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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread The offer for Pereira ILSINHO of Shakhtar from Millwall has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly The offer for Correia ADRIANO of Sevilla from Millwall has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly The offer for Eljero ELIA of Hamburger SV from Millwall has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly Three more players on their way to the den. Really pleased with the signing of Elia and the rest have just been brought in with the objective of selling for a profit. 2 more players needed and my squad will be ready.
  2. Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Milos Krasic joins the Lions revolution Today was another great day for Millwall fans. When John G Berylson (Millwall owner) hired Hans Parker as the new manager, eyebrows were raised. The guy came out from nowhere. Nobody even knew who he was but John had faith in him. Now it looks like the gamble to name Parker as the manager was one of the best thing that has happened to this football club for a very long time. In his first season with the club, he's completely changed the squad. The team has more depth and most importantly the quality is of a higher standard. Fans who used to watch the likes of Darren Ward now have the opportunity to watch internationals such as Daniel Agger at the back. The midfield used to consist of some average midfielders but a few days from now, Millwall could end up having one of the best midfield in the division. Their academy is now producing some real talents. Players such as Griezmann, Scholotto and Coates have all broken in the first team and it looks like more and more will break through over the next few seasons. Straight after the season finished, Parker got straight to work with the aim of improving his squad. He transfer listed a couple of players and had a shortlist put into place. First to come in the door was goalkeeper Diego Alves from Almeria for a fee around £7 million. This immediately showed Millwall's intent for season 2. They aren't going in the championship to kid around. They are going there and the mean business. Diego Alves seemed like he was on his way to Ac Milan but somehow it looks like Parker managed to get the brazilian to change his mind and join the London based club. Parker was delighted with this deal and told his fans to expect more dealing and wheeling in the transfer market. And here we are today. Another big name player is set to join the revolution. It was announced today on Millwall's official website that Milos Krasic will be joining subject to him passing a medical and he should complete the deal in the next few hours if everything goes to plan. This signing will get the fans buzzing. They will be wondering how they managed to sign the player ahead of the likes of Manchester United Blackburn Rovers Sunderland who are all established premiership sides. What will shock the fans more will be the price paid. They have managed to seal this deal by offering £2 million + Alejandro Dominguez (a player bought for £5 million halfway through the season). Dominguez never really became a fan favourite despite scoring 8 goals and setting up 4 goals in his 16 games for the club. Now after selling Dominguez questions will be asked. Has Parker got a replacement in mind? Is he going to trust going with Dombia. Muniain and Griezmann next season. To find out sm news broadcasted a small interview with the man himself. "Will you be looking to replace him in the coming days" "Can we expect to see more arrivals before the seasons start"
  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread The offer for Miloš KRASIC of CSKA Moskva from Millwall has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly Surprised nobody else nobody else bidded for him. Bought him for 2 million + Alejandro Dominguez. Dominguez was bought for 5 million and now he was valued £10 million before the deal was accepted. Squad nearly complete for the the start of the season. Just waiting for another couple of bids to be accepted.
  4. Re: The 4 region challenge - Discussion thread That was the message I received from Dave
  5. Re: The 4 region challenge - Discussion thread Thanks for the invitation Dave. I'll try my best to build this team up as well. Lots of players currently on TB so I'll have to work with what I've got right now.
  6. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread The offer for Carreira DIEGO ALVES of Almería from Millwall has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly Safe pair of hands coming in. Should keep his 88 with a chance of 89. This season your Chairman expects you to gain promotion. I'll take on the challenge but I think I'll end up falling a bit short. Laters guys. I'm gonna go enjoy my birthday now :)
  7. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread don't know about any interest from Sevilla but after doing some research i've found out that Valencia and Sporting Lisbon are interested. Should be a decent prospect if all these teams are chasing him.
  8. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread The offer for Radosav PETROVIC of FK Partizan from Millwall has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly. Delighted with this deal. He's likely to get a rise of +3 when the Serbian league gets reviewed. Should rise from 83-86 so I'm happy. He's also going to the world cup and there seems to be quite a lot of attention on him at the moment mainly from Valencia and Sporting Lisbon. He's cost me around 150k + two unwanted players and now I can concentrate on improving other areas of the field after I sell Lolo for around £6 million.
  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Was rather bored and couldn't get to sleep so I decided to make a little report on the Aidan/Ahmed British buying saga.
  10. Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Millwall boss has his say in the war of words between Gharib and Radford Gharib and Radford both believe in different phylosophy While Parker was on holiday in Spain to watch the world cup, "The soccermanager times" caught up with the Millwall boss and he answered a few question. The main question that will catch the eyes of most people will be his take on Ahmed Gharib and Aidan Radford's war of words. Ahmed Ghabir has publicly came out and had a go at Swansea boss Aidan Radford for his dealings in the transfer market. While being the England boss Ghabir has had the audacity to come out and say that Swansea will not be able to succeed in the top flight if they continue to buy only British players or British based players. Whilst being accused of only buying players who used to ply their trade in England, Swansea boss Radford claimed that he's found it really hard to believe that the England manager is criticising him when he should be congratulating him for bringing all these players back to England. This was the Millwall's boss take on what has been happening. There we have it. Those was the views of Millwall boss Hans Parker. Most of the points made by Parker will surely be read by both Gharib and Radford and he expects both of them to respond to his comments.
  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Can't wait for Nelson Rivas's Transfer Ban to come off tomorrow. The guy has been absolutely poor for me. He's played 7 games for me and I can't remeber winning one of them. . Thankfully I'm going to be making a profit of around £4 million on him when I sell him. He was bought mainly because of his £2.6 million fee for an 86 rated defender but he's been really disappointing with an average rating of 5.33. Hopefully a bid will come in tomorrow and I can selll him for around £6 million and buy a better defender.
  12. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Preety happy with the player's I've brought in so far since the season finished. Sold Rogne to Yeovil Town for £2.2 million and I've managed to get a few players who are likely to rise when their respective league are reviewed. Jacques ZOUA rated 75. Bought for around 350k. Has played around 625 minutes and should get a small rise of +4/5 David ROCHELA rated 75. Managed to get him for 600k and I'm hoping for atleast a +2 from him when spain is reviewd and hopefully he'll pick up more game time next season. only played 315 minutes Jorge ENRIQUEZ rated 75. Bought for 400k. Has played around 380 minutes and should pick up more minutes before Mexico is reviewed. Carlos Alberto GUTIERREZ rated 75. Bought for 425k. Played around 400 minutes so far and hopefully he's another one who'll get more minutes before Mexico are reviewed again. Overall preety pleased with how I've spend the money I received on Rogne. Now I'm just waiting for some TB to come off so that I can go for bigger and better players to improve my squad to cope with life in division 2.
  13. Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Daniel Agger looking forwards to life in the Championship after helping Millwall secure promotion After securing promotion to the Championship, "The SM Times" caught up with Millwall's captain Daniel Agger and he gave us an insight on how the club is feeling after winning the title and what he expects life in division 2 to be like. He also congratulated his former team Liverpool on winning the league and talks about how he dreams of playing in division 1 in the next couple of seasons. He was also full of praise for his manager mainly with his dealings in the transfer market. Agger on promotion Agger on ambitions for next season Agger's long term ambitions Agger on Liverpool Agger on his teammates Agger on the fans Agger on his manager Agger on his holiday Lastly Agger on new contract
  14. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Lost to Southampton 3-2 but not too bothered about it considering I was crowned champions with 2 games to spare and also considering I played a weeker side and tried a different formation. Congratulations to everybody who managed to get promoted or were crowned champion or to anyone who overachieved their targets. And also comisiration to everybody that got relagated and hopefully you will enjoy the lower leagues better and come back stronger the following season.
  15. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Does anybody know how much money I'll get for winning division 3
  16. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Does anybody rate Antoine Griezmann. I know teams such as Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool were interested in him last summer but I just received a 4.7 million bid for him and was wondering if it's worth accepting or does he have a big future ahead of him. Anybody seen him in action.
  17. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Got Derby and Southampton in my last 2 games. I'm thinking of playing my fringe players in both games to avoid any injuries to key players. I could really decide the faith of both these teams by getting them into the playoffs or even better automatic promotion if I lose both games. I'm thinking of resting players but I believe that it'll be unfairer to the other teams like Norwich and Charlton considering I've done the double over them. Arghhh can't decide what to do. Play a full strength team, win and get injuries or Play a weaker side, lose and get injuries to fringe players :confused:
  18. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread We are going up We are going up Yes Millwall are going up thanks to Charlton losing and me scrambling a draw against Huddlesfield. I think we are the first team to be crowned champions and im really looking forward to next season. Hoping to bring in a couple of players in June (when tb runs out)especially at the back and im also looking to buy an 88+ keeper. Looked like the risk of buying around 90 (80 or lower) risers at the start of the season has paid off.
  19. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Promotion to division 2 seems very close now. With Charlton and Norwich both losing and me beating Oldham 3-1, I just need one point from my next 3 games to guarantee promotion. If I manage to beat Huddlesfield on Wednesday, thats me won the title. Really pleased with how I've build the squad this season and hopefully I can add a few fresh faces in June when the TB run off to add some depth to the team. Also I have to say that Lodeiro has been a superb signing with 15 goals and 10 assists in 26 games.
  20. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread promotion to division 2 seems very close now. Thanks to a 2-1 victory over Norwich tonight I find myself 7 points infront of Norwich with 4 games left. 2 more win should guarantee me promotion and 3 should win me the title if Charlton win all their games. goals from lodeiro and vitale had the comeback completed after Johnson scored an early goal for Norwich. up next Oldham looking to rest some key players to avoid any injuries.
  21. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Henri LANSBURY (82) and Gastón RAMIREZ (82) can both go out on loan. Ramirez can stay until his TB is up but I'm not sure how long I'll leave Lansbury on loan as I'm short on CM but I'm trying to cut down the wage bills so I have to send him on loan but I can't guarantee anybody how long he'll be at their clubs for.
  22. Season one review Well since I've had this team for a couple of months now and I'm starting to build a decent team, I decided to put a thread up about them and post a few match reports and transfer news. Well season 1 hasn't gone accordingly to plan. When I first took over the first thing I done was get rid of every single player and buy loads of risers. (86 or lower). I got a massive squad with around 120 players but I was rather foolish for not buying any top class players at that point and I really suffered in the league due to a lack of quality. In my first 15 games, I lost 9 of them, drawing 3 and winning 3. It really was a terrible start and it got to a point where I felt like quitting. I stayed srong and thought; what the heck just give it another couple of weeks and when the transfer bans run out we can run riot in the transfer market and we'll see what happens from there. That decision to stay loyal to Spurs was one of the best decision I've made. Again sold the entire squad and got a lot of money. Can't even remeber (but it was a big amount). This was the turning point of the season. From relegation candidates to top 7 hopefuls. With the money I received, I've managed to assemble the best team in the league at the moment and come next season, I really hope that I can challenge for the title. Currently my starting 11 looks like this. |Lloris| Lucio Albiol Chiellini L.Diarra Sneijder Alonso De Rossi David Silva Messi Di Maria Average rating (93) Average age (25) Average value (£9.6) I know it's not the best team you'll ever see but I'm working on it. I'm hopeful that I can sign Ronaldo next season and also sell Diarra to fund a move for a higer rated CM or DM. I'm also looking to strenghten my Goalkeeper by purchasing a higher rated goalkeeper after Lloris gets his 92 (not sure if he'll rise). Buffon and Julio Cesar are available at external and I'll look to buy one of them two. Targets for next season Challenge for the title Manage to get the average rating up to 95 Get to atleast the semis of the cup or shield PLEASE DON'T POST ON HERE IF YOU CAN AS I'M TRYING TO KEEP THIS MAINLY FOR MATCH REPORTING AND TRANSFER NEWS. :)
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