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  1. Looking at the recent rise of Anderlecht's Romelo Lukaku rising to 87... Along with Rodwell, Hazard and Co. Rangers' Danny Wilson should be upped... 85/86/87, recently been linked with a move to the Premiership also. He's been playing regular, just missing the last couple of games, but a young lad who has staked a claim none the less, I've seen 'posts' of a rise to around 82, but based on Lukaku matching his fellow team mates, I think Wilson should also be upped on the database, Lukaku for instance hasn't played a lot of games and has played the lesser European competition in the Europa League. Other possibles... Anderlecht's - Lukaku > 87 (rose to 87) S. Liege's - Mangala > 87 (rose to 86) Valencia's - Dealbert/De Albert > 89 A. Madrid's - De Gea > 88 G. Ranger's - Wilson > 87 Bordeaux's - Sane > 82 Thoughts?
  2. Looking at the current crop of youngsters and the likes of Hazard, Rodwell and of late Lukaku, 87 seems to be the number for the up and comers... I would have put Eliaquim Mangala in there too, the fact that this lad played and played well in the Champions League where none of the others had participated should surely count for him?! Thoughts?
  3. Re: My Club Is... And I Predict The Following... Just picked out a few that I'd disagree on... (have edited it to what I think...)
  4. Re: Some player attributes This could get too complicated for an online game... Old school games used to show things like... Pace Speed Heading Balance But all a bit much for online, and a bit much for SM developers
  5. Re: Sm support small improvement I think they do do this? But i think they aren't bothered really, unless it's different when you buy a gold membership? But a friend of mine has one and it's no different, just bad support in general which makes me not want to purchase a GM.
  6. Re: marking key players Do your home work on the upcoming team and mark a set position, to cover if that player isn't playing... If they don't do that formation, then you screwed up and you lose.
  7. Re: European / continental football? No need to mention last night, we don't need to know... Cup and Shield are already in, I'm on about Europe!
  8. Re: League rating caps/player choosing where to go Not really. We all know who the main prospects are in the world' date=' and yes, though opinion may differ, prospects are prospects. When players are added, a tag could be added. Have already suggested this for when bids get BLOCKED for 'prospects'... [url']http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=62584[/url] But back to the main case. Really you only see older and better players playing lower leagues when they get older, this should be the only time Rooney would play in the 4th division... Not that they would these days. But yea, some people wouldn't take the lower teams, but can get boring buying whoever you want at times, buying and fighting for better players at lower rating would be good too, but probably too much work.
  9. Re: League rating caps/player choosing where to go They could do, it's just an idea. At the moment I've got a Hartlepool team promoted from the 4th division with an average rating of 93...? Just thinking of the realism?
  10. What about something new introduced? Example: English Championship Div 1: 85-99 players Div 2: 80-90 players Div 3: 75-85 players Div 4: 70-80 players A 'higher rated' player won't move to division 2 from an external club. i.e. 27 year old Lisandro Lopez (92), you'd have to go for someone like, 30 year old Alexander Frei (90) Reason: Also, in tune with the initial point of 'Blue' not being able to get a player he needed... A 'younger prospect' would not move to a 'bigger' club if there were (say for examples sake), 4 higher rated players in his position at the club, preferring to be a 'big fish in a small pool'. Reason: or
  11. Re: marking key players I'd like this, but I'd also like the option of sticking 'AGGRESSIVE' on the player who I've told to do the marking... Even 'DESTROY' Could end up with my 'Man Marker' being sent off in the first 10 minutes, or could end up with 'Star Player' injured and out of the title race Yes, I said it. Dirty.
  12. Re: Suspension lengths Agree. We all know how it works at the moment so it's just down to SM to fix and as mentioned, though looks minor, probably isn't as it would have already been looked at. At the moment in the Premier League, at this stage of the season a player doesn't receive an additional suspension until they reach 15 yellows. When they fix the minor match banning 'glitch', maybe they can look into the bad discipline side of it too, but I don't think I've seen any real dirty players. On top of this, when they are able to fix the bans, maybe they could look at players sleeping with other players wives etc, lose captaincies for national side etc etc.
  13. Re: Player specialties I suggested this a while ago... similar lines, but I'm not sure how much can be done with the game engine... http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=57592 Mine was based on set pieces, but as mentioned in the posts, someone said they'd never seen on on the game...
  14. Re: Marc Bartra - Barcelona He's one of those to keep an eye on. I wouldn't say an instant riser profit related, like I mentioned Madrid were looking at him but I doubt they'd let him move there. If you have space in your youth team and for the price, you could get him. I'd expect him to go out on loan next season, then possibly a rise from there.
  15. Re: European / continental football? Anyone know if you can 'pimp' the game world you're already in? My first world is a basic one, but all of us that are in it class this as our 'baby' teams... We have other worlds, but like they say, you always remember your first
  16. Re: 'earning' match fitness... Yawn. Even if they do miss a match with them coming back on 75% fitness... I think according to the injury you should have to rehabilitate them... In the long term, back room staff can help and reserve team matches... Different injuries require longer come backs, i.e.: Gash = No rehabilitation. Broken Leg = Fitness needs building up. Estimated time could be based on if you eased them back in, instead of just letting them wait around in your squad. EARN IT! Fully back from a break... then, you have to, at the moment, eased them back with half hour spells, maybe even 15 min spells... Would take an adjustment in the game engine, but as this is a suggestion Howie, don't cry just yet you bore! Just means you have to take care of your players
  17. Re: Allow big money for 'star' youngsters Lulinha is a fine example as he drifted away, but at the time, he was being touted as BIG prospect, so at the time and with all the work done on the database when these players are added... and to be fair there isn't TOO many hot prospects so it could be managed, small example: De Gea, 80 rated - Valued at 2m, if I bid 8-10m it would arouse suspicion... I think at this moment in time if I were to bid this and win, I'd be happy... The current manager wouldn't let him for leave for the maximum I'm allowed to pay, so 'breaking' the bank, if I choose to, should be my decision. Also, as all the top keepers are taken, I would like to gamble on him making it. Just things like youth defender Marc Muniesa, I accepted a bid of 2-3 mil and the bid was blocked by CHAIRMAN/SMFA, then resulted in a transfer ban between the involved clubs... This was the highest value the other manager could bid and it was still blocked... Come on... I wasn't happy accepting, and it still blocked it.
  18. Re: European / continental football? Haha. Nope, got 5 kids to feed!
  19. Re: Allow big money for 'star' youngsters Would be just more real i reckon... I'm sure if SM have the right coders they can implement anything into the game, it just depends how good or bad the game has been set-up originally only they will know that behind the scenes. I'm not quite sure about the 2D pitch they are trying to put in place, personally I think that is a waste of time and wouldn't add anything to the game, unless they are updating the way the system generates reports? Which is quite basic if you look at it, so creating a 2D pitch (showing movement) based on the current commentary log is pointless... I'd rather make that 3m on the selling on of Hazard like you said
  20. Re: Allow big money for 'star' youngsters Yea sure, I'd take the negatives too... True about sticking it out, some people leave but you generally get a good few people who do stay in the world and the odd people passing in and out If someone has already signed them and you want them, then you can choose if you want to entice them with a bid, some cases you will have to as most rising stars do get snapped up. The thing is having that play when they realise their potential is what most people will strive for Personally I wouldn't offer 'extra' payments on loads of players, this is where a reality check would come in, when you buy a player in most cases you'd want to own them outright, some cases, like 'potential stars' you may have to offer a 'appearances bonus' i.e. when they did get their rise and realise the potential, then the original club doesn't lose as as much Cheers for the come back, but remember this isn't in the game but I think having the option of the clauses in will then give the user the choice whether they can break the bank for them... Also, saying that, it could end up being a loop hole for teams who haven't a lot of money at a certain time in the season so could put a down payment on the player and then after "X' games the 'extra' amount comes out of the funds, which could go 2 ways, good and bad... Personally I find myself having money and then either hold onto it for players I want, or spend it there and then if I have targets, anycase, I think the added extra options would help. But back to the main point When a 'certain' player gets added onto the database, those who have been touted as the next big things, should have some kind of background code put on the framework allowing more realistic bids being placed.
  21. Re: European / continental football? Oh right? Is that the deal then... Fair enough. At the moment I wouldn't pay for a Gold Membership purely based on the poor support, the recent trial handed to us noted that your support tickets were answered first... Surely any support ticket should be sorted out if you are to build a SM fan base? Is there anyway to upgrade a gameworld to have these features?
  22. Re: Allow big money for 'star' youngsters I know what they distinguish between, but at the time Adu was rated highly and if you were to make a move, it would be based on the hype at that time, so it would be your choice. i.e. Costa, Sold for 5/6m to Shaktar, but has a buy out clause already in place and yet he's still not proven... It's not like buying a kid from Yeovil Town, potential is potential, and everyone likes to have these so called 'young stars' so if you do and someone else has them, I don't see why they don't have to pay through the nose Also on the buying 10 players... You wouldn't offer extra payments on all ten players would you? It would be selective on certain buys. i.e. I want 'Player X' and he's worth 10m to his current team but the manager wants 15m, I could offer 10m with the additional 5m if he meets his targets, i.e. scores 50 goals or makes 50 appearances, either way he's bagged a load of goals or made apperances which probably means he's played well. On the otherside of all that, like the current 'Boro player O'Neil and the activation of a 1m payment to Portsmouth if he plays another game (being his 100th appearance), you could also decide to sell the player before this clause comes into play.
  23. I have a couple of up and coming players in my best team, but, with the SMFA blocking deals etc. I could only receive about £2m without it being blocked or being banned from dealing with that could for any other player... When adding 'some' players, i.e. Costa, could or should there be something added to their profile where you can accept larger money for that particular player as they have huge 'potential'? This could also be helped with a 'fee after so many league appearances' OR 'international appearances' OR 'amount of goals' in the case of a striker as in the real world Thoughts?
  24. Just an idea re: Actual Match Fitness... If a player has been out for a lengthy spell due to a massive injury, rather than leaving him in the 'stands' and his match fitness eventually builds up to 100%... Why not have to earn it as in real life? i.e. 'Player X' injured and out for 10 weeks and drops to 25% match fitness. After that 10 week period, he 'comes back' at 25% match fitness, but you have to start putting him on the bench and give him run outs from, say, 75 mins, thus earning him 'fitness'. Another way of doing this is having a 'reserve' team, but this would have to involve a 'reserve' league set-up, but you could use your lesser games and/or cup games to revitalise your player. So 10 weeks to come back from the injury, then you have to play him to get him back to fitness... Advancement on this would be 'physio's' and 'recurrence' of injury, but lets just start with the first bit for now Thoughts?
  25. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before? Based on English set-up... as our 1st division is getting stacked and there is only one place for a winner, what about something being put in place to play European football? i.e. Top four get 'champions league/european cup, 5th place goes into 'europa league/uefa cup' and Cup/Shield winners both get a place (in the lesser euro cup). One problem is... Most of the top teams have been decimated so playing Barcelona now, would mean playing against a lot of trade ins or worse case only having 9 men in the squad! To solve this, could play against an actual 'ghost' team of Barcelona, even though you might have a couple of Barca players in your side and there are 2 of them on the pitch! OR Play a ghost side as above, but if YOU have 'Messi', the game swaps him for say 'Henry' (if you haven't got Henry that is), and so on... Thoughts?
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