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  1. Re: SuperLiga Elite - Chat Vs Forum Who banned you? I got kicked for nothing yesterday and weren't too chuffed about it. When this draw taking place then?
  2. Re: SuperLiga Elite - Chat Vs Forum I'm in mate. Who gets to pick the second team, btw? 'cos I came up with the Chat vs Forum idea, but not the SuperLiga thingy.
  3. Re: Operation-A (Adam Selby) Needs Your Help/Ideas!
  4. Re: Operation-A (Adam Selby) Needs Your Help/Ideas! Just a few ideas.. Chat vs Forum Rivals International Small Teams I could probably produce more, looking back at old set-ups from people who have left and etc, but for now these are what I am suggesting.
  5. Re: New Custom Setup, ideas? Likewise, I'd love to represent the chatters.
  6. Re: New Custom Setup, ideas? I need a team in a custom, so no matter what I'd like in.
  7. Re: New Custom Setup, ideas? Good input.
  8. Re: New Custom Setup, ideas? Adding to this. I think a setup where a chatter is made rival with a forumer, and the setup is for bragging rights would be good. Get me? PM me if you like the idea..
  9. Re: An Idea Most Scouts Won't Like I've scouted in the past, but for myself and not to post on here, so yes in a sense I would know. I know how this might upset Mark and Ben, but its my opinion.
  10. Re: I Am Going To Be On Britiains Got Talent! The kind of comment you made is one that would put me off of this forum if I were a new member. I suggest you tone it down, pal.
  11. Re: An Idea Most Scouts Won't Like I like. That way people who buy younger players have to really have faith in them as they have to do well for the whole year. If I were a scout, I wouldn't be that peeved.
  12. Re: I Am Going To Be On Britiains Got Talent! In all honesty, I'd like to not see you at all. Comments like this, why? Its not needed at all, IMO.
  13. Re: SM doesn't work at school
  14. Re: How Bad Is Cesar Sanchez ? Maybe he blinked as the picture was taken, even I wouldn't close my eyes and my footballing experience in the past year has been very, very limited. Prehaps they should be focusing on his crossing in training then. I think a new keeper will be needed in the window.
  15. Re: Champions League Winners 2008/2009 Chelsea or Liverpool for the win. Chelsea are playing well, and Liverpool always perform in Europe. I doubt the two of them will face off in the final, though.
  16. Re: Man U Academy needs some credit not just Arsenals
  17. Re: I'm back again I think you ladies should stop the arguing to be honest. If Joel says he met Beccio, Beckford and Delph after the game, who are we to say he didn't? End of the day, this thread has nothing to do with that so it would be good to get back on topic.. I've always wanted to say that.
  18. The question is simple, really. What does SM mean to you? Are you addicted, or do you just use it as something to pass the time? Any reply welcome.
  19. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner!
  20. Re: English Champ 2426 - Full Of Chatters/Forumers I've challenged somebody else who are in my division, but I'll cancel for now and do that another time. I'll challenge you shortly. EDIT: I've challenged you for this Friday, Sean. I've also challenged Adam Selby (Operation A) for the Friday after.
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