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  1. Re: Goran Pandev? He wasn't first choice as described below... Think he only played as cover, i.e. Champions League final when Motta was out I think... He moved to Inter with his 92 rating so I think no matter what he'll keep his 92 in the next ratings. He did play in the Super Cup and scored, so it all depends on what Benitez decides to do with him. Stay 92 this season at least.
  2. Re: Andres VALENCIA | 17 y/o Colombia rising star | Antonio isn't Colombian...
  3. Re: Luc Casnos - Future Dutch Star! Nice, I bought him when added ages ago and also linked with Arsenal back then too... Looks like he came on for the last fifteen minutes at the weekend by the way, just looked.
  4. Re: "Chile's new hope" .:| Bryan Rabello - 16 - AM - Colo Colo |:. You say what you see as always, and about the eternal promises... how many next Messi's will there be!? Maybe 1 in the next generation, nice to see your reports not getting carried away like most. Great report.
  5. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Hi, any updates on Semih Kaya?
  6. Re: semih kaya Still nothing?
  7. Re: semih kaya Listed as playing for Denizlispor now... Has the interest in the youngster dwindled now? Any info would be appreciated, had Kaya since I started on the game and bought as a prospect but not heard anything about him for a while. Cheers
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Nice, did Hulk play and how is he looking for the next season?
  9. Re: Mid level LB Risers? Less 'commercial' choice but have a look at Lukas Schmitz of Schalke, hope that helps, will have a good next season...
  10. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Hey Derby, just a quick one on top of the Hulk query below... Veloso's position is listed as DM/LB? What is his primary position and will he revert to a single position in the near or far future? Cheers
  11. Re: Ljajic and Aleksic, future stars ? The way they are going, possibly 88/89's in 3 years with one of the advancing more than the other in the future...
  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Hey everyone, What are your thoughts on Hulk this season? Will he be put on a par with his strike partner Falcao after missing part of the season through suspension...
  13. Re: Question about Vladimir WEISS (Man city) True that, wont have a hope will he. While I'm on... who was City's first choice right back last season? + Who will be their right back this season? Cheers
  14. Re: Neuer Or Lloris Yawn indeed Yea, well Lloris is competing, and therefore has a 92 rating, Adler (91) on the other hand has missed out on Champions League with his team having a poor end to the season after leading for so long, but for me I'd chance saving £10m and go for Adler, probably not going to move clubs either but with the addition of Ballack I'm thinking Leverkusen will do better next season.
  15. Re: Colossal 10k riser list Hmm. I'm not that impressed, there are a whole lot of random guys here. Possibility of them going up yes, but by how much is debatable... I myself go for a few that will rise, but to buy the whole list would be silly, a lot of time spent though I'll give you that. Maybe if you did as mentioned, put some of your thoughts on possibly rises then maybe you'll get more reps.
  16. Re: simone pepe for antonio candreva? I'd keep Pepe, will have a good season with Juve. And who wont be playing this game in 4 years?
  17. Re: Best of Belgium - A tale of a Golden Generation Nice work, not read anything of yours for a while. Like your statement on Eden's brother. I'll go with you on that one, but could still be 50/50, Eden's actually doing the business isn't he, Thor might have it in the locker but, the locker is yet to be opened! I too have been looking at Belgium for the future, some stars in the making. Who's De Bock? Not heard of that gem... yet.
  18. Re: Help - Choice of two... Haha, did read it, lots of looks but no one has replied so I thought I'd just drop a line... I'm unsure of either Any reason you are going for these guys? Both updates are upcoming aren't they or even been done, players like these and it looks like you have done research, pick your own and get pleasure out of your own scouting, 50/50, the choice... is yours.
  19. Re: Neuer Or Lloris For me, has to be Adler. Shame about his injury pre-World Cup.
  20. Re: First look at the 2010 Brasileiro risers Hey insider great thread, you have any news on Dodo's progress?
  21. Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings No need, good job I wasn't confident in this thread! Dalsgaard only went up to a 78. Just one example, phew.
  22. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Alright fella, Heard about a kid a while ago, he cooled down now or still one for the future, or even now!? Muhammet Demir Cheers
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