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  1. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 6 Laura gets my vote, despite the fact that I haven't spoken to her in agesssssssss. Would vote Cam, but I voted Laura because I know her alot more than I know Cam. Both will go through with ease anyways.
  2. Re: Setup of the Year 2008 - Qualifying Group 5 Leeds has a name. With this being a forum, I'm pretty much entitled to say as I please within reason, and what I said was my opinion. If something is on my mind, I say it. Louis was hypocritical enough to to tell someone not to do something and then do it, so I pulled him about it. I really don't see the problem?
  3. Re: Setup of the Year 2008 - Qualifying Group 5 Ok if you say so. Also, stereotypical much?
  4. Re: Setup of the Year 2008 - Qualifying Group 5 I never said I keep count, did I give you an exact figure? No, I'd like to think I'm pretty much the opposite of sad thank you very much! And yeah, that would be biased voting then.
  5. Re: Setup of the Year 2008 - Qualifying Group 5 Well, that would be a lie as I've kicked you myself. I was exaggerating, ok? And the facts were either right or exaggerated, so right back to ya!
  6. Re: Setup of the Year 2008 - Qualifying Group 5 Why? You've been on the Chat Room for about 20 minutes this year, been kicked numerous times, and almost been banned by at least half of the mod team, myself included yet you still vote on COTY. IMO Setup of the year is pretty naff, everyone has difference opinions and it would be wrong to say one setup is better than every other one on the game.
  7. Re: Team of the week for every league...
  8. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 5 I hope I get Sheva in the next round, just to prove that Leeds are miles better than Yeovil once and for all.
  9. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 5 I say let me, I'd still have powers if not for unforseen circumstances.
  10. LiamLUFC

    Leaving Forums ?

    Re: Leaving Forums ? I'm going to be alot less active from now on, and will be leaving the forums and the game. I may make the odd appearence on chat from time to time, but I will be nowhere near as active as I have been previously. Expect the odd appearence, but for now...
  11. Re: Will Man City become the next chelsea?? Better Manchester City than United getting too much money.
  12. Re: Whats your strangest quirk ? Ermm... I'm known to drink a lot for my age, so maybe my something to do with that. Lmao @ Greig, only you would think of something like that. PS: Cheers for scoring for my Leeds, I appreciate it.
  13. Re: Jewell Needs To Go And the point of the thread is that his record isn't good enough for him to keep his job..
  14. Re: Jewell Needs To Go He manages Derby ffs... Good? I doubt that highly. Seriously 27 loses in 36 is an absolutely diabolical record, even Jinky could do better.
  15. Re: Signature Design Feedback If we cant use it, why post it?
  16. Re: football manager 2008 I'd be interested in joining a network game if someone could hook me up with a decent torrent... I dont have the game, so I cant otherwise.
  17. Re: http://henharrierhall.freeshoutbox.net/ Me & Wozza have already made a forum' date=' I seem to always knacker them up though by doing something in the admin control panel. So yes, a chat box is next to be added. This is the latest attempt. I'm currently adjusting it, and it has no members yet so feel free to join and give it a go.
  18. Re: New football manager Likewise. If it was in English I'd join though. EDIT: Right click, go to Page Info and then translate page to English, that looks pretty good to be honest.
  19. Re: Who writes the best match reports?
  20. Re: Hello Im new Greetings, welcome to the forum, remember to read the rules, and ask for any help you need! Nah seriously, welcome.
  21. Re: Who writes the best match reports? Ima say me, back in the day I was quite the forumer believe it or not. Paul Thame was a brilliant match reporter, shame he doesn't use the forum anymore.
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