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  1. This is the place for anybody involved in Australian Championship 22 to post about their teams. Best of luck to all involved.
  2. Re: Turn a 75 rated team into a premiership quality team Did this earlier with my Clyde, but with different and far more players. Good luck.
  3. Re: The 150th Manchester Derby And back on subject...
  4. Re: The 150th Manchester Derby Waheyyy! What the hell was Ronny thinking?
  5. Re: Football's Frankenstein It's an interesting concept but I doubt it, in all honesty. Football is a case of you have the skills or you dont, I cant see science making much of a difference.
  6. Ryan Brown is making an Australian Gameworld and we need four experienced forumers to join. It will be made when we have four chatters and four forumers who are willing to join. If we have more than four we will draw the names out of a hat. Declare your interest here.
  7. Re: Greatest Rivalry in the World Leeds United vs Manchester United. Jeez, good times.
  8. There is already a thread on this, but it is very outdated and alot has changed since then. So I'll ask now, and get an updated answer. Which formation do the SM Forum think is the best?
  9. Re: The 150th Manchester Derby I can see the following taking place. Boring first half United score in the 30-45th minute. Boring first half of the second half. City score. United score. City get a late goal to level everything out. 2-2 draw is my prediction.
  10. Re: Some Cheap Australian Risers Good to you see you making an effort, well done. I know that scouting can be difficult and I admire the fact that you managed actually make a list. Keep up the good work.
  11. Re: More Stats This is something I've thought several times over the years. I dont think It'd make that much of a difference and it'd probably be a waste of time adding it to the game for that reason.
  12. Re: PSP Help - Loading DVD'S All you need is .MP4 format videos, I think. Once you have them you can just drag them to your psp. I could be wrong, but I think this is all you need. If you dont have the video in .MP4 you will need a convertor. Good luck Adam..
  13. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread "Liam..this is the offcial Championship thread, and i believe your team are in league 1, please gtho and go to that thread, thanks :rolleyes:" @ This, I watch the championship everyweek and I have as much right to post here as anybody else.
  14. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread Give me a break ffs.
  15. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread Whats that Louis? Another aggrivating post?
  16. Re: Whats The Best Lie Youve Ever Made? Told my ex I'd turned gay as an excuse to end tingz. She laughed.
  17. Re: chat with online friends On the chat room there is an IM system. Bare in mind that there are rules you have to follow in order to use this without being banned, though.
  18. Re: Top 10 worst flops in the Premiership That guy who signed for Chelsea for £30,000,000 and ended up being a FLOP! Whats his name? Shevchenko!
  19. Re: Luiz Ronaldo Retitring? His time is limited, not over. I doubt he will make an impact in England and after this he will either retire or move to somewhere like America where there is less competition.
  20. Re: SuperLiga Elite - Chat Vs Forum Sporting, plez.
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