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  1. Re: NightShroud-'s Graphic Galleria Can i by anychance get a sig of Antoine Griezmann with a Badge of Millwall Fc saying EC5579 http://www.somosche.com/media/reportero/56/2/1/2/2/n_20091022095936_antoine_griezmann.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_SvbO0cys-mI/SvxEivwQmWI/AAAAAAAAAO4/Gkwj2wnkMnQ/s320/real_griezmann_3.jpg If possible could you use one of these thanks
  2. Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/transfer Gossip Thread Parker takes charge of the Lions and has already made an impact in the transfer market On sunday afternoon around 5.30 pm, it was confirmed that Millwall Fc had appointed Hans Parker to take charge of the team. Parker comes along with very little management in football. His last job was working for Division 4 side Yeovil Town where he managed to keep the team in division 4 avoiding relegation to the Blue Square. Parker has promised the fans that he is hoping to build a good young team with an eye in the future. He also expressed his desire to get a couple of loan signings in the next couple of days but admitted it has been hard finding teams who are willing to send him some players on loan. "I am absolutely over the moon to be getting the chance to manage a team such as Millwall Fc. It came as a real shock when the chairman approched me and said "Do you want the job". My immediate answer was yes of course I want the job." Now that i've got the job the chairman has set up a target of getting as close to the play-offs as possible and the following season promote to division 2" In the short time he's been at Millwall he's already completed the signing of some promising youngsters, the likes of Krhin, Michel and Griezmann have all joined the club with more set to join the other 10 in the next 24 hours. "I'm very proud to see young players come to Millwall Fc to further their career and it shows what fantastic scouts this team has. It shows that we have the dedication to get to places and I hope in the next 2 season we can be playing in division 2 as I truely believe that's where we belong." Asked about if he intended to get a couple of players on loan. He responded by saying:- "Yes I want some players on loan so that they can help me in the rebuilding process. This might take as little as 5 matches to as much as 10 matches and I want every manager in this league reading this interview to inform me if they are willing to send a couple of 80+ on loan. The players we've brought in won't be ready for a couple of weeks and I need some cover in places and that's why we need some loan players. Quizzed about the £1.5 million paid for Right Back Michel "Michel will be a future star for this team and I'm totally convinced that the money spend will pay dividend at the end. I believe that in a couple of seasons he could easily be worth around £5-10 million. The likes of Watford. Bristol City. Plymouth Argyle. Wycombe Wanderers and Bolton Wanderers were interested in his services but he chose to come to the Den and I'm extremely excited about the prospect of seeing him on the field." Michel touted by Parker to be a future star
  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Took Millwall a couple of days ago as it was the best team I could get and I've managed to complete a couple of transfers so far VENTURA, Hugo £300k YAKOVLEV, Pavel £500k KRHIN, Rene £475k BERTOGLIO, Facundo £600k I've also had bids accepted for CROWTHER, Reece £20k VILLANOVA, Simone Cittadella £10k CUERO, Wilson £20k GRIEZMANN, Antoine £550k MENDICINO, Ettore £400k MUSTACCHIO, Mattia £350k LITTERI, Gianluca £250k ALEX SANDRO, Lobo £60k MICHEL, Macedo £1.5M I'll post a report on the transfer/match gossip thread later
  4. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Very happy with the result last night Bet Dan Griffin's Derby 6-3 away from home That win has moved me up to 13th but I've got a very hard game next. A home match against 2nd place Blackpool. I would settle for a draw as I've won 2 on the bounce now since the disapointing first match that I had.
  5. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Only 3 games into division 3 and I have already started bringing in more quality to my Swindon Town side; Managed to sign, Casillias,Chiellini,Sneijder and Iniesta and my team looks like this |Casillias (96)| Tiago Silva (89) Kjaer (87) Chiellini (94) L.Diarra (91) Pablo Hernandez (88) Sneijder (94) Iniesta (96) Ozil (90) Negredo (90) Elia (89) looking to raise more cash to buy a quality striker, a decent winger and another CB should get around 60 million from selling the likes of Ozil, Elia, Bastos and most of the other risers.
  6. Re: |My Aim:- Make Real Betis the Biggest team in Spain|Match Report and Transfer Gos Real Betis going back where they belong The Betis fans estatic after seeing their team win division 2 by goal difference Real Betis have clinched the division 2 title on the last day of the season with a narrow 2-1 victory over Girona. Before the game Betis knew that it would take something big from Recreativo to win the league as they needed a 10 goals difference to overtake Betis at the top of the table. Coming in the second half of the season Betis looked down and out to make it into the play offs after losing 9 games and drawing 5 in their opening 20 games meaning they only won 6 games and had only 23 points going in the back end of the season. But then it all happened Parker brought in players such as Pato, Torres, De Rossi, Terry, Evra, Essien, Frey and Arshavin and it all clicked together for the Seville based side. Betis went on a storming 18 wins in a row to seal the secunda title. It was a nerve wrecking day for the Betis fans as they saw Recreativo score 7 goals in the first half meaning they only needed 3 more to overtake Betis at the top of the table. Parker had to thank Seville Atletico as they came out the second half and managed to keep a clean sheet meaning that the 2 goals from Torres were going to be enough for Betis to win the division 2 title. The two-nil lead that Betis had going in at the break was reduced a minute after the restart when Raul Martin pulled one back for the visitors and it had to be the slowest time had ever gone by for the Betis fans. Their team looked shaky and mistakes were being made all over the park and they couldn't keep hold of the ball. They couldn't even put five passes together. Nobody looked like they wanted the ball and Parker was furious on the touchline. He was trying to get his team to calm down and start playing football like he knows his team can play but it wasn't happening. Girona who were looking to get in the play offs grew in confidence but couldn't caputalise on the glorious chance to draw level on the 85th minute. It was well worked down the wings and the cross came in with lots of pace and all Raul Martin had to do was to direct his header on target from 5 yards out but somehow he managed to miss the target completely sending the ball in the middle stands. The fans took as long as the could to give the ball back and thankfully they saw their side keep Girona at bay for the lasy 5 minutes to take the title back to the Manuel Ruíz de Lopera.
  7. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread I lost to darlington 1-0 tonight They don't have the best of squad but the tactics seems to be doing the trick for the manager He goes up to 7th- 5 wins, 1 loss while i slip down to 18th
  8. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Plymouth Argyle completes loan signing of Alberto Paloschi and Johny Placide from Newcastle Plymouth Argyle have completed the loan signing of Alberto Paloschi and Johny Placide from Newcastle United. Placide was placed on the loan list by manager Marius Misan while Parker had to negotiate with Misan to allow Paloschi to join the Pilgrims on a loan deal which could vary from 5 games upto the rest of the season. Reports suggest that the signing of Paloschi has paved way for Emile Mpenza to leave the club for FC Sion for a fee believed to be in the region of £5 million. Parker was delighted with those deals and this was his views on the transfers since he took charge of the Greens yesterday afternoon; "I am extremely happy that we've managed to bring Placide and Paloschi on loan as I believe they will help our cause greatly and hopefully they will help get the team move up the table." "Placide is a player who I've worked with over my small career in management and he will be a good addition between the sticks. He will bring us more quiality than we have at the moment and will also help us gain a couple more vital points by making brilliant saves." "Paloschi is an interesting little player. I've done a little bit of research on him and he's got a great CV. Being at the big club like Ac Milan and Newcastle will only be beneficial for the club as he can cope with big game pressure. I'm sure he'll score a lot of goals for us as well as creating some for others. I'm looking forwards to see him play in our green shirt tomorrow against Darlington. Parker also told the press that he's received big money moves for Emile Mpenza and Cristian Nobao but he's only acpeted the £4.6 million offered for Mpenza as he'll need Nobao for tomorrow's game but will consider his future after having a word with the Ecuadorian. "I am also very dissapointed that we will have to sell some players to keep the team going forwards and I've had to accept bids for Douala, Mpenza, Seip, Timar, Namdari and Barnes. I hope that we get around £10 million from these sales and we can rebuild the team from there on. I have also been offered a head banger from Rubin. They've placed a bid Nobao and I have to decide whether to accept the £10 million being offered or keep him. I'll have a talk with him after tomorrow's game and we'll decide after that."
  9. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread I'ts cool I managed to get a goalkeeper called Placide on loan from Newcastle. Thanks a lot btw.
  10. Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread I just joined this setup last night anybody got a goalkeeper rated 80+ that they could loan me as i'm about to sell my other one.
  11. Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread Parker appointed as Plymouth Argyle boss Parker putting pen to paper on a 5 year deal Yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that Plymouth Argyle have appointed Hans Parker to take charge of the club for the next 5 seasons. The appointment of Parker comes after Jake Alexiuk resigned on the 22/12/09 after a day in charge of the club. The board had been looking for a manager who will stick to the post for a long time and they believe they have Succeeded to find the right man for the job in form of former Swindon Town manager Hans Parker. Parker managed to work his magic with the division 4 club transforming them into one of the best in the country and the Plymouth board is looking for the same impact but Parker has admitted it will be a totally different league that he'll be competing in. "I'm over the moon to be given the oportunity to take charge of a club like Plymouth Argyle. This is one of the hardest job that I've took on board but I believe that we could be playing in the Championship in two seasons time but for now I have to try and keep the team in division 3 as we are just floating above the relegation zone. We are currently in 17 place and only 2 points ahead of 18th placed Oldham Athletic. We have to start picking points and we need to do so starting tomorrow in our home game against Darlington. Darlington are flying high at the moment but we need to believe that we can get a result for that game." Anybody who has a goalkeeper rated over 80 please give me a shout as I'm desparate for a Goalkeeper
  12. Re: Joaquin Boghossian Same I find the price really cheap considering the amount of goals he has scored If we did actually get him for that price then its a bargain considering the rave reviews he's been getting
  13. Re: Joaquin Boghossian i dont know if its true but according to wiki he's signed for LFC for half a million but will be sent on loan to Espanol until liverpool can get a work permit and will come back during the summer
  14. Re: Swindon Town| EC 4064|Rise to Division 1 | Pre Season is over as Swindon Town looks forward to life in Division 3 starting tonight The Swindon Town players getting through their paces for the last time before tonight game This was where the training camp was in Mauritius Swindon Town are getting ready for their first game in division 3 after their pre season tour to Mauritius. Manager Hans Parker decided to take his team to Mauritius as he feels like there was not going to be too much press behind their back in the beautiful country in the Indian Ocean. The players enjoyed the weather and had a couple of friendly's against the national team and every player came back with a beautiful sun tan. Parker's choice to take the players to Mauritius raised a few eyebrows but the intensity during training was world class. Speaking to the club website Parker said; "We had a great week in Mauritius. We enjoyed the weather, got to meet very friendly people and the standard of football from their national team was preety good as well." "If people think we went there for a holiday then ask each and every player and they'll tell you that it was hard work every morning. We were up at 6 everyday; went for a jog on the beach until 7 then went to the pitches and had a couple of drills until 8. The players then were allowed to do what they wanted until 3 then we went in the gym for an hour and worked on the muscular side of football. In the afternoon we were then entertained from the locals and had a wonderful time training and enjoying the country." asked if he would take his team back there next summer he said "All the players have fallen in love with this country and we will surely come back in the future. Now I have found out why they call this country the jewell of the indian ocean. I will surely come back next year only if we get promoted to division 2 if not then we'are going to the coldest place on earth only joking." Now about life in division 3 starting with Bristol Rovers away "The level of playing will definetely be better that that in division 4 and we must be careful of each and every team in this division as there are some good teams in this league but we hope that we can have a good start against Rovers and kick on from there"
  15. Re: Asian Championship 1 Transfer/Gossip thread Javier Pastore runs riot as Nagoya Grampus hit four past sorry Sydney FC Nagoya Grampus have made it 2 win in a row after a disapointing start to the season. Parker's men knew that they had a tough task against a good Sydney FC side but the ran out comfortable winners at the end of the game. A hat-trick from Javier Pastore and a poacher's goal from Varela moved Grampus from 12th to 8th in the division 1 table. Parker was pleased with the recent results but expect his team to keep this up and push for a top 6 finish. Even though Nagoya Grampus had a shaky start, Sydney Fc couldn't caputalise with the 4 chances that they had in the first 10 minutes. First Kisel hitting the crossbar while trying a cheeky chip on the first minute then the refree waving an apeal for a penalty on the fourth minute while a long range shot from Brosque went wide and finally a superb save from Moya to keep the score o-o after a scramble in the box. Moya released the ball up the field with a long range pass to find Pastore who controlled it on his chest and volley it in the back of the net from 25 yards out. This was the setting stone for Nagoya Grampus and their play started to flurish from their on. It wasn;t long until Pastore made it two nil. A lovely through ball from Marchisio found Pastore and the young Argentinian cooly slotted it past Necevski. Pastore would complete his hat-trick on the 21st minute when an inch perfect cross from Marco Rossi found the head of Pastore and it was in the back of the net before the keeper knew about it. The away side had chances to increase their leads but a couple of fantastic saves from Necevski kept the score down to a mininum of three nil going in at the break. Sydney Fc came out the trap like they did in the first half but Saha couldn't score on the 53rd minute. Another chance came their way minutes later Corica couldn't hit the target from 10 yards out. The home crowd got frustrated and the icing was placed on the cake when a poacher's goal from Varela made it 4-0. Kjaer then made a great clearing header off the line to give Moya his first clean sheet of the season. After the game the Japanese media again caught up with Parker and he gave his insight on the game "It think we played fantastically well today. We controlled the possession and could have scored more but four is good enough to see us climb up the table. We need to work on the way we start games and attack from the off and not soak up pressure. We need to keep these results up and hopefully push for a top 6 finish. Javier Pastore showed his quality today and I'm very pleased that I paid the £5 million for him because I believe he'll be a superstar for us." Next up is a game against Al Ittihad. A team who have a similar record to Grampus with 2 losses and 2 wins.
  16. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Update on my Swindon Town team Won Division 4 on wednesday with a whooping 99 points. I expected to win the title but I never expected to have it wrapped up by turn 30. Squad is looking good. currently have 148 players. 44 first team and 104 youth players. first team is worth £175.5 million while the youth team is worth £84.3 million. I have 7 players rated 90+ I have 8 players rated over 87-89 I have 6 players rated 85 I have 15 players rated between 81-84 I have 10 players rated 80 Rest are still to rise. Waiting for the TB to come off so I can sell most of the players This is My best 11 in a 3-5-2 formation |Benaglio (89)| Johnson (91) Van Der Wiel (88) Cissokho (89) L.Diarra (91) Elia (89) Gourcuff (92) Marchisio (89) M.Bastos (90) Negredo (90) Dzeko (91) Second string 3-5-2 |N'dy Assembe (84)| Tomkins (85) Kjaer (87) Insua (88) Mangala (85) Pablo Hernandez (88) Poli (82)M'villa (82) Ozil (90) Lukaku (83) Muller (85) 3rd team 4-4-2 Placide (83) Alderweireld (85) Dealbert (85) Zambrano (84) Badstuber (85) Daeseleire (82) Ndinga (84) Sertic (80) Perotti (86) Pedro (83) Hines (80) Those are the 3 teams that I could field out By the time the TB comes off I should have played between 10 matches including a few cups. I'm hoping to play the first team in the league. If I get a division4 side in the cup I'll play my 3rd team. If I get a division3 or 2 I'll play my second string and if I get 1 of the big boys I'll go full strength. Winning a cup would be nice but my main objective this season is to win the league.
  17. Re: Asian Championship 1 Transfer/Gossip thread Disappointed Nagoya Grampus fans as their team slip to 3rd bottom in the table Nagoya Grampus have ground to make up if they are to push for a top eight finish. This comes after the disapointing 3-2 loss to Beijing Guoan. Nagoya were totally played off the park but manager Hans Parker has asked his fans to remain calm as the team is still in a transformation process. Nagoya Grampus had sold nearly their entire squad before that game and there were very few options avalable for Parker. He had to go in the match with unexperienced players such as Zaur Sadaev and Sho Hanai. The game was totally dominated by the Chinese team and they had the better posession and had the more chaces to score. Beijing Guoan seemed to be crusing at the break with a 2-0 advantage. Goals from Du and Griffiths looked like they won the game for Guoan but after the restart German Pacheco and Davis Curiale made the score level before a heartbreaking goal from Du on the 80th minute sealed the vicotry and sent the home fans wild. After the game the Japanese media caught up with Parker and this was his take on the game; "Of course I'm disapointed with the result. Nobody likes losing and this was a sore one to take. A late goal done us after we managed to get back in the game and I'm very disapointed with that. I thought we were going to take a point back home but it wasn't to be. We have to look forwars to the next game against Jeonbuk Motors and hopefully by then I'll have my whole squad at my disposal and we can kick start our season from there. I can confim that I've managed to sign 6 more first team players. We have went for youth and haven't bought a player over 25 yet. The players that we managed to sign were Marco Rossi, Gongalo Brandoa, Andrea Lazzari, Stefano Guberti, Silvestre Varela and Javier Pastore. I'm looking at bringing another few in the next couple of days and hopefully we will climb up the table after a disastrous start to the season.
  18. Re: Swindon Town| EC 4064|Rise to Division 1 | Swindon Town snaps up wonderkids on free transfers Pacheco and Kakuta will be learning their trades in the reserves Swindon Town have proudly announced the signing of two up and coming youngsters in the name of Dani Pacheco and Gael Kakuta. Both players were believed to be free agents and Parker was quick to snap the pair up. Parker believes the combined £2 million paid for them will prove to be a bargain in the future and they will turn out to be superstars. This was Parker's take on the signature of the pair; "This is great news for us. More great, young and talented players are choosing to come to Swindon Town and this shows that we've come leaps and bound over the small period of time I've been here Pacheco and Kakuta will bring flair to the team and this is something that very few players have and I'm very proud to be signing such players. In other news Swindon Town have won the league with four games to spare and the challenge that Parker had set out for Negredo has been achieved as he has scored 24 goals compared to Nemth 21 with only one game remaining Stats Negredo- 12 games, 24 goals, 10 assists Nemeth- 34 games, 21 goals, 22 assists It will be very interesting to see who wins the player of the season.
  19. Re: Liverpool FC (Future Liverpool Starters) Pacheco has been added to the DB Snap him up quick
  20. Well since Liverpool are cash strapped, Rafa Benitez himself has admitted that the way forwards is to produce our own talents from the academy. So far this season we've started to see glimpses of the talents coming through. Players like Martin Kelly, Daniel Ayala, Stephen Darby, Dani Pacheco, Nathan Eccleston, Jay Spearing have all been introduced to the team this year. Even if they are not playing they are still gaining the experience from being surrounded by the first team players. With players like Krisztian Nemeth who is likely to come back next season Liverpool look like a team who have started producing talents again but it is up to Rafa to show faith in them in by bringing them from the bench atleast. I've decided to create this thread to post about the talents that are through the ranks at Liverpool FC and could be future regulars in the season to come. (Please note that some of these players have already been mentioned on the forum.) Dani Pacheco NAME: Dani Pacheco AGE: 18 (5th January 1991) BORN: Malaga, Spain POSITION: Striker/ AM CLUB: Liverpool Daniel Pacheco know as Dani Pacheco is an 18 year old striker who in my eyes has a bright future infront of him. He was snapped up when he was only 16 from Barcelona and he's been a revelation in the reserves since then. He's scored a couple of crackers including a goal from the halfway line and a belter of a free kick against Burnley reserves. He was signed during the summer of 2007 after rejecting a contract offer from Barcelona and this was what the youth coach of The Catalans giants had to say about Dani's move to Liverpool. "It is a great loss for the club because he is a forward with a lot of quality," "He has been our top goalscorer and has already played for the youth team. "Alongside Thiago Alcantara and Gai Assulin, he is one of the cadets we had the most hope for, but nothing can be done anymore. Everything happened very suddenly." He made his Liverpool debut against Florentina a game in which he impressed with his first touch of the ball forcing Frey into making a save. He also made a couple of great runs and reports suggest that he might make the bench against Arsenal today. here's a couple of videos I know he's quite well known on the forum but i'm going through most of the Liverpool talents that I've seen play either in the reserves or a couple of cameo appearences for the first team. Next I'll do David Amoo
  21. Re: Asian Championship 1 Transfer/Gossip thread New man at Nagoya Grampus as Parker looks forwards to the new season Yesterday night it was confirmed that Nagoya Granpus have managed to get Hans Parker to be their manager. Parker has signed a 3 year deal with the Japnanese club and he has expressed his desire to one day win the Asian Championship. This year he has been set a target by the chairman to finish in the top 10 and he hopes to achieve this and build on from there. He has been given a budget of around £10 million pounds and he hopes to spend this on up and coming talents from all over the world. This was what he had to say infront of the Japanese media "I'm really proud to be managing a team who has been in the top flight of japanese football for 16 years. We are one of six teams to have done this and I'm grateful to the chaiman for givving me the opportunity to come over to Japan and begin a new chapter in my life." "The only thing that concerns me is that we've never won a league championship and I hope this changes within the next couple of season but for now I want to concentrate on finishing atleast in the top 10 and build a fantastic squad full of young talents. I've done the unexpected with Swindon Town and I hope I can do the same thing here."
  22. Re: Asian Championship 1 I managed to get Nagoya Grampus Got 10 million to spend Not bad and the squad value is 60 million
  23. Re: |My Aim:- Make Real Betis the Biggest team in Spain|Match Report and Transfer Gos Betis run Riot as they leave Aibar with a 6-0 victory Division 2 match Saturday 28 Nov 2009 Venue: Ipurúa Capacity:5,250 Attendance:4,125 Refree: Fritz Stuchlik 0-6 E.Elia (2) J.Fernando Torres (25), (40) A.Lennon (41) D.De Rossi (70) A.Pato (76) Possession 30% -70% Total Shots 13 -28 Shots On Target 9 -10 Corners 9 -3 Yellow Cards 1 -1 Red Cards 0 -1 Fernando Torres after scoring his second goal of the match Real Betis showed that they are back on track and are ready to fight to get promotion to the top flight of Spannish football. The new looked Real Betis side had 6 new faces to show and the team from seville proved too stong for Aibar to cope with. The game started tremendously well for Real Betis forcing Aibar on the back foot from the offset. Fernando Torres had his shot tipped over the bar only 30 seconds in the game. A minute later the visitors took the lead thanks to Michael Essien brilliant cross field pass which led to Elia being through with the keeper one on one. Elia applied the finish brilliantly and Betis had the early lead that they deserved. The pressure kept pilling up and Zigor the Aibar goalkeeper was being forced into a lot of saves in the first 10 minutes. First tipping De Rossi's shot, Then saving Pato's header. The Aibar defence looked shellshocked and couldn't live with the passing of Real Beits. They did however create a glorious chance on the 19th minute but a superb save from Frey made sure that his team were still in the lead. Betis pressed on for the second goal and it came on the 25th minute. Pato skipped past 3 players then found Torres in space at the back post and picked him out inch perfect and Torres had a tap in. It wasn't going to get an easier for Aibar. Betis moved up another gear and before the break they found themselves 4-0 up. Firstly Torres scoring a long range screamer on the 40th minute before Lennon made it four a minute later. The second half started the same way as the first half ended. Aibar trying to keep the score to a minimum and Betis trying to score as many as they could. De Rossi was masterful in everything he done on the night and was rewarded with a debut goal when he found himself with a free header from a corner and he didn't miss from 6 yards out. He ran towards the Betis fans and kissed the badge to show how much he was enjoying himself at his new club. Fernando Torres was then subbed off for Di Maria to come on and the substitute made a big impact on Betis's sixth goal. He took control of the ball from his own half and dribbled past four defenders before setting Pato for his first goal for the club. Minutes later Elia got sent off for a lunge on Alana and Parker was furious with his winger for doing that. Betis still controlled the last few minutes and Pato had a chace to double his tally but a clearence from Annibarro kept the score down to 6-0. This win leaves Betis in 3rd place after 29 games played, They are currently on 61 points. 3 behind leaders Recreativo and 1 behind Girona. Next up for Real Betis is a home game against 7th placed Huesca. Line Up's Aibar- (4-4-2) - G Zigor F Raul Garcia M Ivan Romero A Alana T Anibarro R lombrana D Ismodes Y Carmelo R Carlier A Yague F Sutil Eibar Substitutes J Urzelai A Lopez Rekarte L Codina B Natxo Insa J Cases Real Betis- (3-5-2) S.frey, G.Johnson, E.Tiago Silva, P.Evra, D.De Rossi, A.Lennon, A.Arshavin, M.Essien, E.Elia, J.Fernando Torres, A.Pato Real Betis Substitutes S.Kjaer, W.Palacios, A.Di Maria, T.Vermalean, J.Pasotre
  24. Re: Swindon Town| EC 4064|Rise to Division 1 | Manager sets target for Alvaro Negredo Despite only playing 7 games for Swindon Town manager Hans Parker has told the media that he expects Alvaro Negredo to be top goal scorer by the end of the season. Negredo is currently on fire having scored 15 goals in 7 games and he isn't far behind top scorer Krsztian Nemeth who has 19 goals in 29 games. Having missed the last 2 games with a groin injury Alvaro Negredo is set to return to action tonight against Yoevil Town a game where Swindon Town could wrap up the title with 5 games to spare. Muller, Alderweil and Cissokho are also set to start following Suspension to Kjaer, Tiredness from Pablo Hernadez and a chance for Cissokho to prove that he deserves to be first choice left back. This was what Parker had to say at his press conference on Friday morning "Hopefully the title will be wrapped up tonight. Even if we win the title tonight a lot of players have personal targets to achieve like Negredo finishing top scorer. I know he only signed a couple of weeks ago but he isn't far behind Nemeth and I think come the end of the season he will be the one with the golden boot." "We are also going to be giving Alderweireld, Cissokho and Muller chances to prove that they are good enough to be in this team. We bought these lads for the future but they are already showing signs of great capability and I'm sure they will be world class one day"
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