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  1. Re: The Wrestling Simulator Traditional Survivor Series Match; Past vs Present; The Undertaker (Deadman) Masked Kane The Rock Stone Cold Kurt Angle vs John Cena CM Punk Batista Randy Orton Rey Mysterio I reckon this would be epic, but the old skoolers would win without a doubt. Prove me right, Sam!
  2. LiamLUFC

    Big Brother 08

    Re: Big Brother 08
  3. LiamLUFC

    Big Brother 08

    Re: Big Brother 08 Devastated, more likely. Not really watched it this year, it's been pretty boring compared to previous series.
  4. Re: More benefits to gold members Quite a lot of people seem to like moaning about Gold Membership, I don't see why to be frank. Arranging friendlies and skinning the site are small features that imo non paying members should be allowed to do too. Some Gold Members have up to 15 slots for teams on one account, they are allowed to enter the elite setups, there are a plenty of features, with new ones coming in constantly... So why complain?
  5. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. Liam "Jinky's Toy Boy" Hemingway, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!
  6. Re: More SM Rep for Managing 'less desireable' teams The SM Rep system has been the same since the very beginning, and I don't want to see it change now!! However, way for smaller clubs to be more appealing is something of a target SM need to work on, imo.
  7. Re: New setup, Join people! Could I have Ajax, please?
  8. Re: Unfortunate turn of events Gutted. First Nav, and now Raz. It has been a good day on SM.
  9. Re: New Setup - Mini International Cup A mate of mine, Luke Coates wants to join. He's an SM Moderator; Forum name - Luke_c90 Germany, Netherlands, or Portugal are prefered.
  10. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. Hen was drunk, tethinks
  11. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Have a good en', Smartdoc. Can't help but agree with Col, you're a legend mate.
  12. Re: New Formation - To be added This would be good, yeah. I'm all for more options when it comes to managing my team.
  13. Re: Am I Welcome Back? You sure are. If I have any say in the matter, that is.
  14. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! We're allowed to rep for helping out, aren't we? So it isn't so we can get in trouble for repping them?
  15. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! That would be good mate, thanks a bundle.
  16. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Can I have a sig with a leeds badge in the centre, howson on the left of the badge, howson on the right, and Liam-LUFC on it somewhere, please?
  17. Re: Elite league You could just make a custom set-up and sort it out via pm...
  18. Re: Gold Championship 18 Discussions Thread Ahh, Greig thanks for letting me know. Even if you did make me look a fool.
  19. Re: Gold Championship 18 Discussions Thread Ask Luke I need someone to get me a team too! Trust the GC to be made while I'm sat in an art class.
  20. Re: PC game: Battlefield Heroes I wouldn't buy it, but the word free certainly does appeal to me. Think I'll get it yeah, multiplayer? If it is I say we get a competition or something going.
  21. Re: New Setup - Mini International Cup I'll join. Ajax or Bayern will be fine
  22. Re: How to confuse an idiot...... After reading the title I was cautious, and I didn't click it. Wonder how many people this will capture?
  23. Re: Insulted You smell a trap, yet you make your way into chat and start making sarcastic comments and ignoring me, while all I'm doing is trying to have a calm conversation with you. Typical!
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