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  1. Re: Young Stars

    IF Argentina quaify then Otamendi will shine imo. Midfield wise' date=' I think [b']Lass Diarra[/b] is the best young DM in the world, and even though he is well known he hasnt peaked yet.

    Another is Dzagoev of Russia who many people rate highly.


  2. Re: Players To Buy

    well it depends on what you're looking for. Obviously players such as Ferdinand and Terry will play well. But if you're looking for a lesser known player' date=' Otamendi from Argentina could play well IF they qualify.[/quote']

    Well im looking for less known players.

    Any more you could recommend to me??


    btw- i have cattermole is in my team :D:p:cool:


  3. hello

    ineed some help!!

    how is going to be a 2010 World Cup star

    this is my team:

    ADLER, René - Germany

    FOSTER, Ben - England

    DANIELS, Luke - England

    MANNONE, Vito - Itlay

    FILIPE, Luís Kasmirski - Brazil

    SCHAFER, Marcel - Germany

    MISUN, Milan - Czech Republic

    ANSALDI, Cristian - Argentina

    EVERTON SILVA, José - Brazil

    ECKERSLEY, Richard - England

    MILITO, Gabriel - Argentina

    ONYEWU, Oguchi - USA

    EVANS, Jonny - Northern Ireland

    WERLEY, Ananias - Brazil

    COATES, Sebastián - Uruguay

    MACDONALD, Cameron - Scotland

    ALEXIS, Ruano - Spain

    HINES, Seb - England

    HUNT, Stephen - Ireland

    BENAYOUN, Yossi - Israel

    MACDONALD, Shaun - Wales

    PAYNE, Josh - England

    CATTERMOLE, Lee - England

    ALEX, Raphael - Brazil

    MCGEADY, Aiden - Ireland

    DI MARIA, Ángel - Argentina

    PATO, Alexandre - Brazil

    GIGNAC, André-Pierre - France

    FLOCCARI, Sergio - Italy

    ANDERSON LESSA, José - Brazil

    CHURCH, Simon - Wales

    GOMEZ, Mario - Germany

    HUGO ALMEIDA, Miguel - Portugal

    MILEVSKIY, Artem - Ukraine

    CHAMAKH, Marouane - Moroco

    Who in my team do you think are goin to be a world cup star:confused:

    Help will be rewarded

    Cheers!! B):D

  4. Re: Help!!!

    He's a great left back' date=' who won't rise at his current team. My vote is for Schafer, and I have been going on long enough on this thread about these players. Schafer = 88 to 89, then probably 90 in the next changes.[/quote']

    i have schafer in my team.

    do u think he should be a 1st team player instead of filipe???

  5. Re: Luís Kasmirski FILIPE

    He was one of the best attacking left backs in La Liga last season. A very good player that has the potential to rise to 90 (if he continues his form).

    But whether this is a good deal for you depends on your squad and your financial ability' date=' as well as the competitiveness of the setup.[/quote']

    this is my defence:

    FILIPE, Luís Kasmirski

    SCHAFER, Marcel

    MISUN, Milan

    ANSALDI, Cristian


    ECKERSLEY, Richard

    MILITO, Gabriel

    EVANS, Jonny

    WERLEY, Ananias

    COATES, Sebastián

    MACDONALD, Cameron

    ALEXIS, Ruano

    HINES, Seb

    HUNT, Stephen

    and he wants Jonny Evans for 12 million. Should i accept this???


  6. Re: CB Dilemma : Whom To Sign?

    I've been conceding too many goals this season' date=' and I need a CB to plug the holes at the back. The following players are available at unmanaged clubs in the setup. In what order of preference would you rate them?

    Kolo Toure

    Diego Lugano

    John Heitinga

    Mathieu Bodmer


    Alessandro Gamberini

    Thanks in advance. :)[/quote']

    to be honest i would sign toure first, the bodmer then maybe naldo

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