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  1. Re: Fabio Coentrao to 90!! Let's throw this one in too... If Coentrao has rose to a 90, why has Andre Ayew only rose 2 to an 86? I'm sure he was part of the Ghana squad to get so far in the World Cup and is part of the Marseille team that is top of the French league and is currently second in their champions league group?
  2. Re: Fabio Coentrao to 90!! Should Hulk then be a 91 now? He's just gone to a 90, but did he missed the last ratings change as he was banned for 3 months for the ref attack? So is lagging behind kind of thing
  3. Re: Fabio Coentrao to 90!! HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE GONE TO 90 FROM 87... NEVER!!! Makes a mockery of the ratings system in my opinion which doesn't count for much but maybe a jump to 89 at the most. I thought they did these ratings in stages the closer to 100 the players got.
  4. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Hey guys, Great predictions thread, just looking through, a few I'd slightly disagree with (in a good way). William Gallas (93/92) > to keep his 93 (at least 'til the next ratings, maintained a top club, playing Champions League also) Rafael (87/86) > If Rodwell received an 87, then Rafael surely should get an 88, quality of games he's played in this season not forgetting Champions League last season too Ben Foster (88) > Would an England call-up help to change this prediction? Outstanding game against Chelsea yesterday, but that alone wouldn't change my thoughts on him, just thinking what the England call-up and regular games might do, thoughts? Andrew Carroll (86) > Again on the Rodwell case, surely Carroll is doing it, so should at least rise to 87 also, I think a lot of Rodwell's rise was down to transfer talk at the time, similar to Canales as mentioned by someone in this post Darren Fletcher (93/92) > Personally I'd like to see a 93 for Fletcher, class player, Malouda is down for a more definite 93, this guys play different roles and not disputing Malouda's possible rise, but Fletcher gets overlooked alot, even when he got his 92 there was outrage haha Cheers
  5. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) Cheers for the feedback.
  6. Re: Sani Emmanuel (Nigerian Wonderkid) Any update on Sani? Last I heard was a trial in Norway as a link into mainland Europe, but nothing since?
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) Hi guys, I'm looking t signing Mario Gomez but am concerned with the possible 93>92/93 rating decrease, I saw he banged a hat-trick the other week, and is in fact scoring goals of late... Since the rating prediction and that someone has posted these ratings are still away away, would he infact be more likely to keep his 93? How did he get his 93 in the first place anyone? Cheers
  8. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Hi Pazzano, Del Piero and Seedorf likely to keep their 92's? Your list says no drop, but just wanted to know your opinion I'd say they are still class. Thoughts?
  9. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Massive thread, Derby is it not time to do your 2010/2011 thread? Clean and crisp...
  10. Re: GK needed, who's better? Adler will rise before Neuer will, so I'd think again. Neuer only played in the world cup due to an injury to Adler Think again...
  11. Re: Chairman Expectations I know SM wouldn't want to lose potential customers, but, in the long run, if Manchester United don't win the league in 3 seasons, then the manager should be sacked... But keeping the player in the game world, they get offered a job at the same time of the sacking (maybe introduce a 'Chairman calls you for a meeting' meeting, showing that a possible sacking /investment is on the cards, then you get 3 job options from random clubs in the same world...
  12. Re: Stadium Building It's called real life mate. See Wolfsburg at the bottom. German cities by population: 1' date='000,000+ [/i'] Berlin · Hamburg · Munich · Cologne 500,000+ Bremen · Dortmund · Dresden · Düsseldorf · Essen · Frankfurt · Hanover · Leipzig · Nuremberg · Stuttgart 200,000+ Aachen · Augsburg · Bielefeld · Bochum · Bonn · Braunschweig · Chemnitz · Duisburg · Erfurt · Freiburg im Breisgau · Gelsenkirchen · Halle an der Saale · Karlsruhe · Kiel · Krefeld · Lübeck · Magdeburg · Mannheim · Münster · Mönchengladbach · Oberhausen · Rostock · Wiesbaden · Wuppertal 100,000+ Bergisch Gladbach · Bottrop · Bremerhaven · Cottbus · Darmstadt · Erlangen · Fürth · Gera · Göttingen · Hagen · Hamm · Heidelberg · Heilbronn · Herne · Hildesheim · Ingolstadt · Jena · Kassel · Koblenz · Leverkusen · Ludwigshafen · Mainz · Moers · Mülheim an der Ruhr · Neuss · Offenbach am Main · Oldenburg · Osnabrück · Paderborn · Pforzheim · Potsdam · Recklinghausen · Regensburg · Remscheid · Reutlingen · Saarbrücken · Salzgitter · Siegen · Solingen · Trier · Ulm · Wolfsburg · Würzburg
  13. Re: Stadium Building If you all want to get real... As SM have improved over time, with the map feature etc on the match previews, the stadium increase should be based on real life fan bases and local area population. The idea of people getting a division 4 team and get them promoted using forums etc to get rising players rather than good tactics is a waste anyway. If you got your average team promoted first, then you wouldn't need a bigger stadium to pay the wages of the likes of Pato etc, who would NEVER play for a Darlington etc...
  14. Enock (17) is the younger brother of Manchester City striker Mario (Balotelli) and was set for trials last month at Napoli but they have been post-poned. Barwuah was or has been dreaming of playing with 'idol' Ezequiel Lavezzi and sources say that the younger Balotelli plays in the same way as the Argentine. Barwuah prefers to play on the left side of attack and is also interesting Lazio. If he did make the grade, it has been said that he would like to play for Ghana, but that would depend on whether he would qualify to play for the Italians. Keep an eye out...
  15. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Hey Derby, Looking at your prediction for Hulk hitting 90, does he have any chance of parring Falcao on a 91? 5 in 5 goals this season so far, but did that suspension last season really impact on his ratings that much? Cheers
  16. Re: Simone Pepe Will stay but doubtful of a rise, I sold him after some poor performances...
  17. Michael Jacobs is 18 years old and plays for Northampton Town. Northampton Town awarded youth team midfielder Michael Jacobs a squad number after an impressive pre-season campaign ahead of the 2009/10 season. Name: Michael Jacobs Nationality: English ***: 23/03/1992 Height: 5' 9" (175cm) Weight: 11st 8lbs (73.54kg) Position: Midfielder Shirt number: 17 Michael is a graduate of Northampton's youth team, in August, manager Ian Sampson wouldn't add to the growing hype about teenage sensation. After being loaned out in February 2010 to Nuneaton Town, he is now back at Northampton. He scored against Brighton in round one of the Carling Cup and scored again tonight against Liverpool (in open play), and also scored a penalty which help knock Liverpool out and will highlight the player and get him added to the database... Currently not on the database, expect him to be added this week... Predict a starting rating of 73>75
  18. Re: Arruda Mazola! +24 Egyptian goalkeeper, can't remember his name though 60>84 i think
  19. Re: GIGNAC, André-Pierre Nope, hasn't played yet, has just moved thought as mentioned... Won't go down, didn't have a great season last season but personally I think the move will help keep the rating he's earned, and if gets back to form could get an improved rating, but that is a way off as yet, depends how he performs (of course).
  20. Re: milos krasic Not sure mate, didn't the Italian league recently get a 'down grade' from uefa as a lesser league? Juve still has to be a bigger club that any in Russia right? The fact Pepe has also moved to Juve does this warrant a rise based on him playing the other wing to Krasic?
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