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  1. i think that playas ratings shud go up according 2 how well they play on soccermanager my reasons for this suggestment are that the same players would score on the fixtures each season and also a huge part of the clubs/managers job is 2 keep the players on form by how they train etc... socccermanager is a great game and this is just 1 of the things i think nwould make it better
  2. how bad a r leeds playin this season c'mon lads sort it out
  3. fifa 2007 ? 0r pro evo i know there have been a lot of threads & posts about this but i still want 2 know what game you lot think is better !!! pro evolution soccer 6 or fifa 2007
  4. liverpool m8 can i av a liverpool cos iv neva ad em before and as much as i hate to say it they av a good team
  5. well iv sed it before and il say it again c'mon leeds sort it out !!! after getting thrashed 5 - 1 against luton the lads go out and display another embarrasing performance against southend a team i would expect leeds to win . iv supported leeds all my life and this is the lowest iv eva seen them if we sink any lower we'll get religated c'mon wisey sort the lads out And well done southend on a great performance
  6. joe cole ian , m8 listen ,joe coles gud , but thers miles better even in the premiership
  7. julio baptista c'mon i think julio baptista will be a class act l8r on in his career if he remains at arsenal he could well run rings around the defender and as for rooney , i think he struggles to perform alongside a defender who's on form , like saha for man u or crouch 4 england
  8. teams well clayts i would reccomend keeping 1 free space to look for new teams 2day in the custom setups iv luckily managed 2 get a valencia ad an inter milan another way is 2 become a gold member which allows you to have up 2 10 teams
  9. LiamLUFC


    dus ny1 no when the new standard setups open plz
  10. barca only jokin luke ur barca teams well gud !!!!!!!! quality
  11. ruud im with nav the guy scores goals manu u were stupid to let him go
  12. ronaldinho well ian i think ronaldiniho has underperformed in recent months and there i agree with you but deco being better than ronaldinho , in my opinion thats just wrong and i think etos also fantastic , a future star
  13. LiamLUFC


    ruud i agree during his last season at manchester united ruud seemed 2 do nothing more than warm the bench and barely got a game so lets hope he can continue his fantastic form in spain i fink alex fergason was stupid to sell him
  14. ronaldo been a leeds fan ( all of our teams ratings shud go down LOL ) i hate to agree with what luke sed about christiano ronaldo but its true every time that u watch him play he gets better i think in a couple of years when hes more experianced he will get player of the year his rating shud definatly go up also i think saha's ratin shud go up again 2 .!!!!
  15. joe cole ere joe coles injured he cant go up and he cant go down i agree wi luke
  16. ratings i think david beckham shud leave real madrid as he isnt gettin a game so he shud go down joe coles ratin shud stay the same as he is injured i think drogbas rating shud go 2 95 and fabragas ratin shud go up by 1
  17. iv supported leeds united all my life an i think that since the play-off final in cardiff last season they hav'nt been the same . since getting beat by watford in the final we have been getting baeten week in week out c'mon lads sort it out
  18. LiamLUFC

    im new

    ok m8 cheers 4 letting me know! ill feel fre to talk about wot i want frm now on!! ta
  19. LiamLUFC

    im new

    im new to the forum and need help as to what subjects i can talk about etc. is any1 gd enuff to help me round the forum plz?????????
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