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  1. Re: Rising defenders... Yea, just thinking more along the lines of Koscielny if you know what I mean 'less hype around'. He was an 86, got a rise to 88 while still in France, has got a move to Arsenal... Along the lines of Bonucci too, juts gone to Juve, but in my set up he's a fortune and not worth the gamble at this moment, was going to buy when he was an 86 too late now.
  2. Anyone know the next crop of up and coming defenders RB/CB/LB's? Not the existing Evra's/Cole's, or rising Kjaers, the next breed... Looking for possible 86-88-ers that will eventually hit the 90-92's. Thoughts please? Also, would you count Dawson, Bassong in this equation? Looking for decent gambles like 'Laurent Koscielny' who has moved from Lorient to Arsenal is an example, plenty of game time will eventually result in a 90, then a 91...
  3. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher
  4. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher
  5. Re: Spartak Moskva Renat SABITOV 86--97??? I've snapped him up too, got him for £12 mil as someone else was bidding too, value for money though long term
  6. Re: Thomas MULLER (88) - Should be 90? Probably a more gradual thing isn't it? Less inclined to give large rises when players get to the near 90 range... Making them work for it over a set period...
  7. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher Oh dear. You's still on about this Ramsey business? So... Ozil (rated 91) destroying England the same? I think not. You can't pin the performance of a national team on one player. Mascherano 94? Then Fletcher should be on a par with him, but he isn't in the ratings... He's Scottish, that's the only reason he's being upped in the ratings so gradually. End of.
  8. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (10/11) Hey guys, Senna's rating going to move?
  9. I have heard this happens but I haven't had this myself. I've had an idea that players are to reject clubs based on their ratings and the buying clubs attendance... (Meaning larger attendance = bigger club) Something that is workable within the 'system'. i.e. Messi wouldn't go to a club with less that 50,000 attendance. (Ruling Liverpool out straight away ) I have a now 3rd division team which has Lahm, Lloris, Pique and more... I think they should reject my advances even if I have the money to buy them, with maybe only being able to by 92+ rated players when they pass a certain age... Thoughts? (Also, is there a rejection system in at the moment? If so how does it work?)
  10. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings
  11. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Hi Phil, I have Lukas Schmitz who has just gone up (85). I am thinking of keeping him as he would probably gain a rise to 88/89 next time round if he continues to play, plus the additional Champions League games will help will they not? Has he been playing due to a first teamer absence etc? Many thanks for any info
  12. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Goalden Oldies... Differing predictions even within the first 2 pages of this thread? 'Diego'/other can you please clarify? Del Piero > ? (I'd say he keeps his 93, against Madrid for example) Seedorf > ? (I'd say he keeps his 93, against Man. United for example) Cannavaro > ? (I'd say he keeps his 93, World Cup Captain) Grosso > ? (Possibly down to 90) Zambrotta > ? (Can't comment) Cordoba > ? (Hasn't played enough and when has, not shon)
  13. Re: Player Rating Increases
  14. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters OK, maybe with a big move he might next time around, shame about the end of the season for them and ending 4th was it? Plus also his injury...
  15. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters
  16. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters
  17. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters
  18. Re: An improvement to NMF What happens to an un-managed team with the minimum 21 players who has... League game Wednesday, Saturday, Shield on Monday, then League on Wednesday and Saturday and then Cup on the following Monday... The computer doesn't current swap players around does it? Also, while on the subject. I recently rested all my players and played youth team players, some may have been out of position... This ended up in 'the system' putting players it thought best?!?!? Meaning my 'tired' players ended up playing anyway, so I think a lot needs looking at 'system' wise.
  19. Re: chairman needs adjusting. Maybe it's because the deal might be good for you and not for the other party concerned? Though it might be your chairman stopping the deal, it might be the game as a whole looking at all deals going on? Just a thought... Know where you're coming from though.
  20. Re: New league layout? Great help, also... Q1. Will this be throughout ALL the gameworlds? Mine is a standard one, as in not a Gold Member though a few in there are... Q2. If it is throughout, do the qualifying teams play against the External Barcelona's, Madrid's and Milan's etc? In my current world, they have all been 'rinsed' for want of another word therefore Barcelona for example will have lesser players in, but the fact that there would be European competition would be great non the less.
  21. I'm just looking through my league in a game world and Division 1 now has lines splitting top 4, 5th - 10th and the old bottom 3... This looks like champions league/europa league positions Is this gameworld now going to have European competition next season or is it just cosmetic? Appreciate any info
  22. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Just looking at Veloso as a left back... Is he more of a DM and can play LB if need be, wouldn't want to buy him if he didn't like that position Meaning will he end up as LB long term or is he a natural DM. Cheers
  23. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings
  24. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Any thoughts on the old man?
  25. Re: Big risers from the big leagues-SUMMARY Not so sure about this change to DM position..? Based on what? It's been more Scholes who sat in DM. Flecther still breaks down the right so I'd say he'd keep his CM/RM position, he's also played in defence this/last season but wouldn't stick that in there.
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