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  1. Re: buffon for diego? Keep Diego. He is only 24 and has a great career ahead. Buffon is getting old. I would keep diego no doubt. But try and get a 91/92 rated keeper
  2. Re: Berbatov Problem na dont do it because what if one of those strikers gets injured? And also the club with Gerrard probably wont want to sell him.
  3. mase


    Re: Help!!!! i know but toure is in my subs??
  4. I am Barcelona and have been offered Marcos Senna (94) plus 1 mil for yaya toure (92) is it a good deal or not? Thanks..
  5. Re: FELIPE MELO for DANI ALVES good deal ? (rep) yeah go for it great deal for you
  6. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! can anyone make me a rooney one with wales in the background? thanks
  7. Re: 10 mil + Ibrahimovic + Riera = Torres yeah don't do the deal
  8. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 when does the demo come out on ps3? thanks rep will be given out
  9. Re: World Football Domination Official Transfer News/Club News Thread can i take arsenal?
  10. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Transfer Accepted Manchester United have accepted a bid from Milan for Berbatov of 10 mil plus Pato
  11. Re: Hello Everyone - Club Wanted http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=50545&highlight=super a very active league with amazing clubs avaliable all teams are good so there will be lots of competition its a custom setup just search super 16 on soccer manager;)
  12. Re: World Football Domination Inter please mate?
  13. Re: World Football Domination Official Transfer News/Club News Thread inter please mate? PM ME;)
  14. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread i swear the demo got delayed till tomoz
  15. mase

    Fifa 10 Demo

    Anyone know what time the Fifa 10 Demo comes out today in the Playstation store? Thanks
  16. Re: England vs Croatia - Pay Back! 1-0 England Penalty by Lampard
  17. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 TRANSFER Diego FORLAN has completed his move to Milan from Atlético Madrid for £7,040,000 plus Klaas-Jan HUNTELAAR
  18. mase


    What is the best or worst message you have ever had?
  19. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 After the first bid for Diego was rejected, Milan have upped their bid for the playmaker.
  20. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Atletico Madrid and Milan are battling it out for the signing of Juventus playmaker Diego.
  21. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 MILAN Milan are interested in the signing of Juventus playmaker Diego
  22. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Results Division 1 Liverpool 2 - 2 Chelsea Manchester United 3 - 1 Real Madrid Manchester City 2 - 3 Barcelona Bayern München 1 - 1 Internazionale Divison 2 Fiorentina 1 - 1 Sevilla Atlético Madrid 0 - 3 Lyon Juventus 1 - 3 Arsenal Milan 5 - 2 Roma My team Milan along with Lyon, Arsenal and Manchester United all picking up convincing wins in the first match of the season.
  23. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 The deal involving Pato and Trezegeut has been stopped with the Milan Chairman not happy.
  24. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Milan have had a bid rejected from Barcelona for star striker Theirry Henry
  25. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Manchester City manager says he will accept a bid of £12m for striker Santa Cruz
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