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  1. Hi all, Just a query about transfers really... Thing is, I have dealt with a club before (transfer), but then tried to loan a player to them and the loan deal was blocked. I wasn't connected to the other manager but is very odd. Is this the 'anti cheat' system gone mad? Looking to do a couple of 'legit' deals soon, but don't just want one deal going through and the other to fail. Any thoughts? I'm thinking of doing one now and one in the new season to get around it, unless this 'bug' is fixed. Many thanks for ANY info, cheers
  2. Just a quick on if anyone knows the deal on the player concerns and levels? I thought it would be when the concerns get to 5, then they hand a transfer request in… Hearing things that when it gets to 3, warnings are issued, is this the case and can anyone clear this up? Wages are fine, just give new contracts, but when a player wants to play more, when does the concern come off as those players are being played… Thanks
  3. Re: Fletcher/Modric/Gourcuff Interesting. Would have thought Modric would have more of a chance of a rise than Fletcher but take all the points on board. Cheers
  4. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 is anyone doing a 'new' predictions thread for serie a?
  5. Re: Mats Hummels if mertesacker has a 93 rating, then why shouldn't Hummels be rewarded too? I don't mean now, but if they win the league, and reports of his performances should warrant that. Also, he should get more games internationally too if he carries on. PLUS. He'll be back in Munich before too long. Heard it here first.
  6. I like all these players for different reasons... But... Modric destroyed Fletcher when Spurs met United. Does this warrant Modric a rise to 93? Or for what Fletcher does for United warrant him to get a rise to 93 himself based on the club he's at and where they are... Gourcuff also a 92, but technically again, different to the other 2. Who I think won't rise until he moves clubs. Before anyone starts about Fletcher being poop, all 3 players are different and give different qualities. Similar to the way Vidic is rated, really he should be a 98, he's better than Messi (at defending), as is the best CB in the world today...
  7. Re: Mats Hummels no chance of a 92 and a 93 at the end of the season then (if), they go on to win the league? didn't per mertesacker get a 93 after winning the league a bit back?
  8. Re: how good is Sotiris Ninis from what i've seen he is quality and has a lot of potential, but until he moves to a bigger club i'm not sure about his rating increase chances...
  9. How good is this kid and how good can he be? Currently rated a 90, has just end his old club Bayern's chances of the title this evening scoring the thrid in a 3-1 win... What kind of a rise would you expect for a top of the Bundesliga side, which is the 3rd best league according to UEFA behind England and Spain. Thoughts, 92 out of the question at the moment?
  10. Re: Backroom staff... Don't know about the link. It's whether you get the 'ghost' assistant or physio (the same as the unmanaged clubs have managers). I don't want Football Manager, this is to do with 'evolving' SM... Not really concerned with the assistant, unless you could get an assistant would wouldn't 'medal' with your tactics if you weren't a Gold Member for the European games. I do like the idea of physio's though. The better the physio the quicker the return from injury (but not in all cases of injuries though). Also, this should affect the size of squad. If you have a MASSIVE squad, a club physio couldn't really manage some of the 100 strong squads some people have, so to help prevent 'hogging' etc, this could be a deterrent to help people to minimise their squads to get the most out of their physios. Ruling out the option of adding MORE than one physio, thus helping the running and management of the game. Reckon?
  11. I see this is 'underway' in the SM suggestions. Does anyone know how this will work? Will they introduce the 'ghost' of the actual existing assistant manager and physio? I would like to see a 'search' option, by rating and by name. Pretty sure could do this in Champ Man years ago. i.e. When Roy Keane retired from playing you could hire him as a coach. Or even as the the real world is at the moment, snap up Chris Hughton as your assistant
  12. Re: Injuries!!!! I think this would be useful along with the 'If player only playing at a 5 or 6 rating' replace with such a player off your bench. Something was said a while back that the matches are all 'played' and then the ratings are put on afterwards. If you think of the amount of games that are actually going on, I think it would be difficult to implement this unless they changed the system.
  13. Re: Why cant you put players you've loan in into your youth team? Stupid request. And people are kicking off about how Sm is going down hill...
  14. Re: Star Player Icon (reminder) stupid idea, star for reminders of who you bought? Sounds like a hogger. Get real.
  15. I have just had a spout in another section regarding Seedorf's rating change from 92>91. (See below gripe). "If anything, for the older players, they should have their fitness affected more than rating so you couldn't play them as much just as you do in the 'real world'." Surely the player age should sync to the SM game system somehow and reflect that in their fitness so you have to play them, rather than having a 'lesser' player..? What's the point in having a Seedorf then?! Seedorf a lesser player? AC Milan: (Number reflects games started) Zlatan Ibrahimovic 14 Alessandro Nesta 13 Gennaro Gattuso 12 Thiago Silva 12 Andrea Pirlo 10 Clarence Seedorf 10 (+3 from the bench) Rest of the squad fall below these numbers. Sitting top of Serie A, still in the Champions League, whats the deal?
  16. Gone from 92>91, how does that happen? Yes, he is old... But he is a multi-time European cup winner, so he loses all his abilities with age does he? AC Milan: (Number reflects games started) Zlatan Ibrahimovic 14 Alessandro Nesta 13 Gennaro Gattuso 12 Thiago Silva 12 Andrea Pirlo 10 Clarence Seedorf 10 (+3 from the bench) Rest of the squad fall below these numbers. Sitting top of Serie A, still in the Champions League, whats the deal? These rating changes in general are well off. If anything, for the older players, they should have their fitness affected more than rating so you couldn't play them as much just as you do in the 'real world'. Shocker.
  17. Re: René ADLER Definite. After the world cup with Neuer in goal due to Adlers injury, pretty sure Adler's taking his number one jersey back from him to be Germany's number one goalie too, and rightly so. Maybe a move in the summer and some Champions League football will help him climb the ratings, unless his club get their finger out and qualify themselves.
  18. Re: Gabriel Milito This guy is class, international when fit, hargreaves maintained his rating through injury for a while... Be good to have someone who 'rates' La Liga for some input, or maybe look at their forums to see what they make of Milito. Speculation isn't good
  19. Re: This cannot be right Indeed. Things like: Coentrao > 90 (Benfica) Smalling > 86 (Manchester United) Ayew > 86 (Marseille) So inconsistent... You know because Smalling had such a good world cup too!!!?
  20. Re: Andre Ayew - Marseille/Ghana Suppose, just a bit odd as it is.
  21. Re: marseille ratings Ayew to 86, JOKE!
  22. Andre Ayew - Marseille/Ghana Can a players rating be edited after first issue? Good world cup, playing regular for Marseille rose from 84>86, where looking around the game he should be around 88 at least. Marseille sit top of the table too, ideally I would have said a gradual rise to 87 would be reasonable (same as Rodwell last season), but looking at other ratings jumps, 88 wouldn't be out of would it? Thoughts anyone? http://www.goal.com/en/news/1658/ghana/2010/12/01/2240490/i-have-not-accomplished-anything-yet-olympique-marseilles
  23. Re: Correia ADRIANO Should not drop this time around. He was a 91 rated player at Sevilla, why should he drop just because he isn't getting minutes at the moment. New club and the fact that new club is Barcelona should warrant a stay in itself, and if does secure a first team place over this season could rise to a 92, but def not a decrease in the next ratings
  24. Re: Andre ayew I wasn't comparing players against each other, I was looking at the rating system, I like Ayew, not a fan of Coentrao and at the moment, Ayew's team doing better than Coentrao's. I also thought ratings were team related, maybe Coentrao being link to the Premiership enhanced his rating also? Can't part rise Ayew and bump Coentrao up 3, but hey have so... whine whine whine
  25. If Coentrao has rose to a 90, why has Andre Ayew only rose 2 fro 84 to an 86? I'm sure he (Ayew) was part of the Ghana squad to get so far in the World Cup (quarters or semi's) and is part of the Marseille team that is top of the French league and is currently second in their champions league group? What's the deal with that?
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