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  1. Re: Need Help With My Manchester United Team geting both for 54.9+Giggs+Vandersar+2 yong 86+
  2. Re: Need Help With My Manchester United Team what about essian for 35M
  3. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread Reggina Name Roy Keane There New Manager. today roy keane has took the ranes at Reggina the team no matter wht will play in Italys top div next season the manager is looking to bring in some new players for next season to help push up the tabble he is looking to sign Daniele DE ROSSI for a wopping 55M+ a good player to help his midfild also he is looking to sign a few over players if that deal fales frew.
  4. Re: Need Help With My Manchester United Team i can get Frank LAMPARD for 35M should I by also I could get Florent MALOUDA for 10M that is 45 out of 54.9M so what you think I can try offering giggs and vandersar to sweten the deal.
  5. Re: Need Help With My Manchester United Team Manchester United - Tactics GK Buffon 96 RB Douglas MAICON 95 CB John TERRY 95 CB Iván CORDOBA 94 LB Joan CAPDEVILA 92 RM Lionel MESSI 98 CM Hernández XAVI 97 LM Assis Moreira RONALDINHO 94 RF González RAUL 95 ST Didier DROGBA 95 LF Thierry HENRY 95 S1 David TREZEGUET 93 S2 Antonio DI NATALE 93 S3 Patrick VIEIRA 91 S4 Ryan GIGGS 92 S5 Edwin VAN DER SAR 94 so what you all think
  6. Re: Need Help With My Manchester United Team thay do work my frend has just tryed them
  7. Re: Need Help With My Manchester United Team also if anyone whants to join fell free here is the link http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php good teams avaleble in all div
  8. this is my line out http://www.soccermanager.com/tactics.php this is my team http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad can anyone help me with my team I need to improve LB and a few subs I have 55M so what should I spend it on
  9. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News Lorient Name New Manager. Today French out castes Lorient has named Roy Keane there new manager he is looking to billed a relasoship with the French team and fans as he fells the team has a lot to offer he has alredy bidded for Manchester Uniteds RB Jonson and RM Darijo Srna, Jonson will be coming on loan if the deal gose frew and Darijo Srna will be coming for 20M pluss CB Michael CIANI to sweeten the deal he hopes both deals will go trew to strenfen his defence and middfild also in news Jérémy MOREL can leave if somone offers 2 old 88s for him or somthink around there remember every player has a price tag weter thay are the best to the worst.
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread just took over Reggina in gc 10 looking forword to next season in div 1 and am now looking to make some deals if anyone is selling players for cash please PM me so we can make a deal: My Evaluation For Cash Lev 75 to 85 aged 18 to 23 i will pay up to 10M aged 23+ i will pay up to 7M Lev 85 to 90 aged 18 to 23 i will pay up to 16M aged 23+ i will pay up to 14M Lev 90+ aged 18 to 13 i will pay 23M+ aged 23+ i will also pay 20M+ so get in tuch looking for rm lm lb rb and 2 st so hurry.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 28 Match Reports/Transfers Thread Reading Name New Manager Today Reading has named roy keane there new manager he is un happy with the team he has and so he is looking for new players he has to take them back to the premia league next season after he took over them at the botem harth of the table with 1 game to go in big news Noel HUNT,Jimmy KEBE,Brynjar GUNNARSSON,Félix FABINHO,Paulo de Oliveira PEDRINHO and Paul AMBROSI have all been put on the tranfer list for cash as manager roy keen is looking to get shot of them he will be looking to make a few deals but is happy with the rest of the teams proformence this season.
  12. Re: EC 99 (Hans Rotherham United) (Roy Keane Gillingham) Let the revolution begin Gillingham Prepering For Long Run. Evgeni MAKEEV has been linked with Gillingham today for a loan spell for the rest of the season the 19 year old Right Back is not happy being on the bench at Rotherham United and now has to see if he can step up a league to strugling Gillingham the manager had this to say:"I am looking to streten my team spending minimem cash and this is one way I can do that by loaning so good players the young star is on my most whanted list and now has his chance to shine I hope I can get the youngster but no there is a lot I have to do before geting out of the relagation battle also a few young players are in talkes with the youth sqwad coach M.Oneal on there position if thay will like to join one of them is Free Agent Nathaniel CLYNE that is happy to be joining the team he will be joining for a record fee of 2.5M on a 5 year deal I am happy with the progress today with tranfers and hope to be hering from some of the teams in the near fucher.
  13. Re: EC 99 (Hans Rotherham United) (Roy Keane Gillingham) Let the revolution begin The Gills Get There Man! Today at around 1:15pm Gillingham named Roy Keane there new manager the team is in need of a manager for some time and are 17th in Div 3 the team has new oners and new managment Roy Keane has been told by his new boss thay will fund him in any way posible and has given him 30M to spend this season and will rise that to 35M if he can keep them in Div 3 this season he is looking to get a new keeper and Antonis NIKOPOLIDIS is most likly to fill that position also he is looking to bring in Newcastle striker Mark VIDUKA for around 2M this is what the manager had to say on his new team: "I am happy that Gillingham came to me with such a new hope of some cups in the up coming years the team is a good bunch of lads and now I hope we can show Kent and all to over big citys Gillingham is comeing so get redy I have 30M but only plan on spending 5M this season as I think a lot of teams will be relising some Free Agents next season so good luck to all managers but I now have to go and set up traning."
  14. Re: Gillingham Rise To The Top EC99: create a new one with both teams names on the top u make it and I will join
  15. Re: Gillingham Rise To The Top EC99: ow ok you whant to right togeter or somtinks because it will be more fun.
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