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  1. Re: I want risers There are bound to be some players on the below thread that meet what you want. Good luck.
  2. Re: GeorgeECFC I bet you... Reckon Sam will win here, being honest.
  3. How many PMs are we meant to be able to recieve on the forum? I always thought it was 50, 100 for mods. I currently have 56 though.
  4. Re: GCSE Mock Exams... Same, minus the mocks.
  5. Re: SM Match Engine I'm not keen on either of those two formations, I use 4-1-3-2 or 4-3-1-2 and I win some and lose some. Try using formations to fit your squad, not one formation generally for every team you have.
  6. Re: SM Match Engine I respect your contribution to this thread so far, but I disagree with you saying SM is more based on tactics. It is all all-round manager game and the match engine is just as important as anything else. Allow me to say this: SM are working on giving the match engine a make-over. If you dislike the match engine then you should be happy with this, but I feel the match engine we currently have is something SM should be proud of. If not for these threads of people making excuses for their losses I wouldn't even notice the match engine, its a case of either I win or lose
  7. Re: Internet Addiction Test !
  8. Re: This Is Chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one fun night. And Nath, I was joking bud.. Chill out.
  9. Re: Internet Addiction Test ! 41 You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage. Braap!
  10. Re: Remove the Player Talent Scout on the SM Homepage/Blog I agree and disagree. From one perspective it is irritating when you go for someone and they have already been signed, Player Talent Scout on the SM Homepage makes this more likely to happen. From another point of view, it helps less experienced managers out. Make a specific page with players SM recommends that can only be accessed by paying customers, maybe?
  11. Re: Which Australian Club Do You Support? MELBOURNE VICTORY!
  12. Re: This Is Chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah but.. I still hold the records of.. Most bans in the same night - 5. Most ridiculous reason for ban - chatting my mates bird up. Only moderator to actually be banned purposely. Try keep up with that. Liar.
  13. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) I'll join, if you want me? 'Sup to you mate. And ermm.. América please?
  14. Re: How America Sees The World
  15. Re: How America Sees The World America are and always will be a power country just because of the sheer size of their nation. I have nothing against Americans in any way, they are much the same as us. With America being huge, they are involved in everything and I think they have been on the brink of war since the assassination of JFK. I think that Obama is a good man, with good intentions and he will do good things for America, and the world as we know it. I could be wrong as he is a person with such a large span of control and one mistake could start a war, but he seems to know what he's
  16. Re: SM Match Engine - USELESS! Its being on SM's "to-do list" for a while now, I've had access to West Gate for a while now and its always been the most talked about new feature.
  17. Re: SM Match Engine - USELESS! Harsh words. As far as I know the match engine has recently or is due to be revamped, so shame you're leaving.
  18. Re: The team you love to hate? We know we're a big club; well we used to be anyway. Manchester United 'cos their fans actually believe they are united fans and not fans of where ever they're from - Glory supporters.
  19. Re: English Premier League 1992-1993 Will do. Sounds like a competitive set-up.
  20. Re: English Premier League 1992-1993 Any chance of me joining as Charlton, plez?
  21. Re: How Bad Is The Match Engine? Having seen these results, I have to say I feel alot better about the current state of the match engine.
  22. Re: Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread Melbourne Victory Today at 4pm, Australian Championship 22 was made and Liam-LUFC was the second manager to secure his team in the highly anticipated game world. As soon as he secured the team he got to work on aiming to bring in players and made his aims as a manager clear. Football isn't as big a sport in Australia as it is elsewhere in the world and this effects Australian clubs in a big way. For privacy reasons, Liam-LUFC has chosen not to state the players he is interested in. An update with regards to transfers at Melbourne
  23. Re: How Bad Is The Match Engine? I was expecting to see another thread bashing the match engine, good to know somebody knows how to post with a positive frame of mind.
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