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  1. Re: USA's Talents and Risers What about man mountain Omar Gonzalez at the Galaxy? Your thoughts?
  2. Re: Norwegian Risers 2009. Why send me a private message when you've already posted on here? Looks like you were the one who removed the info from http://www.glimt.no/wips/1967315352/ and used it for yourself what an absolute attention seeker chump
  3. Re: Norwegian Risers 2009. I looked into this player and that Rikardo guy used my information, websites and such and removed mine? ? All gravy though, if the guy is a ****, he's a ****!
  4. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1
  5. Re: Josh Thompson (Stockport County) Update: Manchester United are set to bid £250,000 for Stockport’s 18-year-old defender Josh Thompson, according to a report in the Daily Star this morning. Scott Coleman writes in the tabloid: "Fergie is set to battle it out with son Darren for Stockport defender Josh Thompson, who has just completed a week’s trial at United along with Sale FC based up and coming Graham 'Spud' Swift who has not yet signed a professional contract." Coleman adds: "Sir Alex is offering £250,000 rising to a possible £500,000 but Peterborough boss Darren is also hoping to lure Thompson with the promise of regular Championship football." Thompson came through the ranks at Stockport and made nine appearances in League One last season. The 6.4ft defender was on trial at United at the end of May prior to the Champions League final. The 18-year-old is regarded as one of the top prospects outside the Premier League and has also undergone a trial at West Brom.
  6. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Cheers Not sure you have to come from the same club to have the same style? To be honest I've not seen him play only heard good things about this kid over the last couple of years and back then was compared to Dinho. Thanks for response, any more info from anyone else would be great
  7. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Hi guys, anyone know how 'the next ronaldinho' is doing these days? I'm talking about Lulinha, back in the first division this season and played a couple of games, looking good for a move? or a rise? Regards
  8. Re: Norwegian Risers 2009. Ha ha, yes they have just taken my information and taken credit for it, what idiots.
  9. Re: Norwegian Risers 2009. hang on? Has someone just removed my message with this link in and then posted the same information? What chumps!
  10. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA nice one, was thinking of buying him, will hold off now, you a south american follower then? what ever happened to william mathau silva? young brazil left back, flum' player i thinks
  11. Re: Norwegian Risers 2009. there is a stig johansen? mix up? http://glimt.no/wips/237114052/
  12. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA Nice work there. Wondered if you know, how is Felipe Pardo playing and will he rise much? Heard he's playing over 10 games this season, but already had a boost on SM.
  13. Re: Players to watch in u.21 euro championship!! if players are u21 when the campaign begins, they can take part in that tournament, i.e. Milner.
  14. Re: Charity Shield Idea LOL. No. I like the idea of the charity shield. I'm in my first season at the moment, but the fact it's gold member only doesn't make me want to buy one just for that, if it's in the gold setups, why not include it in the all?
  15. Re: Substitutions Revamp Yea, me and a mate have been talking about the 'playing less than a 6 rating', dont know if there is a thread already on this but this would be a great improvement, also more intervals of substitutions... This may be a problem with the code behind the game so maybe an 85 minute interval for now? Maybe even a 'throw the goalie up last minute option' Also another issue along the lines of subs. I had a player sent off in the first 10 minutes, then at 60 minutes formation changed from 4 at the back to 3 at the back BUT! my middle defender was the one who was sent off so I had only 2 at the back with a hole through the minute, resulting in a loss... So maybe a 'plug the gap' option, again probably a lot of code involved, but at that stage of the game, maybe i'd sacrifice a forward... i.e. If defender sent off = forward subbed for chosen defender on the bench If midfielder sent off = like for like (another midfielder) off the bench for a foward and plug gap If forward sent of = leave as is Thoughts?
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