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  1. Re: Austria/ Czech Republic Risers ive done all of the austria risers now Ill do some czech republic risers later
  2. Re: Austria/ Czech Republic Risers if there are enough people wanting it then ill do it
  3. Re: My list of risers |21 or under|75--80| is he between 75-80 because im concentrating on that section. i cant check his rating as i cant get on SM atm. dont know why
  4. Re: My list of risers |21 or under|75--80| yea probably you are right. ill update the thread
  5. Re: My list of risers |21 or under|75--80| Here are the last few defenders that I done. Please note that I never done any 80 because I wanted to concentrate on mid 70s. Yuri Berchiche 75----> (too early to predict) Gastón Sauro 75 (2 starts for boca) Kyle Walker 75---->83/82 Mathieu Baudry 75----->79/80 Toby Alderweireld 78----->84/85 Lasse Nielsen 77----->81/82 Alexander Ruben Lima 77----> 80 Maxime Le Marchand 76--->80
  6. Re: My list of risers |21 or under|75--80| Here are some defenders. I've started from 75. There are loads more to come. I can't seem to get on the SM site so here are some that i just done. Defenders Miguel Dachelet 75----77 James Gibson 75----77/78 Martin Baran 75---78/79 Emmanuel Imorou 75----80 Leonel Galeano (Argentinean rating far away) 75 played 6 games Nikola Tkalcic (Just got added) 9 games played Serkan Sahin 75-----80/79 Víctor Laguardia 75 (2 appearances wait) Marcel Ziegl 75----- 79 Luis carlos neto 75---- 77/78 tiago carleta 75----79 Jean-Armel Kana Biyik 75------ 80-83 Pablo Vergara 75 (3 subs) Steven Saunders 75---- 78/79 Ill do a couple more later. Just need to wait for the SM site to be fixed.
  7. Re: My list of risers |21 or under|75--80| Thanks for that
  8. Hi I decided to make a thread by looking at players who are 21 or under and whose ratings are between 75-80. So far I've went through nearly all the goalkeepers and here is a list of who I think will rise when their ratings comes along. Goalkeepers Viktor Noring 80--->82 (Rating quite far away) Rafael Romo 80--->81/80 (represented country) Alex Smithies 76-----> 78 (Bigger teams are watching him) Levid Martinez 76----->79/80 Budimir Janosevic (got added at 75) Watch out for him André Hansen 75---->78 Juha Tuomi 75-->78/79 Nicola Ravaglia 78---->81 Antonijo Jezina (Just rose) +2 Dalei Wang 78--->80 Martin CAMPAÑA 77-->79 Marijan Antolovic (Just rose) (+4 worth buying) Andriy Novak 75-->76 Julio Aliaga 75--->78 Please comment and let me know if I have missed any players. :) I will be doing the defenders now
  9. Re: Lacina Traore CFR Cluj Starter only rated 74 (snap him up quick) if you need the money sell him if not keep him. he is a decent player for the future and I can see him making it as high as 88-89 if he moves to another team in a better league
  10. Re: Lacina Traore CFR Cluj Starter only rated 74 (snap him up quick) Rose to 80 today
  11. Re: Mario Gomez or Didier Drogba Gomez for me mainly because of his age also consider the player Al thing coming into place soon which will be really annoying considering you've build a hell of a team and its going to be trimmed down.
  12. Re: the new improvements planned I buy young players only for them to rise then sell them unless they are something special. So I don't think it will affect teams that much unless you are trying to build a dream squad of over fourty 90+. On the other hand, I think SM are trying to be too realistic by introducing this new improvement. I come on this game to try and build a dream squad that I'm going to be proud of (not buying high rated players for them to leave my team after 6 weeks. ) I'm sure its the same with most of you guys. So if SM are trying to be as realistic as this then I suppose they should put a new improvement forward concentrating on players not going to rivals club. E.g. I've seen torres being swapped for Rooney but in real life this would never happen. This is just my opinion. Would like yo hear who you think
  13. Re: Mario Martinez (Star in the making) cheers for the video mate
  14. Re: Mario Martinez (Star in the making) i cant seem to be able to find the two goals he scored yesterday.
  15. Re: +2 risers gourcuff (bordeaux) 90-91/92 ozil (bremen) 89-91 motta (roma) 88-90 benayoun (liverpool) 89-90/91 valencia (man utd) 89-90
  16. Name: Mario Martinez Age: 20 years old Club: Vålerenga IF Position:RM/AM Currently on DB rated 76 Predicted rating:81/82 This guy looks like a great player in the making. I was watching the Hondarus vs Hungary game today and he scored two superb goals that any player in the world would be proud of. (i'll try and get a video) He also had a great game and was a constant threat to the right back of Hungary and he couldn't handle him. Mario Martinez was born july 30 1989. He grew up in San Pedro Sula and when he was 12, he was snapped up by division 1 side Real España. He joined the academy and played there for 7 years until he was 19. After great display in the "B" side Mario got his league debut on the 5th game of the season and scored. He played another 11 times for Real España scoring a total of 4 goals in 12 league games. After such a successful start to his career, scouts from all over the world started to come over to Hondarus to watch this kid play. Teams included Wigan, Birmingham, CSKA Sofia and Racing santander. Even though Real Espana said that they wanted to keep him, they couldn't hang on to his after a £900k offer arrived from Vålerenga and he was off to play for the Norwegian team. So far this season he's played twice for his team but should get loads of games once he returns from the under 20 world cup but it will be interesting to see how long Vålerenga hangs on to him if he continue to play like he is. He's got a great record at international level scoring 7 times in 9 games for the under 20s. He also travelled to beijing for the olympics game and played a full game. Cheers please coment
  17. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1357038&clubid=14989211&sid=30066 15 games gone in the league and im 1 point infront of bradford and 9 points in front of 3rd place carlisle the transfer ban will be over in 2 weeks time and there are loads of players im looking to sell. ( 4 players on loan) the total value of my team is 181 million and im still waiting for another 13 risers. hopefully my team will be worth around 200 million after all the players have had their rating changed
  18. Re: Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik (good young talent from Le Havre) he's played every minute of every game so far 8 games------> 720 minutes
  19. Re: Alberto Aquilani (will he successed or will he flop) so far 50 % of voters think he'll be a good player but he'll get injured often
  20. acording to newspaper report today, Aquilani should be fit for a place on the bench against sunderland in 3 weeks. i've never seen him play but watching a few videos on youtube and speaking to a few roma fans, he sounds like a great player but my main concern are his injuries. so do you think he'll be successful or was he a waste of money.
  21. Re: SM Predict Season 5 Week 7 Saturday 26th September WBA (2) v Crystal Palace (0)(FGS) brunt Birmingham (2) v Bolton (0) Montpellier (2) v Boulogne (0) Valencia (2) v Atletico Madrid (1) Sunday 27th September AC Milan (3) v Bari (1) SV Mattersburg (2) v FK Austria Vienna (0) (ESB) FC Groningen (2) v Vitesse (1) Plymouth (1)v Nottm Forest (0)
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