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  1. Re: Lee's Still Alive (I think).
  2. Re: Lee's Still Alive (I think). Why the hate? I found that completely unnecessary.
  3. Re: Help Me Make My Summer Playlist Want you bad - The Offspring
  4. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. Lol, did you reply?
  5. Re: I'd Like To Apologise (Sophie Brown) Well, that was quite an interesting read. I dont understand the story in the slightest but yeah..
  6. LiamLUFC

    My Worst SM Loss

    Re: My Worst SM Loss
  7. Re: Your Worst Habits...
  8. Re: Your Favourite Subject?
  9. Re: Biggest premiership legend Giggs without a doubt. AFC1986 has already explained why so i wont go into any further detail but basically the guy is the face of the Premiership.
  10. LiamLUFC


    Re: Mugshots Sorry Alan.
  11. LiamLUFC


    Re: Mugshots if u wre a chav u wud tlk like this, yur nt 1.
  12. Re: Fittest Singer? Not her best picture, imo. Yet she still looks kinda fit. She has a third nipple, yano?
  13. LiamLUFC

    SM Friends!

    Re: SM Friends! Correct.
  14. LiamLUFC

    SM Friends!

    Re: SM Friends! He was on the game the other day I think. Dont think he still uses the forum though. The guy was a legend.
  15. LiamLUFC

    SM Friends!

    Re: SM Friends! How can you not know Cally?
  16. Re: Who do u think is better? I think Reina is by far the better of the two and I always have done. There's something about Cech I just cant do with.
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