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  1. Re: Soccer manager and the recession
  2. Re: Favorite College Comedy? American Pie. The films are hilarious yet familiar and the soundtrack is IMMENSE. Superbad is a close second.
  3. Re: Chat Room Events(Nightly) You look sexy in yellow.
  4. Re: Chat Room Events(Nightly) I'm in favour of not actually having an event. Tried it before - failed.
  5. Re: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. Lool, agreed. Blue/Red/Gold/Silver were the stuff. I remember spending absolutely hours trying to get mew.
  6. Re: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. hmm.. weird. The newer games any good?
  7. Re: Skins Skins is ****. All is good though, not long until Shameless comes back on to the tele.
  8. Re: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. How does a nintendo DS game break? I remember the old game boy colour games.
  9. Re: Worth the money. One of the pictures nearly blinded me. I have to say that is one hell of a drum kit. I say you do some drum covers and stick em' on youtube so we can see how good you are.
  10. Re: Andy Murray.. what a guy! He is without a doubt in my mind the best tennis player in the world.
  11. Re: Who Would You Like To See In the Big Brother House ? All the chatters. Matt - The funny freak who licks the windows, he'd probably win tbh. Muntasir - The reason for the lack of curtains in the bedrooms. James - Just to see if he can go the duration of the show without smoking pot. Cally - Read James' Mark - It would be funny seeing someone enter the house in a tractor. Nath - So I can prove he has no control over me. Sinar - To brighten up the house. Lee - He's funny, why not? Nicoll - To see if any soap gets dropped while she showers. Laura - For me to pick on. Me - Because
  12. LiamLUFC

    SM - Too Strict?

    After reading the COTY thread I think there are some issues that need addressing, I plan on doing this here. I know that this thread will probably be deleted as soon as I post it but at least I can say I have tried to speak my mind. We have chatroom regulars leaving ffs, something needs doing.
  13. Re: OPEN UP GC'S For Free SM'ers No it isnt, Shels' idea actually had a chance because of the points that he brought up and I have seen some pointless suggestions in my time. I dont agree with Shels but I admit that he brought up some good points. Maybe try being constructive rather than putting everyone down constantly.
  14. Re: OPEN UP GC'S For Free SM'ers SM make their GC's according to the amount of Gold Members they have and currently there are more Gold Members than teams in GCs, Hence why they are making them on a more regular basis. SM are already struggling to cater for all Gold Members and you are suggesting we give more members access? Bad idea, imo.
  15. Re: City willing to pay players 400k a week!!! OMG Imagine you were the one of the best in the world with a current wage of 110k, you are offered 400k.. do you accept? I would, especially with the economy as it is.
  16. Re: City willing to pay players 400k a week!!! OMG While there are people in third world countries who have no money what so ever; thats shocking to say the least. I thought 100k a week was bad, this is over the top!
  17. Re: Leeds Utd Challenge Wrong section, but its a good Leeds team so I dont care. Nicely done, I look forward to seeing how they do.
  18. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. Since Nicoll swore and I got blamed.
  19. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. Likewise.
  20. LiamLUFC

    Music Lovers !

    Re: Music Lovers ! Oopsies. Im'a stop using Limewire.
  21. Re: Manager Rating. (A long post but please respond) Are you a World Class manager?? Absolutely amazing post. Nice idea too.
  22. Re: Sillyest Question asked "I'll swap you my account with 200 rep for your mod account." This was from a guy with a rep of 72.
  23. Re: Best part of the forum Misc. It has a much wider topic range than any other section and all the funny and random shizzz goes here. Gotta love it
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