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  1. Re: English Champ 2426 - Full Of Chatters/Forumers I've taken over Bradford. Currently looking to sign players and for a friendly with a league 1 or 2 team on friday to test my team.
  2. Re: Leeds United - English Championship 2421 Leeds United Update I spent my first hour or so in charge looking up some young players and adding them to my shortlist so that any interest could easily be followed up. I have also bidded for 7 players so far, all of whom are young. Leeds United have made an offer to Grenoble for Sho Ito of £20,000. Leeds United have made an offer to Colo Colo for Felipe Hernandez of £600,000. Leeds United have made an offer to Red Bull Salzburg for Marc Janko of £3,550,000. Leeds United have made an offer to Khimki for Vladislav Nikiforov of £1
  3. Recently, I've started to become more of a regular on SM again and I've taken over Leeds United in English Championship 2421, which was made earlier on today. I'll be attempting something similar to Joel McCluskey's effort. I'll be keeping this thread updated as I progress.
  4. Re: Coming Soon - Euro SuperLeague: The Rivals Well, I'm in. I'd like Werder Bremen, please.
  5. I think it would be good for users to be able to change modules on the homepage. Users of Bebo, Myspace and etc.. will get my drift here, but I think it would be a welcome change. If implemented it would mean users can rearrange modules such as "holiday mode" and place it somewhere different, the holiday mode thing is just an example. Opinions?
  6. Re: Who's SM Forum's Arsene Wenger?
  7. Re: Anybody for a WC challenge? I'm more than up for it mate, even if it is just the two of us taking the challenge. Which WC is it?
  8. Re: League Of Imposters Would it be possible for me to take a team? Any team will do, so long as I have some money to buy youth with. EDIT: Applied for Sevilla Atlético in Division 2, waiting for a response?
  9. Re: Who's SM Forum's Arsene Wenger? I'd say Leigh was, despite our past I have to admit if there was any one forum like Arsene Wenger it was definately him. If not Leigh, then definately Insider. Anybody who saw one of his latest scouting threads should agree since there was nearly 400 players on it.
  10. LiamLUFC

    Face or Heel forumer ?

    Re: Face or Heel forumer ? I was face until munt has an accident on my curtains, so heel it is. :rolleyes:
  11. Re: Sillyest Question asked "How come you're red?" and "Can you make me red?" are also pretty annoying questions. I asked Matt every so often just so he knows how annoying they are.
  12. Re: Leeds United FC And the humiliation begins.. NOW!
  13. Re: The New and Improved SM Family Tree! Bad use of language by a moderator. Shame on youuuu!
  14. Re: The New and Improved SM Family Tree! If possible could I have a brother or sister who are over the age of 18 for obvious reasons.
  15. Re: London - be my tour guide!
  16. Re: London - be my tour guide! 1) Fish & Chips? 2) Fish & Chips? 3) Peeing it down, we're overdue some nice weather. 4) Depends what you're into. 5) There aren't, I'm from the other side of the country. 6) Go sight-seeing. Some good sights to see in London I reckon. 7) A Chelsea shirt, wear it if you go to see Arsenal's stadium, which is good btw. 8) 9) It is, yeah. Sure there will be trains to Liverpool at some point during your 2 week trip.
  17. Re: My apologies for not using the search tool Seriously mate, you expected people to moan at your for not using the search tool? I'm actually in awe of the amount of effort thats been up into this post. I know I wouldn't bother jotting down 395 young players. Rep, and well deserved rep too. EDIT: "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Insider again."
  18. Re: Respect Now that my friend, is a good post. Referee's should be respected if they get most of their decisions right, nobody is perfect and nobody can get them all right. Their authority should be respected, because without that there is no point in them doing their job, otherwise it is up to them to earn it.
  19. Re: Juande Ramos Sacked! After watching the game last night, I can honestly say that if Spurs want success they need a keeper who can catch the ball from a set piece situation. In terms of attacking, they looked brilliant.
  20. Re: ppl who should become mods!!! I used to be on quite a bit during the night when I had the enthusiasm, since then there hasn't really been a mod for that time at all. There were a few names who were responsible enough to handle the position when I was actually active, hopefully those few people are still active.
  21. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. That kid scares me, honestly.
  22. Re: saw trilogy Never seen any of them, except about half an hour of SAW 2 before my mates brother and his girlfriend went to see it at the cinema on friday night. I'm not too keen on that kind of film, but I will find myself watching these at some point because near enough everybody who has seen these will recommend them.
  23. Re: Should Joey Barton be banned from football? He's been in prison and done his time, hopefully the experience has changed him. If he makes another offense he should be banned for good, but he should be granted one final chance to prove that he can make something of his career.
  24. LiamLUFC

    I'm gonna be a Dad!!

    Re: I'm gonna be a Dad!! t'is good to hear that everything went as planned, and I know you'll do a great job. Once again; congratulations Dai!
  25. Re: Chatroomer of the Month - Qualifying Group 2 All of them suck. (I joke.) Sam gets my vote.
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