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  1. Hi Guys I have looked at EC 106 and it sound interesting.I also saw a couple forumers doing division 3 & 4 challanged and it is sound nice. But i never get a chance to join it and decide to join new Ec that will openned soon at 13 : 00. I hope some forumers will join it as a division 1 team. EC 4901 Post your name if you might join and your targeted club.
  2. Re: New European Setup.. Will go for manchester united...
  3. New European Setup Will Be Made At 14:00. Anyone Getting A Team?
  4. Re: Post Your Desktop MY ONE....
  5. Re: Football player face????(child version) RONALDINHO>>>>>>>>
  6. Hi, This is my first report,hope you all enjoyed reading it. I'm managed Barcelona in this setup.
  7. I managed man utd in this setup and will do match and transfer report in this thread.a lot of team is still available. Come and join it.
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