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  1. Re: My Worst SM Loss

    Even Tho I Said Bad Things About Dai' date=' Hes Still A Good Man And I Respect Him Alot:)[/quote']

    He was being nice, wasn't he?

    Bobo isnt the sort of person that would slag somebody off behind their back, he helped me out ALOT! when i first got mod.

    Ahh, to think i was around when dai smout was. I feel old.:rolleyes:

  2. Re: Your Worst Habits...

    I am terrible for holding grudges.

    Also. Apparently' date=' I always leave the toilet seat up.. :confused::rolleyes:[/quote']

    I'm worse for holding grudges, i hate myself for it too. :o

    And I think most males do that, Dai.

  3. Re: Your Favourite Subject?

    I have to say mine was Business Studies in 6th form' date=' all we did was 4 lessons a week, go home or doss round school it was class (No pun intended)[/quote']

    I'm doing GCSE business at the moment and its good. Far better than anything else i'm doing. I hate school all 'round, if i'm totally honest. :o

  4. Re: Mugshots

    Why do they annoy you so much?

    Just with their existance? A group of people that wear a certain style of clothing' date=' get classed under the name "Chav" and get hated for it...

    How pathetic.. :rolleyes:[/quote']

    If i had long hair, wore girly jeans and i slashed my wrist every hour of every day i'd be looked down on by these people just for my existance. The minority of these people are the scum of the earth and they give the rest of them a bad name. Kind of like young people from todays society as a whole. :rolleyes:

  5. Re: Mugshots

    After all these yrs of waiting ive finally found i am a "chav" ' date='i thought i was a 100 yr old womans toy boy .:D

    ( by the way son if you read this ,its not reference to your mother but a pun)

    so dont and get me in trouble with your usual stirring .:P:rolleyes::)[/quote']


    A chav' date=' according to the OED, is (in the UK) a "[b']young[/b] working class person who dresses in casual sports clothing".

    Sorry Alan.

  6. Re: Sorry!

    I think the point is just to accept an apology and see how things go' date=' everyone is entitled to a 2nd chance.[/quote']

    Since he was the one spamming in the first place it would be his fault, not the one asking for him to stop. Seems to me that Seft was doing the right thing to do.

    Regardless, he deserves a second change. We all make mistakes and do things we regret and i've been in his situation before, its not nice. As long as we see a change I expect nothing but good things.

  7. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

    LMFHAO' date=' no offence mate but i can seriously not see him getting a starting place, he might be doin good in the reserves but while we're fighting relegation we can't risk youth players. Especially against a good team in Everton.[/quote']

    Didnt Carroll or whatever his name is play up front? He is quite young, I think. You lot should stay up easy this season, all it will take is a couple of wins because of the state the table is in at the moment. ;)

  8. Re: Season 1 - Leeds Win The Cup!

    Lost 4-2 in the end. Forgot to rest my first teamers so I had my second string playing their first.

    But to win the cup one season and reach the final in the second with Leeds isn't too bad. :D

    Plus' date=' the money's good.

    Also, the commentary and stats don't add up. We had 7 shots with just 2 on target, yet...

    2: A thunderous header from close range is parried by Brad FRIEDEL

    22: Brad FRIEDEL produces a solid save to prevent what would have been a wonderful goal

    30: Brad FRIEDEL dives to his right and palms away a powerful effort

    49: GOAL!! - The short corner is picked up by Lucas VIATRI who curls it round the unsighted keeper!

    76: GOAL!! - A right foot curling shot from outside the area by Milos NINKOVIC glides just inside the far post! What a sublime finish!

    80: Brad FRIEDEL tips it onto the bar

    I count 6 shots on target right there... :confused:[/quote']

    Unlucky Seft. Which setup is this in?

    You could do with bringing the shots on target issue up with Ste to be honest, it seems like a bug to me.

  9. Re: SM Friends!

    Cally's here and there. He's like a rare fossil.

    As for the whole 'only mods are in this' thing' date=' that's just a complete coincidence. A lot of these guys (myself included) weren't mods when the series started. I'm trying not to introduce any more characters for now as it's getting difficult to write for everyone in each episode.[/quote']

    Lol, you comparing Cally to a fossil made me laugh. :rolleyes:

    Once a legend always a legend

    Correct. B)

  10. Re: SM Friends!

    i haven't been here long enough to see him and he left now

    He was on the game the other day I think. Dont think he still uses the forum though. :rolleyes:

    The guy was a legend.

  11. Re: South Park

    South Park is a excellent show' date=' comes second after FG.

    But the king of all animated characters in Peter Griffin.[/quote']

    Agreed. You cant beat Family Guy.

    I think Cartman's immense, tbh. :D

  12. Re: SM Friends!

    Lmao at Nath saying he's stuck with a bunch of idiots.Is it only Mods that can be in here as i would love to go in but noticed all the people in there were mods

    Snd i think the incluesion of Cally was cool even though i don't have a clue who he is

    How can you not know Cally? :eek:

  13. Re: The Official Leeds United FC

    The commentator mentioned that it must be frustrating for Millwall; which is fair of course - they dominated the game but still lost 2-0. But it was also very frustrating for Leeds fans' date=' watching the players give away the ball at almost any opportunity, failing to really create anything apart from odd moments.

    Thank god we have some brilliant individual players, who have the ability to turn nothing into something (Beckford, Snodgrass, Trundle, Delph, Robinson, Becchio). :)[/quote']

    I missed the game. Didnt even know about it until after it had finished but from what I hear Beckford scored both the goals. Hopefully this win will build the lads' confidence back up so we can start winning games again. :)

  14. Re: The Amount Of Sacked Managers Is Unreal

    At least 16 in the Prem for a start' date=' its that mentality that winds me up about some fellow Liverpool supporters, we are in the best postion in the league we have been in for well over a decade, we have won the European cup and got to another final, and the idiots are still calling for Rafa's head.[/quote']

    Rafa is a quality manager if you forget about the whole Robbie Keane situation. It would be a shame to see him leave because he has done well in his time at Liverpool.

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