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  1. Re: Harry Potter Or Lord Of The RIngs? Lord Of The Rings bored the life outta me, so I'll go with Harry Potter.
  2. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 3 Rawrrrr! I'll say no more.
  3. Re: What software do you use? Well, I'd bet there is a way to get it for free... Yes, I'm a cheapskate.
  4. Re: What software do you use? Its great until you have to cut someone out of a picture. It's hard to make decent cutouts and your outcome ends up looking pathetic at the end. I like GIMP, its easy to use and good, but I'm sure there will be some better software elsewhere that make it easy to cut out a Leeds badge and Jonny howson.
  5. I've recently attempted to make a sig, and failed miserably. Maybe some easier software to use would be ideal for someone like myself who has never bothered with sig making before. So what I'm asking is, what software do you use, and could you provide some details about it. I'll do mine as an example Name:GIMP 2.4 The software can be found here.
  6. Re: Sm Repuation I'm losing my interest in SM at the minute and don't manage anymore, so this wouldn't effect me in the slightest. But as a suggestion this would add more realism to the game and would only be an improvement. Keep up the good work.
  7. Re: Wilshere still isn't on DB? Never mind Wilshere, Sam Bartolo still isn't on the DB.
  8. Re: Newcomers- Meet a few Members Fantastic buddy, keep up the good work.
  9. Re: The Underworld Might do later on, cant be bothered signing up now.
  10. Re: Simpsons Or Family Guy? Which is what I meant by "I'm not going to doubt it until I've tried it."
  11. Re: Forum Smilies I think if these were to be aded, only certain ones should be added to reduce smiley spam, because lets face it with too many emoticons it's going to happen. More smilies would be good though, I agree with that.
  12. Re: Simpsons Or Family Guy? Never seen it myself, and I aren't going to doubt it until I've tried it. The chances of it being better than Family Guy are slim though.
  13. Re: Simpsons Or Family Guy? Save this in blockbuster the other night and was going to buy it, never seen it before but it looks alright. Anybody ever seen Father Ted? That's meant to be funny too.
  14. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 2 I actually missed Sam on the list, he should have A LOT! more votes than he has. Him and Insider stand out in this list for me, both deserve to be going through.
  15. Re: Favorite Games Console? PS3 is the most powerful of the three. Xbox 360 has the best games of the three. Wii is the most unique of the three. All have their positives, and all have their negitives, but I think if it wasn't for the lack of decent games PS3 would be the better of the three.
  16. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 2 I might as well not because I rarely post on the forum anymore and I doubt I will be around for much longer anyway. The above in bold is intended to do what, cause another argument about which is better, because there isn't a doubt in my mind which is better. You stired a similar debate up on the chat room the other week, and denied it. This just proves it imo! And also, there is no such thing as a chat mod anymore, so I seriously do doubt they voted for him at all.
  17. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 2 Mark Wallis is the definition of legend, and matt just isn't sexy enough. Matt should have no problems here, and imo Mark deserves it just as much.
  18. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 1 I'm baffled as to how Daryl hasn't gone through, he deserves to IMO. Shame, he had a tough group though. Leaves me wondering how many votes Jewiss would have if he wasn't a forumer first. Both Matty and Ivan deserve it too, shame about Daryl though.
  19. Re: Signature Maker I'd like one with Howson on the left, Beckford on the right, a Leeds badge in the middle with Liam-LUFC above the badge and SM Moderator below it please. This is difficult, but I would appreciate it if you could pull this off.
  20. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 1 Least someone shares my opinion of Daz, the guys a legend.
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