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  1. Re: hiding tactic from opponents You could always see the other teams tactics if you looked in the right place, but the way they have done it now makes it easier for people to copy teams doing well and it is the case in our game world... Everyone has started doing the same formation, BORING...
  2. Re: New Improvements/Features: Newspaper This makes the newspaper even better and was something I suggested a while back, but unfortunately I've been banned from writing articles as I wrote about someone who was cheating in the game world and was punished myself for it... JOKE!
  3. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Just a few bits and bobs, Darren Fletcher has to get a 93. Even though he isn't going to the world cup, which probably the reason he wont so maybe a 92, but based on form 93 minimum shouldn't be ruled out... Ballack or 'The Fletch'? Fletch every time for me... 93 Darren Bent can not get a 91. Though he's up there in the premier league charts, the guy wouldn't cut it at European or National level, on a par with Dzeko? I think not. I'd probably leave him at 89. If ratings based on current form etc, Zamora should be placed at 89 the same as Bent. I wouldn't say either of these players are better than Louis Saha, though a lot injured, goals to games, Saha pee's on them, and has played at the top. Wayne Rooney has to go up, 97. He's different class. Last season he gave up so much and Ronaldo took most of the credit, this season he's on a par with the worlds best, a totally different player from the likes of Ronaldo and Messi but world class non the less. Gary Neville I'm unsure... He has been pretty bad since his comeback, but don't forget he has been out for a long time, he could still get some form back... And if he carries on, keeps the Captaincy at United I think he will do, and could also push for a place in the England squad. No, no, no, before you start. Neville even in his current form is a better defender than Glen Johnson! You may aswell play Aaron Lennon at right back against the bigger teams in the World Cup, Glen Johnson would get roasted!!! (i.e. As Babel did when England played the Netherlands) After Johnson, Neville is the best back-up/alternative if he gets some form back. Wilson Palacios, stay at 89. Alot like Bent's rating, Wilson hasn't been tested in Europe, and bearing in mind Fletchers only just been upped to a 91, Palacios can't be a 90... Can he? Probably, based on some of the shocking ratings changes in this game maybe
  4. Re: Banned from writing articles! I wrote an article about a 'cheating' player in the game world and then I was also banned. I have tried to get in touch with SM but through different channels (forum, support, email), I have had no resolution. In the whole any article I've done is fact baed within the game and all in jest if any fun is being made, but being banned for writing a 'match fixing' article, based on FACT, as the guy was obviously cheating is a bit poor. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Regards
  5. Re: Yuri ZHIRKOV He's kept his rating and now he's getting more chances albeit coming back from injury and Cole's absence. Why should he drop -1? He didn't in the last update. I'd also think they'd leave him as a LM/LB. Just because he might get more games at left back as Cole is out, doesn't mean that this becomes his new preferred position. Malouda to have LB attached to his positioning? I think not.
  6. Re: top 10 UNDERRATED players Darren Fletcher...
  7. Anyone reckon that it would be good if when you loan a player out and they become injured, they should NOT be able to return to the club until the injury is over? I've had it happen to me and I myself have done it! If a club injures the player, they should foot the bill, but like everything else, how easy would it be to implement it in the system? Thoughts?
  8. Re: Gustavo TORANZO He has been playing now in Argentina, 13 starts for San Martín de San Juan with an additional... ...16 starts for 2 de Mayo in the Primera División de Paraguay - Apertura 2009 from who he transferred from. Fact that he's gone back to his homeland but to the second division hampering his chances? Is the 'B' division even getting reviewed? Bit harsh having these players on the database if they are going to get overview... With a ratings of 80/1's for their right back and left back's at San Martín with Toranzo's age on his side, not to mention the games played in Paraguay surely this kid should be pumped up to I'd say 78 minimum, but maybe on a par with his counterparts to maybe 80/81... Reckon? Cheers
  9. Re: Marc Bartra - Barcelona All depends on hype and such though doesn't it mate, coming out of the blue and making an impact or scouts knowing about young kids ready to burst onto the scene. We ALL know some players get added quick time, no need for the eyes, just making a point. Oh and Bartra, still not added back at'cha. Keep an eye out anyway, shortlisted for the futbol draft 2010 a future la liga player, with Barca I'm not sure, but he has time on his side.
  10. Re: External player fitness hasnt moved? Cheers for the replies, I'll go for him, was just a bit unsure with it not moving after checking him for the last few weeks. Easily stick in a 'bug' ticket like you said, but they are slack at looking at certain things, but I will still go for him. Thanks again to you both.
  11. I am after a player from an external club but their match fitness has been on 50% for what seems like forever?!?!?!?!?!?! Is the fitness on hold while they are in 'external mode'? So if I bought the player the the 'fitness' will pick up and eventually get to 100%? Any help/advice appreciated, cheers
  12. Re: most promising goalkeeper Adler. He will be starting in goal for Germany at the World Cup. He did originally say Lloris and Akinfeev were taken. So I'd say go for Adler. On the Hart subject. He's one of these players who do well at a smaller club. No pressure = good peformances and nothing to lose, if he goes back to City, he still might do OK as they aren't big yet, but I'd put him in the Foster category... Under pressure, he would collapse.
  13. Re: A few Mexican players - Thoughts? How's Galvan doing since all his Nike campaigns?
  14. Re: Cheating... With sm refusing to interfere Haha, to be fair, I feel a little bit sick for you mate. (The first post) These guys are losers, but SM can't do a thing about it, without penalising some legitimate players too... These 'anti cheat' systems need more work as they don't work as your point shows, and when people are caught, they just use another account/name/email. They cheat, get away with it, I ask for £2.5m for an up and coming youngster and SMFA steps in and blocks deals between certain parties, some system eh... A joke.
  15. Re: Same manager controlling 7, yes 7 teams ? I reported a guy and so did many others in my game world, after this I wrote a 'match fixing' newspaper article. I was banned from article and still am. Also, for some reason, can not transfer deal with certain players (maybe the same people who reported the cheat?). Worst thing about it. The cheat comes back in under another name/email and starts all over again, not cheating at the moment, but has full privileges, where I haven't, you know, one of the guys who plays by the rules
  16. valdo


    Re: Help... Hey Adam, I've had the same thing happen to me, legit transfer just gets pulled for some reason. If that is the case about the new season wipes all instances, that sounds good to me I'll wait it out too, more annoying than anything. Just no explanation, and again, no help from 'support'. I have also had newspaper access taken away as I wrote an article about a cheating player, all in 'jest' and the guy had already been reported by many players but it looks like I have taken all the punishment Worst thing about it is, the guy who cheated and was removed, rejoined under another name and he's allowed all access to everywhere, support? what support? Cheers for the infor guys
  17. Last season, at the end of the season I had a (for example) £15 million. I was going to save this to buy a player at the start of next season thinking that the 'board' would look at how the club was run and invest more... In doing this, I lost probably two thirds of the money, leave me with (for example) £5 million. This left me missing out on a player I needed and I also didn't receive any money for the new season!?!? I think this may have been a factor in the old BALANCE/TRANSFER FUND system? Or will it been the same in the new layout? Say I had now £20 million and the season is near the end, should I spend this money now, or will I be alright to hold onto it and spend it next season? If anyone has the answer, or their season has ended/begun recently I'd love to hear from you, or if you are an SM god, even better, spread the love, cheers
  18. Re: need help with legal transfers reversed I have had a deal 'blocked' and after that I can not deal with this manager now, aswell as other managers... SM haven't the capacity or the foresight to resolve situations like this.
  19. Re: Who should i get? Personally I'd go for: Defour and Martinez Any reason just out of these guys?
  20. Re: Marc Bartra - Barcelona He'll need some more minutes or do something 'big time' in a game to get added before the standard 450 minutes of action if that's what you mean mate? Definitely worth keeping an eye on his progress, albeit Barca have had defensive problems with injuries lately, the fact they have called on Bartra shows his promise.
  21. All well there is 'something' in place to stop cheats etc. But I'm currently in a game world, mainly people I know but a few randoms, the world was bought by someone I know also... The world is VERY competitive. I had a bid for a Barca kid which I negotiated around 2.5 mil, deal accepted then gets blocked. Fair enough if this was a kid from Exeter City, but being from Barca should count for something in the game and 2.5 mil was cheap! This ended up getting blocked and now I can't deal with this guy at all now and I think it was a result of this?! One thing trying to stop cheats, but the whole issue of techincal problems like this put most people off buying a gold membership, me being one. Anyone else have any problems like this? I have also been removed from writing articles as a result of posting something about an actual cheat (after he had already been reported by numerous people), they then looked at the article, maybe due to the fact the guy tried to cover his tracks and reported it to SM, the guy was seen to have cheated, but now I still cant write articles. I agree was against terms after reading them since, but it's near impossible to get anything overturned or fixed by support...
  22. Re: New players Well at least it's stopped some of the hogging!
  23. Re: Subsitution on injury think its been raised mate, just a question whether they are capable of adding it into the game... know what you mean though also the point of "if player is playing less than a 6 rating" replace with [named player]
  24. Keep an eye out for this kid. I've had a look through the forums and couldn't find anything, but Marc made the bench midweek for Barcelona in the Champions League. Another one of the long term prospects AND has already had rivals Real Madrid sniffing around him. He's 19 years old (born 15 January 1991). Who started his career at city rivals Espanyol. Made his debut on Valentines day for the last half hour in the game against Athletico. He is a defender, centre back, who can play right back, but has also has time in midfield, but which youngster hasn't played multiple positions but if and when added, I'd say listed as a CB/RB.
  25. Re: Yuri Zhirkov Just because he can do a job I don't think they should change his position if the player himself doesn't class himself as a natural LB. Just thinking of all the games Rooney played on the left of midfield for United last season and he didn't get a positional change, though technically he was all over the place, he still started on the left. Just an example though. Also, by the time the English update comes back around, Cole should be back so he'd probably stay as he is. So, anyway, in the SM game as a whole, does it really matter if a player who has LM/LB in their profile play any worse than a LB/LM in the left back position?
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