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    LiamLUFC reacted to Robocod in Gold Championship 20 Match Reports/Transfer Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 20 Match Reports/Transfer Thread

    Werder Bremen News
    With last seasons glory behind them, Werder Bremen wanted to get off to a good start, with the Chairty Shield last night against Bayern Munchen. Bayern won the cup, whereas Bremen tool the league in a storming finish, coming from 2nd place with 3 games to go, winning it on goal difference.
    With the first silverware at stake in this match, it was vital that Bremen made a good start, and they did. At the 30 minute mark, Torsten Frings ran onto a nice pass in acres of space, and made no mistake from 15 yards. 1-0 Werder Bremen. Bayern started to get back into the game for the next 15 minutes, but mercifully, the Half Time whistle blew, and Bremen had the chance to regroup.
    The second half started as the first ended, with Bayern scoring through Tim Borowski in the 48th minute. This got Bremen going, and after some magic from Ozil and a lot of running from Riise, Bremen got their reward through Didier Drogba, latching on to a nice through ball and thumping it into the top corner, leaving the goalkeeper stranded.
    Bremen dominated from here on, and apart from a few tame shots from the Bayern players, Tim Weise had nothing to worry about. Even Naldo the tall Centre-Back was having fun, holding the ball up to waste time. The final whistle blows, and Werder Bremen faithful have more reason to believe, as they have won the first piece of Silverware this season.
    When interviewed after the match, the MoM Clemens Fritz had this to say:

    Alan Lee being presented with his fans player of the match award.
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Bed in Sorry!   
    Re: Sorry!
    He's concerned and has offered an apology. Top marks to the lad.
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Dudeskin in Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)   
    Re: Right now i'm listening to...
    The Fear!!
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    LiamLUFC got a reaction from Bob Loblaw in Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)   
    Re: Right now i'm listening to...
    Don't Stop Me Now - McFly (Feat. Matt Willis)
    I know I really shouldn't be listening to it but never mind.
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Kensational in Who Would You Like To See In the Big Brother House ?   
    Re: Who Would You Like To See In the Big Brother House ?
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    LiamLUFC reacted in Transfer News- January 1st   
    Here Are All The Deals I've Caught A Scent Of So Far
    Tis Really Hard Its Like The Internets Just Hiding Loads From Me
    Gigi Buffon-Deal With City Is Close To Completion Subject To A Medical And Personal Terms (Undisc) I Believe Its Around 30 Million
    Wayne Bridge-12-15 Million Man City ( Deal should be complete within the next few days)
    Pazzini-Fiorentina striker is hot property cant pin point the leaders in the chase but he will be playing in the premiership next month I can guarantee
    Probably on a loan with a view for a permanent deal in the summer
    Credit Crunch hits us all
    Except man city haha
    Not sure the terms I believe its straight cash wenger wants rid and juve are keen admirers
    Roque Santa Cruz- Deal Is On The Verge Of COmpletion With City
    Holding Out A Week To Put Off The Media
    He Wont Be Included In The Squad To Play Blythe etc
    They Are Prepared To Pay Up to 15 Million For the Geezer
    Benzema move to madrid draws closer as he publically belittles his club saying that he loves real madrid and would love to play there
    Jay Simpson has gone to west brom on a loan
    They initially loan bid for carlos vela but Wenger rejected
    Bolton bid for james morrison of west brom was rejected
    Lyon are interested along with athletico in signing kranjcar
    Defoe to Spurs Lmao
    LATEST!-Portsmouth Release A Statement Which States Jermain Defoe Will Leave The Club!
    21 Year Old Stalic Is Subject Of A Fierce Bidding war Between Celtic, Zagreb And Arsenal
    Valued at 2.5 Million The Scouts Gave Him Ratings Similiar To That They Gave A Young Berbatov
    Despite rumours west ham inisist they do not have to sell their stars
    Sporting Starlet Velosos Agent has came out and made a statement declaring he is available cheap
    Arsenal Milan Chelsea Everton Amongst Others Are All Keen On Developments
    Mourinho Linked With Tuncay Owen And Drogba
    Sources Suggest Drogba Will Move Either Now Or The Summer
    Juan Antonio Valencia
    I Can Reveal He Is Discussing Contractual Terms With Madrid On A Deal Right Now
    His Replacement Is Liverpool Winger Pennant Whom Bruce Nurtured Whilst At Birmingham
    Liverpool Are Going To Sell And If That Is Not A Possibility Release Their Players Degen and Dossena
    Arsenal Linked With Lescott And Johnson
    Aye Thats Right Theyre English!
    Wagner Love Has One Again Stated Desire To Move To England
    Chelsea, city and everton are all keen
    But dont get yur hopes up on this one boro had the deal tied up last january before alves CSKA will not sell him no matter how much he struggles
    Henrik Larsson has almost signed a contract with aston villa on a short term basis
    Riisewill return to england
    Newcastle look to have it tied up
    Meanwhile Kanu Lmao
    Is Off To Ajax Or Fiorentina :|
    In The best of the rest: Hull Chase Kazim Richards And Nuno Gomes Linked With Move Away From Benfica After Falling Out Of Favour
    Everton Are Favourites
    Who Needs Tabloids When You Have Jimmer
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Pete M B in Manager Rating. (A long post but please respond) Are you a World Class manager??   
    This suggestion relates to an idea that arose on the "sennding in your cv" thread.
    I have decided to start a new thread as I do not want to hijack the "sending in your cv" thread with this suggestion. And Hemenemeny's suggestion is great and I think this would side track people from his point.
    Now I will take some time to layout what I think would be a great way of improving the game.
    As I mentioned on the other thread I think it would be a splendid idea if you could click on a manager's profile and see how successful he has been. I would like to see a screen where you can view all the clubs managed by a particular manager and see his/her win, lose and draw ratio and success in winning cups and leagues.
    To quote my own post:
    This page would be a great way of assessing your opposition and getting an impression of how successful they have been in other setups.
    Now' date=' I will go into some detail about how a manager rating could be created:
    My suggestion is manager's may receive one of the following ratings for each of their clubs managed. This would give you a great idea of well each club is managed so for example:
    1. World Class
    2. Superb
    3. Very Good
    4. Good
    5. Average
    6. Poor
    7. Very Poor.
    Joe Bloggs
    Manager of:
    [b']Fulham in English Championship 9456[/b]
    League Champions Season 1
    League Champions Season 4
    Shield Winners season 5
    League Champions season 6
    Manager rating for club: Superb
    Sevilla in World Championship 4398
    Cup Winners season 1
    League Champions season 3
    Manager rating for club: Very Good
    Coventry City in Custom Setup " World League " etc.
    Cup Runner Up Season 1
    League Champions Season 2
    Manager rating for club: World Class
    Joe Bloggs, Overall Manager rating: A Superb manager (this would be the average of all the clubs managed, eg. if a manager had 4 clubs all being managed very poorly, then his overall manager rating would be very poor).
    When I mentioned this idea in the "sending in your CV thread", another forum member (ZRedstall) raised concerns that this idea would punish those managers who try to manage smaller clubs. And I agree, but I have what I feel would be the perfect solution to this problem.
    It is obviously harder to have a high win ratio if you manage a smaller team. Eg. West Brom in the English Premier League. In actual fact if you like the challenge of managing a team like West Brom in an English setup you would probably be very pleased to acheive 50 points in a season! As of course you start with a much weaker squad than Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, Everton, Aston Villa, Portsmouth etc etc. Whereas if you managed Man Utd and acheived 50 points you would (should anyway!!) be disappointed with that!
    So baring this in mind, what would be the best way to calculate the rating/ability of a manager? The answer: To ensure that you take into account the strength of a manager's squad in comparison to the results he/she acheives and the position they finish in the table.
    So in thinking about this I asked myself: What is the best barometer for measuring how good a Club's squad is? At first I thought the sensible answer to this would be the Value of the entire squad. So for example the value of Man Utds squad is quite considerably higher than the value of West Brom's squad. But I don't think this is the answer because, quite often some of the highest rated players on this game have a smaller value, due to the fact they are quite old in football terms. Eg. Zanetti is a 94 rated player but only has an SM Value of £2.9 Million.
    The answer is to take into account the total salary of the squad per turn. It is a commonly known fact amoungst forum members, that a player's wage is related purely to a player's rating!
    So in conclusion to this point, it is fair to summise that a Club with a high wage expenditure per turn has a better squad than a club with a smaller wage expenditure. This is generally speaking, because a squad can exist with both quality and quantity. So a squad with many sixty 90 rated players may have a similar wage budget to a squad with only twenty players, but all above 90.
    The point is this: In real life, the clubs that pay the highest squad wage bills would expect to acheive high league positions. Although this isn't always the case as clubs can fail in their goals.
    I have done some research, using the Premier League as my example. I have looked at the end of season league table for the Premier League for the past 5 seasons.
    And I can inform of the following facts from the past 5 seasons:
    The club finishing top of the league on average finishes the season with 90.4 points
    The club finishing bottom of the league on average finishes the season with 23.8 points
    Here is the important part
    Calculating a Managers Rating!
    Firstly this list relates to the 20 teams in the league. The team listed at "1st" has the largest wage bill per turn in that division. The team listed "20th" has the smallest wage budget per turn. (ie. The team listed first most likely has the strongest rated squad in the division, and the team listed 20th has the weakest squad in the division).
    1st Number of points earned per turn X 1.3 (eg Man Utd)
    2nd Number of points earned per turn X 1.3685
    3rd Number of points earned per turn X 1.437
    4th Number of points earned per turn X 1.5055
    5th Number of points earned per turn X 1.574
    6th Number of points earned per turn X 1.6425
    7th Number of points earned per turn X 1.711
    8th Number of points earned per turn X 1.7795
    9th Number of points earned per turn X 1.848
    10th Number of points earned per turn X 1.9165
    11th Number of points earned per turn X 1.985
    12th Number of points earned per turn X 2.0535
    13th Number of points earned per turn X 2.122
    14th Number of points earned per turn X 2.1905
    15th Number of points earned per turn X 2.259
    16th Number of points earned per turn X 2.3275
    17th Number of points earned per turn X 2.396
    18th Number of points earned per turn X 2.4645
    19th Number of points earned per turn X 2.533
    20th Number of points earned per turn X 2.6 (eg West Brom)
    Ok let me explain what the above figures mean:
    Using an example: Lets say you are managing in an english setup, and your team is West Brom and they have the lowest wage bill in the league. By virtue of the fact you have the lowest wage bill, you more than likely have the weakest squad.
    As you have the "20th ranked" wage bill, your manager rating is calculated at:
    Every point you earn in the league X 2.6 (as per the list above)
    Result Table
    These following scores relate to the calculation end score. The score you acheive in the calculation, gives you the following manager rating:
    World Class Manager: 121 + points
    Superb Between 111 - 120
    Very Good Between 101 - 110
    Good Between 91 - 100
    Average Between 81 - 90
    Poor Between 71 - 80
    Very Poor Less than 70
    Example 1
    So if, as per the example above you have the weakest squad and score 45 points in total over a season, your manager rating could be calculated like this:
    Your Manager Rating= your points tally X 2.6
    = 45 X 2.6
    = 117
    A Calculation total of 117 means that your manager rating is SUPERB
    Example 2
    Following the example above. You manage West Brom (the smallest wage budget per turn, ie. weakest squad). And you finish the season on 11 points.
    Your Manager Rating = Your points tally x 2.6
    = 11 x 2.6
    = 28.6
    A Calculation total of 28.6 means that your manager rating is VERY POOR
    Example 3
    You manage the team with the biggest squad wage bill, ie. the best squad in the division. eg. Man Utd or Chelsea.
    You finish the season on 68 points
    Your Manager Rating = Your points tally x 1.3 (it's 1.3 because you have the best squad and are expected to finish high)
    = 68 x 1.3
    Your Manager Calc = 88.4 A Calculation total of 88.4 means that your manager rating is Average
    The reason for this result? Because you had the best squad and only got 68 points. With your squad you are expected to get more points, and so the calculation gives you an "Average" manager rating score.
    Example 4
    You manage the team with the best squad/highest wage bill per turn. This means your manager rating is calculated each turn by the following calculation:
    Your points gained X 1.3
    Lets say you finish the season on 105 points.
    Your Manager rating = 1.3 X 105
    = 136.5
    136.5 = World Class
    Your Manager rating would be World Class
    Example 5 (this is the last example I promise!)
    You Manage the team with the weakest overall squad ie. smallest wage bill.
    eg. West Brom.
    You finish the season on an amazing 52 points! Even though your squad is weakest!!
    Your Manager rating = 2.6 X 52
    Your Manager rating = 135.2
    135.2 = World Class
    The poisiton you acheived, and points you gained with the club are beyond expectations, and you over-acheivement with these resources has proved you to be a World Class Manager!
    These calculations would all be in done in game each turn. Just as when you lose finances on your wage bill, or gain money for a home game. The manager rating would calculate and update after your result automatically.
    A manager would not see these "sums" only the resulting manager rating, and how it may change from Very good to Superb etc, giving a possible change every turn!
    So no more examples.
    What is the benefit of having a manager rating system?
    There would be so many benefits to implementing this into the game:
    1. Players would feel rewarded for their efforts. They would earn respect from other managers and recognition for their time and effort with their team.
    2. It would encourage more managers to manage a smaller club!!!! So what if you lose 4 games on the trot with a small club? If you win the next couple and pick up the odd draw you will be well on the way to becoming a very good manager!
    3. This rating system will show everyone how good a manager really is!! Anyone should be able to win the league with the best squad. Actually, you are EXPECTED to win the league! But wouldn't it be nice to know if: "that guy/girl with the best team" really is the best manager???
    4. It would make managers a little more picky when buying players. The system would encourage managers to manage their finances sensible and not have massive squads.
    (Disclaimer: I don't mind people having massive squads and do not want to enter into that argument here! But by virtue of the fact that you have a gigantic squad your chairman would expect more of you, as he pays so much wages!! And as such you have to acheive more league points to gain the much coverted WORLD CLASS manager title)
    (EDIT)Important to note, this could be used in conjunction with hemenemeny's "sending in your CV" suggestion. ie. When a big club becomes unmanaged, the job could either be offered to the best rated manager in the setup lower divisions or manager's could apply, and the manager with the best rating gets the job!!
    There are many more benefits to this scheme, eg when you have a match against an opponent you can check how high their manager rating is!
    I am sorry this post is so long, but I have spent quite a while thinking about this (when I really ought to have been working! Don't worry my boss didn't notice!!)
    What are your thoughts on a system like this?
    I would really appreciate other peoples opinions!!
    Kind Regards
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    LiamLUFC got a reaction from Motty in I want risers   
    Re: I want risers
    There are bound to be some players on the below thread that meet what you want.
    Good luck.
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    LiamLUFC reacted to AFCTU Jacko in SM Match Engine   
    Re: SM Match Engine
    David talks perfect sense.
    The good managers win things, the bad ones don't, and the terrible ones don't and blame the match engine
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    LiamLUFC reacted to GeorgeECFC in Chatroomer of the Month   
    Re: Chatroomer of the Month
    Ermm I didn't ask to be on the panel...
    Take me off please
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    LiamLUFC got a reaction from Midnight to Six in Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread   
    Re: Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread

    Melbourne Victory
    Today at 4pm, Australian Championship 22 was made and Liam-LUFC was the second manager to secure his team in the highly anticipated game world.
    As soon as he secured the team he got to work on aiming to bring in players and made his aims as a manager clear.
    Football isn't as big a sport in Australia as it is elsewhere in the world and this effects Australian clubs in a big way.
    For privacy reasons, Liam-LUFC has chosen not to state the players he is interested in. An update with regards to transfers at Melbourne is to come in the next couple of days if all goes according to plan.
    Liam-LUFC also made it clear he is looking forward to his first games to see how his squad cope in this Australian league.
    Your next update will likely be tomorrow, thank you for reading.

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    LiamLUFC got a reaction from Nathan Kirby in Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread   
    Re: Australian Championship 22 Match Report Thread

    Melbourne Victory
    Today at 4pm, Australian Championship 22 was made and Liam-LUFC was the second manager to secure his team in the highly anticipated game world.
    As soon as he secured the team he got to work on aiming to bring in players and made his aims as a manager clear.
    Football isn't as big a sport in Australia as it is elsewhere in the world and this effects Australian clubs in a big way.
    For privacy reasons, Liam-LUFC has chosen not to state the players he is interested in. An update with regards to transfers at Melbourne is to come in the next couple of days if all goes according to plan.
    Liam-LUFC also made it clear he is looking forward to his first games to see how his squad cope in this Australian league.
    Your next update will likely be tomorrow, thank you for reading.

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    LiamLUFC reacted to Nathan Kirby in Battle Of The Old Firm Transfers/match report thread   
    Re: Battle Of The Old Firm Transfers/match report thread
    Fixtures tonight
    Livapool vs everton
    Battle of the mersyside derby both sides have added to there sqaud livapool go in slight favorites but in this game anything can happen.
    St Pats vs celtic
    St pats go into this with high hopes against one of there fellow group members celtic both sides will want to get the best start they can especily celtic.
    Hearts vs rangers
    Rangers who lost there manager allan go into tonights game agaisnt kens strong hearts side but rangers will need to beat hearts to gain an earley advantage agaisnt celtic.
    Rangers De Talca vs Bloefontain celtic
    Battle of the two foigern teams both have strenghed there sides and this is probily both of there best chances to get a win this season for there respected sides.
    Shelbourne vs linfiled
    Rep ireland vs northan ireland both sides are basicley level on talent and both managers are desperate for a win.
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    LiamLUFC reacted in Football's Frankenstein   
    Re: Football's Frankenstein
    Footballers are born, not made. Technique and training will make you better and stronger but without the initial ingredient...Skill, forget it. If you have ever played football to a decent standard you will see that the better the players the easier the game looks. You can ALWAYS tell when someone in your team has been an ex pro, they have a class that you can't create, it is a natural gift. They seem to have more time on the ball (though they don't) and this is something you can't create without having the natural skills in the first place. You don't even have to be a Kaka or Ronaldo, I watched Blyth Spartans draw with Bournemouth yesterday in the cup and Darren Anderton (though I was never a big fan of "sicknote") was doing things that were either not read by his team mates or just his touch on the ball was different class and he is mid 30's now and well past his best, you might lose speed but you never lose your football brain. David.
    Ps. If you have ever been involved in the game, the difference between semi pro and pro is immense and semi pro footballers have bags of ability but to make that jump to full pro is a giant leap. It's a bit like golfers, I know a golfer who played on a level three circuit and made a living in Spain and Portugal, he played off scratch at club level but was miles away (his own words) when it came to playing the pro circuit, and this guy could hit a ball like you have never seen, but he couldn't compete with the top dogs of his day and IMO that applies to footballers. There is being a "good" footballer and being a pro, different class altogether.
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Zozo Geericks in The only way is up   
    I couldn't really find a thread on this despite using the search engine, so I'll just have a bash and start a new one on the topic here in the misc section.
    (If there is a similar thread or you think it belongs somewhere else, feel free to transfer it admins.)
    So here goes:
    Last week my manager rep increase has allowed me to take up a second team and instead of going for the likes of Barca, Juve, Liverpool or Dortmund, I decided to go for a special challenge. The reasons for this are twofold:
    1. Despite having spent about 25 years of my life being a football fan, I'm humble enough to admit I have a lot more to learn in SM before I can comfortably guide a top team. As in other aspects of my life, I like to learn my trade before I compete with the best.
    2. I'm a curious person by nature
    My theoretical background for the exercise:
    I do believe in the theory that any team in the world can be turned top class, it only takes three things (in order of importance):
    1. MONEY
    2. Management competence
    3. Time
    No 3. is available, No 2. I'm hoping to take up on the way and No. 1, well, I just had to look for it. So I joined a custom EC setup in which I found a Division 4 team that fulfilled the conditions I set:
    1. Bottom of the league table, or close to
    2. A decent amount of cash for investments
    3. Really crappy material of players (aged, bad morale, low ratings)
    I took control imagining Mr Big was stepping out of the mist - having earned enough cash, celebrated endless orgies in Monte Carlo, sailed the seven seas and now realised that the meaning of life, actually, is transforming Oxford United into a CL aspirant
    So, with the French, English, Italian and Spanish ratings coming up, I invested about 10M of the available 15M in cash in some of the finest young talents recommended on the Forum and partly scouted by myself. I have by now completed compiling a squad of 25-30 players. Some of these players I intend to keep long-term, others I will sell to generate profit and improve quality in the team as I progress. The lineup may be disclosed here on request later, in case anyone wants to have a look at it. (I must admit I was lucky that no one in the setup had grasped these raisers before.)
    I will now try to use this squad and the appropriate tactics to rise as quickly, and as much as I can. I'm aware that it will take time, as one season in the EC is five months, and also that it gets more and more difficult along the way, with better and better managed opponents, and increasing financial burdens. But hey, it's a game after all, and the challenge is worth a try :-)
    In short, this is the story. Will I manage to lift Oxford United to the Premiership? How long will it take? Or will the journey end somewhere before due to reasons out of my control, or because of my mismanagement?
    If there is interest, I can report my progress.
    I also know that real life is much different and there it takes years - even decades - and a lot of hard work to lift an underdog to success. But we've seen it before with the rise and fall of many willows on Europe's football stages.
    I was just wondering if anybody had taken such a challenge before, and what the outcome was. But all other comments, questions, opinions are welcome. What do you think? Let me know.
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    LiamLUFC reacted to wozza in GeorgeECFC vs Wozza: Gold Championship Honours   
    Re: GeorgeECFC vs Wozza: Gold Championship Honours
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Baseball Furie in Legendary team   
    I thought to myself earlier. In my lifetime, who has been the most influential and best players I have watched. Well I decided that seeings as I was born in 1990, why not make a team of players I've watched over the past 18 years and loved doing so. so here it is...

    Peter Schmeichel: Basic reason, was known as one of the greatest keepers of our time, despite him playing for Poo United I loved watching him play and was definately one of the most influential keepers of my time. I'll never forget some of his saves and I cannot wait to see how his son Kasper fairs.
    Roberto Carlos: Ahh the Brazilian Bald midget, one of the best free kick takers If not THE best free kick taker I have ever seen. A truely memorable player and one of my favourites in this team. Loved this guy.
    John Terry: Well what can you say, the man of steel himself, maybe a little bias being a Chelsea fan and all but I don't care . I've seen nearly every single game this guy has EVER played in and he never ceases to amaze me. One of the strongest and intimidating CB's I've ever seen and I love him .
    Paulo Maldini: Growing up all I heard was this name, and to be honest until a few years back I didn't know what all the fuss was about. He truely is an AC Milan King and deserves every trophy and praise he has ever got.
    Lilian Thuram: I remember this guy at France '98 and I remember him at Euro 2000 too. His best performances I've seen from him, a great team captain (I think) at Juvé and I don't think he got what he deserved at Barca. A shame about his injury that made it a bit harder to stay in the game.
    Pavel Nedved: I love this guy! His hair, his personality, his ability with the ball isn't too bad either. Juvé's best performer of the 21st century without a doubt. Truely class player for both club and country.
    Zinedine Zidane: Enough Said.
    Franchesco Totti: What a player, Watched him at Euro 2000 I think it was, Straight after that I bought a Roma shirt with Totti on the back, a truely brilliant player and has all the attributes to be named a footballing legend, class act.
    Luís Figo: Inter, Lisbon, Barca and Madrid, I've seen him play for every team and he has never dissapointed, getting on now but he's still got it IMO, loved him for years.
    Alessandro Del Piero: Everyone knows I love this guy, one of the hardest workers Ever seen in an Italian shirt, Period. Sublime marksman and an all round brilliant player, the man has scored 250 goals in 575 games for gods sake! and been at the same club for 15 years, what commitment!
    Gabriel Batistuta: Remember his goal against United? Course the united fans don't But what another sublime player from Serie A. I have huge respect for him as he was such a fantastic player for Argentina and Fiorentina and Roma. My fave player in this team.
    Please don't slate my opinions, they are opinions after all. Feel free to name your favourite players
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Seftinho in Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges   
    Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges
    Finally, the cheap players, rated 82 and lower, the longer term prospects:
    Tim Krul 20/82 Newcastle
    Sven Ulreich 20/82 Stuttgart
    Ben Alnwick 21/81 Tottenham
    Ivan Kelava 21/81 Dinamo Zagreb
    Agosto Ramíres Fabri 21/80 Deportivo
    Francisco Casilla 22/80 Espanyol
    Joe Lewis 21/80 Peterborough
    Artur Krysiak 18/78 Birmingham
    Alfonso Blanco 20/78 Cruz Azul
    Nikolay Mihaylov 20/78 Liverpool (Loan at FC Twente)
    Ashkan Namdari 17/76 Esteghlal
    Matej Delac 16/75 Inter Zaprešić
    Paredes Oier Olazabel 19/74 Barcelona
    Yoann Thuram-Ulien 20/74 Monaco
    Ben Amos 18/73 Man United
    Vincenzo Fiorillo 18/72 Sampdoria
    Alex Smithies 19/70 Huddersfield
    Danny Ireland 18/70 Coventry
    Stefan Tomovic 17/70 Slavija
    Sascha Studer 17/69 Aarau
    Konstantin Rausch (LM) 18/82 Hannover
    Joe Mattock (LM) 18/82 Leicester
    Fabio Daprela 18/82 Grasshoppers
    Marcel Schmelzer 20/82 Borussia Dortmund
    Aly Cissokho (CB) 21/82 Porto
    Silva William Matheus (LM) 18/80 Figueirense
    Ryan Bertrand 18/80 Chelsea (Loan at Norwich)
    Emiliano Insua 19/80 Liverpool
    Jan Lecjaks (LM) 18/80 Viktoria Plzeň
    Lee Hills 18/78 Crystal Palace
    Goran Jozinovic 18/78 Hajduk Split
    Valdés Jose Ángel (LM) 19/76 Sporting Gijon
    Joe Skarz (CB) 19/76 Huddersfield
    Shervin Radjabali-Fardi 17/75 Hertha Berlin
    Yuri Berchiche 18/75 Tottenham
    Ivan Fatic 19/75 Internazionale (Loan at Vicenza)
    Thiago Carleto 19/75 Valencia
    Juan Carlos Ojeda (LM) 20/75 Argentinos Juniors
    Georgi Schennikov 17/74 CSKA Moskva
    Joseph Mills 18/73 Southampton
    Aidan White 17/72 Leeds
    Daniel Wass (DM) 19/82 Brøndby IF
    Ruslan Kambolov (CB) 18/80 Lokomotiv Moskva
    Elliott Omozusi 19/80 Fulham
    Neal Eardley 19/79 Oldham
    Pereira Rafael da Silva (RM) 18/77 Man United (Must Buy!)
    Sebastian Corchia (RM) 18/77 Le Mans
    Alessandro Crescenzi (LB) 17/75 Roma
    David Santon (LB) 18/75 Internazionale (Must Buy!)
    Daniel Opare 17/75 Real Madrid Castilla
    Nathaniel Clyne 17/75 Crystal Palace
    Evgeni Makeev (LB) 19/74 Spartak Moskva
    Stephen Darby 20/74 Liverpool
    Marco Filippini (LB) 19/72 Internazionale
    Gavin Hoyte (CB) 18/72 Arsenal
    Trevizan Felipe 21/82 Coritiba
    Mark Beevers 18/82 Sheffield Wednesday
    Carlos Labrin 18/82 Huachipato
    Mario Maloca (DM) 19/82 Hajduk Split
    Jack Cork (DM) 19/80 Chelsea (Loan at Southampton)
    Pereira Roque Maicon 20/80 Nacional
    Angelo Miguel Vitor 19/80 Desportivo Aves
    James Tomkins 19/78 West Ham
    Gomes Martins Luis Pedro (DM) 19/78 Freamunde
    Jack Hobbs 19/78 Liverpool (Loan at Leicester)
    Tamás Kadar (DM) 18/76 Newcastle
    Harry Worley 19/76 Leicester
    Holmar Orn Eyjolfsson (DM) 17/75 West Ham
    Matteo Musacchio (RB) 17/75 River Plate
    Krystian Pearce 18/75 Birmingham (Loan at Shorpe)
    Havard Nordtveit 18/75 Arsenal
    Farrero Miki Roque 20/75 Liverpool
    Evgeni Malkov 20/75 Saturn
    Nicolas Otamendi (RB) 21/75 Velez Sarsfield
    Pérez Mario Gaspar (RB) 18/74 Villareal
    Martin Kelly 18/74 Liverpool
    Kyle Benedictus (LB 17/73 Dundee
    Kyriakos Papadopoulos 16/72 Olympiakos
    Guissepe Belucci 19/72 Siena
    San Jose Mikel 19/72 Liverpool
    All-Round Defenders:
    Michael Lang 17/73 St. Gallen
    Ángel Adrián Gonzalez (W) 20/82 Getafe
    Marcos Caicedo 17/78 Emelec
    Francisco Merida (CM) 18/78 Arsenal
    Kieron Gibbs (LB) 18/76 Arsenal
    Eli Zizov (AM) 17/71 Levski
    Adem Ljajic 17/82 Man United (Loan at FK Partizan)
    Dan Gosling (CM) 18/80 Everton
    Edgar Pacheco (LM) 19/79 Atlas
    Jose Ramon Partida (CM) 19/78 Tecos UAG
    James Henry (AM) 19/78 Reading
    Vladimir Koman (LM) 19/78 Sampdoria
    Radja Nainggolan (AM) 20/78 Piacenza
    Max Gradel 18/76 Portsmouth
    Christian Cueva (AM 17/74 Universidad San Martin
    Medy Elito (W) 18/73 Colchester
    Geoffrey Mujangi Bia (AM) 19/82 Charleroi
    Anthony Mounier (F) 21/82 Lyon
    Nabil El Zhar (F) 22/82 Liverpool
    Jonathan Biabiany (AM) 20/80 Modena
    Baris Memis 18/80 Trabzonspor
    Arnhold Rivas (F) 19/80 Tecos UAG
    Adam Hammill (AM) 20/80 Liverpool
    Emmanuel Jorge Ledesma (F) 20/80 QPR
    Shaun Scannell (F) 18/79 Crystal Palace
    Rodríguez Ledesma Pedrito 21/78 Barcelona
    Savio Nsereko 19/78 West Ham
    Lionel Ainsworth (F) 20/77 Watford
    Jóhann Berg Gudmundsson (F) 18/76 AZ Alkmaar
    Jay Simpson (F) 19/76 Arsenal
    Alfredo Sanchez 21/76 Atlas
    Sergio Gontan Keko (F) 17/75 Atlético Madrid
    Washington Camacho (F) 19/75 Bella Vista
    Hal Robson-Kanu (AM) 19/75 Reading (Loan at Swindon)
    Kallum Higginbotham 19/73 Rochdale
    Emmanuel Ngama 16/72 Dender EH (Burundi International - 20 on SM)
    Ramires João Luiz 18/82 Maritimo
    Stijn Wuytens 19/82 PSV (Loan at De Graafschap)
    Sebastien Adrien Silva 19/80 Sporting
    Rodrigues Renan 19/80 Atletico Paraenense
    Isaac Vorsah 20/80 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
    Josh Walker (CM) 19/79 Middlesbrough
    Jack Rodwell 17/78 Everton
    Lukman Haruna (CM) 18/75 Monaco
    Faty Papy 18/75 Trabzonspor (Burundi International)
    Rodrigo Possebon (CM) 19/75 Man United
    Exequiel Benavidez (CM) 20/75 Boca Juniors
    Francis Coquelin 17/73 Arsenal
    Silvano Raggio Garibaldi 19/70 Genoa
    Brek Shea 18/70 FC Dallas
    Sigurbergur Elisson 17/67 Keflavík IF
    James McCarthy (AM) 18/82 Hamilton
    Danny Szeleta 21/82 Brescia
    Sven Bender (DM) 19/82 TSV Munchen
    John-Joe O’Toole 20/82 Watford
    Levan Kenia 18/80 Schalke (Georgia International)
    Vladislav Rhyzkov 18/80 Spartak Moskva
    Daniel Parejo 19/80 Real Madrid
    Giannis Papadopoulos 19/80 Olympiakos
    Nenad Krsticic (LM) 18/80 OFK Beograd
    Luis Celsinho 20/80 Estrela da Amadora
    Nikola Gulan (DM) 19/78 Sampdoria
    Lukas Vacha (AM) 19/78 Slovan Liberec
    Albin Ekdal (AM) 18/77 Juventus
    Mark Randall (AM) 18/76 Arsenal
    Jonjo Shelvey 17/75 Charlton
    Aparecido Martins Wellington (DM) 18/75 Sao Paulo
    Fabian Delph 19/75 Leeds
    Luca Castiglia 19/74 Juventus
    Liam Bridcutt 19/74 Chelsea
    Jack Collison 19/74 West Ham
    John Bostock 17/74 Tottenham
    Andrea Poli (AM) 18/74 Sampdoria
    Ivan Marcone 20/74 Arsenal de Sarandí
    Henri Lansbury 17/72 Arsenal (Loan at Shorpe)
    Alex Guerci 18/72 Milan
    Astrit Adjarevic 18/72 Liverpool
    Bartosz Salamon 17/71 Brescia
    Osvaldo Nicolas Gaitan (LM) 21/82 Boca Juniors (Regular)
    Reimand Manco (F) 18/82 PSV
    Marcelo Lulinha (F) 18/82 Corinthians
    Vinicius Tarta (F) 19/82 Fluminense
    Anis Ben-Hatira 20/81 Hamburger SV
    Jonathan De Leon (F) 21/80 UNAL Tigers
    James Holland (RM) 18/80 AZ Alkmaar
    Aron Gunnarson 18/78 Coventry (Iceland International)
    Christian Pasquato 19/78 Juventus (Loan at Empoli)
    Mario Ticinovic (F) 17/78 Hajduk Split
    Max Kruse (W) 20/78 Werder Bremen
    Michael Woods (W) 18/77 Chelsea
    Andrej Rendla (F) 18/77 FC Twente
    Emboaba Oscar 17/76 Sao Paulo
    Rafael Boquita 18/76 Corinthians
    James Rodriguez 18/76 Banfield
    Patricio Rodriguez (F) 18/76 Independiente
    Yoichiro Kakitani (F) 18/75 Cerezo Osaka
    Miroslav Stoch (F) 18/75 Chelsea
    Luis Pedro (F) 19/75 Feyenoord
    Yigaal Gai Assulin 17/75 Barcelona
    Jack Wilshere 17/74 Arsenal[/b]
    Nicolás Millan (W) 17/74 Colo Colo
    Dumitru Copil (RM) 18/74 Hearts
    John Fleck (F) 17/73 Rangers
    Madrazo Sergio Canales 17/73 Racing Santander
    Diego Orlando Suarez (F) 16/73 Dynamo Kyiv
    Brian Sarmiento 18/72 Racing Santander (Loan at Xerez)
    Kazenga Lua Lua (W) 17/71 Newcastle
    Dragan Mihajlovic (F) 17/68 AC Bellinzona
    Ben Kantarovski 17/66 Newcastle Jets
    All-Round Midfielders:
    Carlos Alberto Ibanez 16/73 Atla
    Vegar Edden Hedenestad 17/70 Stabæk IF
    Danijel Aleksic (AM) 17/82 Vojvodina
    Fernando Forestieri (AM) 18/82 Siena
    Karadeniz Batuhan 17/82 Besiktas (Loan at Eskişehirspor)
    Boris Sagredo (W) 19/82 Colo Colo
    Vahid Amraei 19/82 Zob Ahan
    Pablo Mouche 21/82 Boca Juniors
    Krysztián Németh 19/81 Liverpool
    Daniel Candeias 20/80 Porto
    Victor Moses (W) 17/80 Crystal Palace
    José María Callejón 21/80 Espanyol
    Dani Aquino (W) 18/80 Real Murcia
    Andrea Russotto 20/80 Napoli
    Manuel Fischer 18/78 Stuttgart
    Freddie Sears 18/78 West Ham
    Javier Pastore 19/78 Huracan
    Silva Ciro 19/77 Sport Recife
    Macauley Chrisantus 18/77 Hamburger SV
    Bittencourt Maicon 18/77 Fluminense
    Besian Idrizaj 20/77 Liverpool
    Antonin Fantis 16/76 1.FK Pribram
    Silva Neymar (AM) 17/76 Santos
    Duje Cop 18/76 Nacional
    Francisco Castro 16/75 Cobrelea
    Jose Baxter 17/75 Everton
    Ransford Osei 17/75 Ashanti Gold
    Nikola Saric (W) 17/75 Liverpool
    Henri Saivet (W) 18/75 Bordeaux
    López Emilio Nsue 18/75 Mallorca
    Michalis Pavlis 18/75 AEK Athens
    Cristian Menendez 20/75 Lanus
    Pacheco Fraga Guto 20/75 Sport Recife
    Clifford Mulenga 20/75 No Club Found (plays for Maccabi Petah, Zambia - Not on DB)
    Gary Madine 17/74 Carlisle
    Raul Asprilla 17/74 Boyacá Chicó
    Sadick Adams 18/74 Atlético Madrid
    Martin Galvan 15/73 Cruz Azul
    Flamur Kastrati 17/73 FC Twente
    Niklas Barkroth (AM) 17/73 IFK Göteborg
    José Anderson Lessa (AM) 18/72 Cruzeiro
    Joonas Tamm 17/72 Viljandi Tulevik
    Maxime Lestienne 16/72 Excelsior Mouscron
    Género Zeefuik 18/72 Omniworld
    Reuben Noble-Lazarus 15/72 Barnsley
    Stefanos Athanasiadis 20/72 PAOK
    Torstein Andersen Aase 17/70 Stabæk IF
    Aleksandar Kirov 17/70 Levski
    Safiou Saibou 16/70 Al Ittihad
    Marco Hesina 16/70 Wacker Innsbruck
    Luke Freeman 16/69 Arsenal
    Tom Elliott 18/68 Leeds
    Scott Robinson 17/68 Hearts
    Gilles Sunu 18/60 Arsenal
    Robin Soder 18/82 IFK Göteborg
    Ideye Brown 19/82 Neuchâtel Xamax
    Guimarães Hugo 20/82 Coritiba
    Filip Djordjevic 20/82 Nantes
    David N’Gog 20/82 Liverpool
    Salvatore Foti 19/82 Messina
    Sam Vokes 18/80 Wolves
    Franco Fasciana 19/78 Barcelona
    Fedor Smolov 18/78 Dinamo Moskva
    Joe Garner 20/78 Nottingham Forest
    Muhammet Demir 16/76 Bursaspor
    Kermit Erasmus 18/76 Feyenoord
    Carvalho Alan 18/76 Fluminense
    Jordy Brouwer 20/76 Liverpool
    Gianmarco Zigoni 17/75 Treviso
    Ramón Lentini 20/75 Estudiantes
    Abdusalam Ibrahim 17/74 Toronto FC
    Federico Santander 17/74 Guarani
    Danny Welbeck 18/74 Man United
    Maxim Grigorev 18/74 Spartak Moskva
    Thibaut Bourgeois 19/74 Metz
    Catalin Craciun 16/68
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Burrow27 in Juve set to make stadium history   
    Italian giants Juventus have unveiled plans for a new 40,000-seat stadium on the site of their former ground.
    When complete, Juventus will become the first team in Italy's Serie A to own their own stadium, as most Italian grounds are owned by local councils.
    Juve, who currently share the Stadio Olimpico with local rivals Torino, will pay an estimated £90m for the new stadium, which will open in May 2011.
    Juventus left the unpopular Stadio Delle Alpi in 2006.
    The Juventus president hailed the plans as "a source of great pride".
    Giovanni Cobolli Gigli said: "Juventus is the first club in Italy to have a stadium all its own."
    He added that fans at the new stadium will sit so close to the action and will be able "to hear players' voices".
    The plans will see the restructure of the site of former home ground the Stadio Delle Alpi, which still stands on the outskirts of Turin.
    The Stadio Delle Alpi was opened as recently as 1990 - where it hosted England's penalty shoot-out defeat to West Germany in that year's World Cup - but is now almost disused save for major European matches, having proved immensely unpopular with supporters.
    Despite Juventus winning Italy's Serie A title in both 2005 and 2006, attendances often failed to reach the 30,000 mark in a stadium built to hold more than twice that number.
    Fans labelled the ground "soulless", blaming its location, on the outskirts of the city, and poor visibility of the pitch from some parts of the ground.
    Juventus left the Stadio Delle Alpi in 2006, three years after buying the stadium from Turin council, and now ground-share with Torino in the 25,500-capacity Stadio Olimpico, which opened this year.
    In Italy most stadia, like the Stadio Olimpico and (until 2003) the Stadio Delle Alpi, are operated by local councils, and many are shared between rival teams.
    But the Stadio Olimpico is also considered a disappointment, sporting a scaled-back capacity with which both squatters Juve and permanent residents Torino are said to be unhappy.
    The new plans will do away with a running track at the Stadio Delle Alpi site, a feature often insisted upon by Italian councils but rarely popular with supporters, as it increases the distance from the stands to the pitch.
    The club also intend to add a new commercial centre as they restructure the site.
    The move "gives the club a chance to diversify its revenue and find new sources for future investments," said Cobolli Gigli.
    Building work on a new stadium had been expected to commence in 2006 but, following a match-fixing scandal which saw the club relegated to Serie B for the first time in their history, the entire Juventus board resigned, delaying the project.
    Meanwhile, former Chelsea managers Claudio Ranieri and Jose Mourinho will be reunited on Saturday as Juventus face Inter Milan at the San Siro.
    Inter coach Mourinho and Juventus counterpart Ranieri have indulged in a war of words in the run-up to the game.
    Mourinho has criticised Ranieri's knowledge of English and accused the 57-year-old of being too old, among other jibes.
    "I don't like it how he [Mourinho] creates controversies," Ranieri told Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.
    The two clubs have a fierce rivalry, not helped by the 2006 match-fixing scandal, in which Inter were awarded the Serie A title in a courtroom following Juventus' demotion to Serie B.
    Third-placed Juve, on the back of seven straight wins in all competitions, can move level with leaders Inter if they win.
    So what are your thoughts on this? Looks like SM are going to have 3 different stadiums for Juventus, the Stadio Delle Alpi (67,299), the Stadio Olimpico (25,500), and the new Stadio Delle Alpi (40,000)
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Guerilla in English Champ 2426 - Full Of Chatters/Forumers :D   
    Re: English Champ 2426 - Full Of Chatters/Forumers
    And all you boys can thank me for buying the setup

    After the shock departure earlier on today of manager Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal board wasted no time in appointing a new young, hungry manager in Liam Bolton.
    A statement from Bolton on the club website read "I am extremely excited to be taking over at such a fantastic club and i'm looking forward to testing myself against some of the best managers around."
    Not long after that statement, the man himself has quickly moved to bring in Young French Superstar Karim Benzema.

    Aswell as Benzema, Bolton is looking to continue the tradition of the club and bring in some of the top youngsters from around the world.

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    LiamLUFC reacted to BenReado in Lets Get Scouting...   
    The idea of this thread is to encourage more people to do scouting for themselves and also try and work not so well known players ratings for themselves, rather than only relying on scouts on the forum yo find them 'the next big star'.
    Over the last month or two I have had endless PM's from a number of forumers asking me where to find Player stats from a certain league. Well this thread will list a selection of different stat centers and the leagues they cover, with a 5* rating system to show how good i rate it. I will also show through text my opinion of the site.
    Location: http://touchline.onthespot.co.uk/guardian/StatsCentre.asp
    League covered: England, Spain, Scotland, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Holland, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA
    Rating: ****
    About this site: This site is full of stats with all players from these league, with goals, cards, and listing dates of the games when players have played. Very good stats updated 24 hours after game, only problem is it is prone to crashing
    Location: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/?cc=5739
    Leagues Covered: England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France Scotland, Holland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Columbia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Australia, South Africa, International competitions
    Rating: ***
    About this site: For the main european countries stats are updated regularly and are normally correct, although for other countries in Asia, Africa, and South America the leagues aren't updated very often and are often wrong stats, (although this is not always the case and some South America, Africa, etc stats are very true)
    Location: http://ukrainiansoccer.net/
    Leagues Covered: Ukraine
    Rating: *****
    About this site: No complaints at all with this site. All Ukrainian stats for players are correct, simple to use. Goals, Cards, Games all viewable for each player. The best thing is that you can view most goals scored by most players.
    Location: http://www.soccerstats.com/
    Leagues Covered: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden
    Rating: ****
    About this site: Very in depth facts about the teams and players. The only real problem is getting to the play profile where the stats are shown. Other than that good lay-out and generally correct stats.
    Location: http://www.squadgod.com/
    Leagues Covered: England
    Rating: ****
    About this site: This site is used to run Fantasy football so all player stats are correct 100% of the time and always up-to-date. The site Lists:
    Games started, Used as substitute, Goal assists, Shots on goal, Interceptions, Clean Sheets, Yellow Cards, Red Cards
    Location: http://www.football.co.uk/
    Leagues Covered: England, International - (and match reports from all other European Leagues)
    Rating: ***
    About this site: This site is very, very good statistics from England and International Competitions. The stats for Premier League players are of very good detail and include Premier League Players stats in all competitions. The only problem is that stats are only given for the top English league.
    Leagues Covered: England, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Scotland, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Australia, USA, Japan
    Location: http://en.worldsoccerstats.com/
    Rating: ****
    About this site: This site is very useful for the stats from the countries listed. It has full stats on every player in these leagues (inc. Minutes played) and is updated regularly.
    Leagues Covered: France
    Location: http://www.frenchleague.com/indexSite.asp
    Rating: ****
    About this site: Top site for stats on French football. All the players minutes, games, goals, etc and additional information.
    Leagues Covered: All
    Location: http://www.soccerterminal.com
    Rating: **
    About this site: This site shows stats for every team in every country. The problem it's in German and some stats are very old.
    Leagues Covered: Most
    Location: http://www.footballdatabase.com/index.php
    Rating: ****
    About this site: Great up-and-coming site with many stats for many teams, in many countries. There is more and more Clubs being added and this site is becoming very useful.
    Other useful sites:
    - http://www.football-lineups.com/
    - http://www.givemefootball.com/
    - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki
    - http://www.skysports.com/football
    I have a list of sites which i will continue to post over the next few days. I would also appreciate it if you could list and sites you use.
    Feedback please...
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    LiamLUFC got a reaction from fadedwolfz in London - be my tour guide!   
    Re: London - be my tour guide!
    1) Fish & Chips?
    2) Fish & Chips?
    3) Peeing it down, we're overdue some nice weather.
    4) Depends what you're into.
    5) There aren't, I'm from the other side of the country.
    6) Go sight-seeing. Some good sights to see in London I reckon.
    7) A Chelsea shirt, wear it if you go to see Arsenal's stadium, which is good btw.
    9) It is, yeah. Sure there will be trains to Liverpool at some point during your 2 week trip.
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Philippe Nguyen in Respect   
    What is it? As seen in the English dictionary, it is "a feeling of admiration for someone because of their qualities or achievements." Most, if not all, of you are conscious of the 'Respect' campaign the FA has been undergoing in order to influence players, fans, staff, etc. to respect referees and let them have the final word. This has led to some highly controversial issues, including the disallowance of players to object calls made by officials that are obviously ridiculous. Respect for someone with such qualities and no true achievements is, by definition, wrongful respect, and is why I think it should be given to all people in the football world instead of just these referees.
    We've seen many red cards and fouls given wrongly or not given at all by officials that failed to be more observant over their decisions. Some of the most stunning of these events are the sending-off's of Cahill, Beye, and Terry, as well as improper penalty decisions like that during the Manchester United and Bolton match. We've seen several other people receive overly harsh punishments for timid violations. Never before have referees made so many false calls, and this is the result of the FA's decision that allowed the referees to blunder without worrying about feeling disrespected.
    Managers and players alike have been gradually losing their tolerance for these decisions that have affected nearly every team in the Premier League. There recently has been a significant amount of news articles speaking of managers in the EPL preparing to rise against the FA concerning the campaign. According to them, coaches should have just as much respect from referees and shouldn't be utterly ignored when appealing against decisions.
    This campaign is now seen to be in shambles by everyone but the FA and the referees themselves, but why should the respect be offered to them alone? After all, is it not the players and coaches who possess the quality and achievements deserving of respect? There's nothing more frustrating to my eyes than witnessing an obvious red card offense go off as a warning or vice versa. A meeting will be held by the LMA among Premier League managers to debate and settle the issue in November. I simply hope that the problem is resolved in the managers' favor.
    Some articles on this:
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    LiamLUFC reacted to Radebe20 in Radebe's Scandanavian Scout   
    Over the coming week I will be Scouting the Scandinavian countries, where the youth systems are flourishing spectacularly well. The rating changes occur during the summer rating changes, so you should see the effects in late November/ early December. In most of my predictions I have been a little conservative to represent the outlook of SM at the moment, so expect the occasional rise to be more than stated! There are many huge talents to pick up, so have a look through what I write, and feel free to comment negatively or positively.
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    LiamLUFC got a reaction from Dai in Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - 1st Round Group E - 24 - Hour Vote - (ET)   
    Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - 1st Round Group E - 24 - Hour Vote - (ET)
    I voted Welshman.
    He might not have been on chat for as long as Tom, but his good sense of humour and maturity in an otherwise immature chatroom more than makes up for it.
    Good luck mate.
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