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  1. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM So it does, any reason he'll keep it in the eyes of SM? Just so I/we know when making predictions? Cheers fella
  2. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Hey MaoaM, What's the deal with Zhirkov? Heard you're the expert for England... Let's see Zhirkov 92 > ? No pressure... No sitting on the fence either... I'll be checking this when it's done
  3. Re: Yuri Zhirkov – Prediction? I think he has been 'solid' from what I have seen. And yes, he is a 'class' player, but the fact he's hanging around happy playing second fiddle to the Coles and Malouda surely a talent should be looking for a move if he isn't first choice? Hargreaves kept his when injured based on 'what he can do when fit', I think being kept out by a 91 Malouda (on the way up), should force him to get his finger out and ask for a move. So based on 'skill' he's a 92, but the fact he hasn't upped himself since the last review surely this should impact? Looks like people not sure eh? Who exactly is the SM reviewer?!
  4. Re: Yuri Zhirkov – Prediction? Yea I thought that in the last one but when players achieve their ratings it looks like they tend to keep hold of them? Malouda was a 92 and was reduced, would Zhirkov only edging in after Cole was injured count against him even though in the past he has been of that level? Or is it not that concrete...
  5. Can anyone help? I'm looking to buy a left midfielder/winger and looking at Zhirkov and Malouda of Chelsea... Zhirkov is rated at 92, but with the lack of involvement in the upcoming World Cup with Russia and the lack of appearances for Chelsea will his rating be affected in the next English update? I'm thinking to a 91, does any of the big predictors know which way he'll go? Cheers
  6. Re: Spain's Provisional 30 man Squad De Gea displacing Asenjo not make for more of a rise? League placing and Euro cup final too? Or is it more about a gradual increase?
  7. Re: Pique and valdes
  8. Re: Manchester United Risers/Droppers Thread Edwin Van Der Sar - 94 -> 94/95 Still world class Patrice Evra 94 -> 95 Has to go up, best left back in the world Wes Brown 89 -> 89 Been injured doesn't mean a drop to 88/87!? Gary Neville 88 -> 89 Englands new number one right back Rafael 86 -> 87/88 has to go up, this kid is awesome, but still learning Jonny Evans 89 -> 89 Dont you dare rise him! Paul Scholes 92 -> 92 Can't put an old dog down as yet, Giggs went up last time Michael Carrick 92 -> 91/90 Current form, shocking, drop, should have dropped last time Darren Fletcher 91 -> 92/93 Immense! 93 is what he should be, but won't get it Luis Anderson 91 -> 88/89 Current form, shocking, drop, should have dropped last time Darron Gibson 85 -> 87 Luís Nani 89 -> 90/93/88 This is based on a 90 one week and 93 another week then an 88 Wayne Rooney 96 -> 97 Has to get it Dimitar Berbatov 93 -> ? Not sure how they will play this one, lazy
  9. Re: Tottenham Hotspur - Predicted Rating Changes King – for talent should get put on a 90. Modric – maybe no rise as yet, I think if he didn't get injured early on he might have a stake but lost momentum. Bassong – Started shed loads of games this season and has been solid at the back, wouldn't say a 90, but has to be an 89 and see what happens in the future. Keane – Loaned out to Celtic, isn't that a lesser league and shouldn't that impact his rating anyway even if he is banging them in for fun up there?
  10. Re: World Class Goalkeepers Also have Lloris too (the future), I've mentioned Valdes in the past and people go crazy about him being 3rd/4th choice for Spain, but in my eyes playing for Barca should count for something... Rene Adler is up there as well, not top end as yet but will be up there. Will Adler's injury prevent him rising as he was Germany's number one going into the World Cup, will not playing affect him in SM's eyes???
  11. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher
  12. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher Amen Red, was just getting a little bored of that other guy. The you get this other jumping on the band wagon about 'well respected forumers', sure we were wrapping it up but here they go again. Current form would equal 93, unless, you look at stats and look at highlight shows without watching the games he's played in. FACT.
  13. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher Currently looking at other players in the game and what Fletcher gives you he should be rated a 93, shame they won't give it him. Looking around you'll get inconsistent ratings on different players based on hype, club, nationality. 92 it is then.
  14. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher They are only fools until they see the light Not really a poor midfield, Carrick and Anderson should have been both dropped in the last review, along with Hargreaves though I understand that he still might have the talent to hold the 90 and all that. Valencia (Decent, getting better, needs to push on)/Nani (Incosistent start, ending well, an 89 one week a 92 the next) Scholes (Poor start, but ending well) Fletcher (Consistent performer when we needed him early on) Giggs (Poor start, but ending well) Decent enough, United need a couple bringing in and a couple going out, World class ones in, proper ones, not on a free!.
  15. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher Probably not mate, but all I'm saying is that based on other players around at the moment he'd deserve it, he'll probably get a 92. Yea United lost to Leeds, la la la, Beckford a 94 etc etc, all gravy, Fletchers mint end of
  16. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher
  17. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher Manchester M13 [bLEEP]-end... Come visit if you get promoted, oh no, you can't, you drew with Doncaster hahahaha!
  18. Re: Potential List Of 89-Rated Players Set To Rise To 90 It was an example from last season and last seasons update fool. Did you not read?!?!?! Na, you didn't... Pretty sure the champions league final is a big game? Manchester United, Liverpool and Cardiff (haha) are BIG clubs... Beating Stoke and Villa doesn't count against being a BIG club nor does being top of the league at the moment... If these two were in the second division they'd still be BIGGER clubs! Hope Blackpool do well this weekend HAHAHAHA!!! Come on DJ Campbell, WOOP! The point was indeed though Hulk...
  19. Re: Rangers - Danny Wilson + Others So he jumps to an 89 as he took Asenjo's place? That's the dealio...
  20. Re: Potential List Of 89-Rated Players Set To Rise To 90
  21. Re: Rangers - Danny Wilson + Others Cool, just getting my head around the way they rate them... Take it it's more gradual then...? What about Canales though? Didn't he only play like 10 games and got bumped from 75 > 85... All the hype and the deal/move to madrid secure that immense rise then I suppose..? All good, same with the others then?
  22. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher REDDEVILFC = AWESOME haha. End of the day, Fletcher is a 93, chumps like Swansea wont see him week in week out hahahahaha. Nice points y'all couldn't be doing with Swansea's comment after the Ramsey bit, all a bit boring, and I'm sure that was raised in another post AGES ago. Deal is, he will def get a 92, and as I said, SHOULD be a 93 but will he get it was the point... Waffle waffle.
  23. Re: Darren 'The Beast' Fletcher Ha ha, well said peoples... 92 deffo, not sure how they work it, but def a 93 player at the moment...
  24. Going to keep this short and sweet... Fletcher to rise to a 93, disagree and you're a fool!!! Or you just haven't seen him play and I don't just mean on 'highlight' programmes. The only thing hampering this is the possibility of the World Cup affecting his rating? Giggs rose to a 93 last time around and Fletch has been awesome. This for me has to be a minimum... Thoughts.
  25. Re: Rangers - Danny Wilson + Others Fair enough... If that's the way it works, cheers for the info, just thinking on the basis of a guy taking another mans place who was an 87, shouldn't he then be put on a par? Get what you mean though about gradual, almost having to earn the rating... What about De Gea then? Different scenario?
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