will have a target on his back and for this reason, it's vital to start strong. Group 7: Portugal Denmark Wales Albania Now about the players, probably you will know this team for being Gonçalo Guedes team but there are other good players: - Goalkeepers: Joel Pereira (Manchester United/Ing) e Andorinha (FC Porto) - Defenders: Diogo Verdasca (FC Porto), Jorge Silva, João Serrano (Sporting), João Lima, Rúben Dias (Benfica) e Paulo Henrique (Santa Clara) - Midfielders: André Horta (Vitória de Setúbal), Gil Dias (Sporting de Braga), Gilson Costa, Pedro Rodrigues, Renato Sanches (Benfica), Sérgio Ribeiro (FC Porto) - Forwards: Gonçalo Guedes, Hildeberto, Romário Baldé (Benfica) e Jota (Paços de Ferreira). I will talk about some players now. Renato Sanches: I am a true fan of him, he played with Ruben Neves in the U-17 team last season and was one of the best. He plays now for Benfica B. Renato is a creative midfielder but with a lot of defensive intensity. He can do a bit of all but what stands out are his technical abilities and dribbling skills. André Horta: Brother of Ricardo Horta but a different player, André is very offensive like his brother but with less speed and more technical skills. He is great assisting and penetrating in the center to create difficulties to the opponent defense. Gonçalo Guedes: An absolute sure talent, I am not going to say that Gonçalo is the best since Ronaldo or any of the comparisons that you might have heard of but he is amazing. Benfica coach says that he plays like he is 2 years older and that's true, he is playing for Benfica B and he is always one of the best players. One to follow and for sure one that will be very important for Portugal now and in the future. Romário Baldé: The only player that was with this team last season, after replacing Nuno Santos due to injury. He is a good striker, with a lot of power and speed but I am not very sure about his potential and what he could become. Other players that I like are: Verdasca, Gilson Costa, Sergio Ribeiro and Gil Dias. Let's see if Portugal can maintain the level shown during the last 2 years, one thing is sure, there is a lot of talent.
  13. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Not until he gets a profissional mindset. Big talent, but zero attitude.
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  15. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I know João Filipe is really good, top 5 of the year 1999 in Portugal. I don't have a complete opinion yet but he has a lot of hype internally, at Benfica. João Virginia I don't know yet.
  16. Re: Riferimento: The New Players Thread
  17. Re: Riferimento: The New Players Thread He is, I will make a post about him soon
  18. Re: Portuguese Under-19 players RÚBEN NEVES Name: Rúben Diogo da Silva Neves Nationality: Portugal Age: 1997-03-13 (17 years old) Position: Defensive Midfielder / Midfielder Foot preference: Right Height: 180 cm Weight: 76 kg Stats: Youth career: Porto from 2010 to 2013. FC Porto: -2014/2015: 7 games (398 minutes) and 1 goal. National Team: Portugal U-17: 2012/2013 with 5 games (450 minutes). 2013/2014 with 7 games (578 minutes) and 2 goals. Portugal U-21: 2014/2015: 3 games (270 minutes) and 1 goal. My opinion: A few months ago, when Portugal was playing the Euro U-17 I wrote about the games, the team and the players. And of course, one of the players to shine was Rúben Neves. These were my first words about him: “Ruben Neves is a defensive midfielder, he is very strong physically but his main qualities are his understand of the game, tactical knowledge, passing skills. Rúben is a cold blooded player who is the main target to build the offensive phase of the team”. I am glad that I was right about him, I never expected this meteoric ascension but he showed potential to be big and now Rúben is on his way up. How did it all start? How did a 17 year old got into Porto’s first squad? It all happened during the summer, Fernando was sold to Manchester City and Porto did not have a substitute at the time. Mikel Agu took over the defensive midfield spot but suddenly suffered a very bad injury. On the line of succession Tomás Podstawski was the logical choice but he was representing Portugal on the U-19 Euro. There was no valid choices to the eyes of Lopetegui and he gave Rúben Neves a chance, first on training sessions and then on pre-season games. On the first game he played, he scored and continued with tons of quality minutes earning a lot of kind words towards him and his future. People and media in general started to acknowledge his way to play, based on pass precision and defensive influence. Rúben is one of those players that can make any type of pass and with a high efficiency rate, from shortest passes to 40 meters long ones and with both feet, he does it all. Defensively Rúben can stop players easily with his quickness to get to the ball carrier and also using unarming skills. Offensively Rúben has a word to say, not only for his passing skills that I already talked about and underlined, but we have also to consider the way he plays on the offensive end. Most of the times Rúben is used to diversify the wing in which his team is playing, for that he uses his amazing long pass and tries to create spaces for his team and defensive problems for the opponent. The young midfielder also has a very strong understand of the game that we could call football IQ, he knows where he needs to be and where the ball needs to go. Those qualities are very rare on a 17 year old player. Finally I also like his shooting skills, playing for a ball possession team like Porto is, it’s important to have a defensive midfielder that could also be an offensive threat. I think he will become very soon Porto’s main defensive midfielder, once he acquires the stamina and resistance to play a full game at his pace. And from that point Rúben could be one of the future pillars of the National team and a great international star. It’s all very soon and those are only his first 10 games of his professional career but I have a lot of hope in him. And I think he has proven already a few things and that’s why he got all this hype. I will follow his career and hope for the best, I honestly think that Portugal continues to have great prospects do make a great national team. And Rúben Neves will have a huge role on that possible good team. E7q9W9KEapE
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