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  1. Re: Fittest Singer? I'm both shocked and appauled that Hayley Williams hasn't been mentioned yet. Lily Allen is quite the looker too, watched her on the sunday night project the other night.
  2. LiamLUFC


    Re: Snow! Where abouts do you live?
  3. LiamLUFC


    Re: Snow! I've had the past week off and i want more tbh. I'm praying for more snow tonight even though it isnt forecasted.
  4. LiamLUFC


    Re: Important..... Hopefully one of them will see this thread and this whole mess will get sorted out.
  5. Re: The Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulations Thread A week until i'm 15. I thought you were older?
  6. LiamLUFC


    Re: Important..... They're screwed up anyway. I got banned recently and it let me on occasionally regardless.
  7. LiamLUFC


    Re: Important..... Obviously not because already a handful of people have disagreed. A one day ban I could live with but at the end of the day this ban is one that could well last upto 8 months. Do you not remember when you were blue like the rest of us and you got banned? Pretty irritating eh?
  8. LiamLUFC


    Re: Important..... I disagree with you. What he said sounded like lyrics to me. It was definately not aimed at anybody and i think a full on ban is just harsh.
  9. LiamLUFC


    Re: Important..... IP ban is random as far as I know. Unlucky..
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Don't Stop Me Now - McFly (Feat. Matt Willis) I know I really shouldn't be listening to it but never mind.
  11. Re: Should I report this? As you have already been advised' date=' if i were in your shoes I woud report it. Doesnt sound like a bug to me. I've seen some far more foolish transfers in my time and I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be someone who is either really desperate or cheating.
  12. Re: Who will be best CM duet in England national team? A rotation of Gerrard, Carrick, Lampard and Barry would do well I think as long as Gerrard and Lampard dont play along side one another. I think the Gerrard and Barry combination is the best one though; there is a certain chemistry between the two. I think Cole is a far better choice than Young. He is more experienced and when Cole plays well there is no stopping him. Cheating on Cheryl? I used to be a huge fan of him before that, i hate him with a passion now.
  13. LiamLUFC


    Re: Howdy Ignore Nath, he's nothing more than a deluded Celtic fan.
  14. LiamLUFC


    Re: Spain Perfectionist. I went there once on holiday, I didn't like it if i'm totally honest.
  15. Re: My new setup. Just got the pm mate, i'll be glad to join. Ajax?
  16. Re: Best overall forumer (January) Seft gets my vote. Top lad who is always willing to help out and contribute. I get the feeling Seft has been more active than the rest too. I could be wrong though because I haven't been that active myself. Good luck Seft..
  17. Re: Robbie Keane Keane is in the building. Anybody hear Rafa's interview? I now have reason to hate him; he seems so arrogant.
  18. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Well.. Newcastle are losing to Sunderland 1-0. I hope they turn this season around because they have a decent squad and could be doing so much better.
  19. Re: Oliver Daccourt - Is he really that good?
  20. Re: Robbie Keane Keane should go back to Spurs and turn them around. He is doing nothing at Liverpool and he should be playing first team football in my opinion.
  21. Re: Oliver Daccourt - Is he really that good? Pfft! I never saw the big deal tbh. He is good, but he isnt anything special.
  22. Re: Your Life Without SM? It would be exactly the same; I very rarely use SM now.
  23. Re: Whats the most popular genre in the world? Dance is the most popular genre in the world, imo. I prefer punk or metal though.
  24. Re: Soccer manager and the recession How? I'm not questioning you, I genuinely want to know.
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