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    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Milan have had a bid for David Trezeguet of Juventus accepted. The bid was a straight swap for Alexandre Pato. The players seem to be excited and cannot wait for the deal to go through.
  2. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Fixtures 6 Sept 2009 Divison 1: Manchester United - Real Madrid Manchester City - Barcelona Bayern München - Internazionale Liverpool - Chelsea Divison 2: Atlético Madrid - Lyon Juventus - Arsenal Milan - Roma Fiorentina - Sevilla All teams will be looking to win the first match of the season
  3. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 cool write anything about the league here;)
  4. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 The bid from Manchester United has been rejected
  5. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Milan are looking favorites too sign Sabrosa SIMAO with the two clubs in talks
  6. mase

    Super 16

    Re: Super 16 Manchester United and Milan are battling it out for the signature of Atlético Madrid winger Sabrosa SIMAO
  7. There is currently a new league about called Super 16. Here are the teams avaliable: Fiorentina Roma Sevilla Lyon Juventus and possibly Bayern if the manager doesn't accept the job They all have their normal teams so there is good players in them. If you are interested PM me or Bebe247 or you can write here and we will give you more information;) Also post Transfer Gossip and Interests from the league here.
  8. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread HAHALOL that made me laugh
  9. Re: New Signature and GFX thread |Requests|Gallery...A Fresh New Start hi can someone make me a sig of Ferdinand please? thanks!
  10. Re: How can i improve my Squad buy owen or lucho gonzalez
  11. Re: Worlds Worst Away Kit! hmmm let me guess.... the kit? Both of the kits look good aswell I think.
  12. Re: 13m+anderson+gibson for ronaldinho?!
  13. Re: Negredo he's an alright player. I would recommend Michael Owen very highly as I bought him and he's scored in all games so far. If not Owen then get Negredo. (hope it's helped!)
  14. Re: Ridicolous!!! well you haven't had the easiest of games
  15. Are there any good CM's over 93 that I could buy? And can AM's or DM's play CM? Thanks! (Rep will be returned for good answers)!
  16. Re: Best kit in the world if I could i would spit on that shirt!!!lol Im liking the new Bayern and Chelsea kit.
  17. Re: Tevez is leaving!! Philipp Lahm has played for VfB Stuttgart and Bayern Munich in Bundesliga. He made his Bundesliga debut on the first day of the season 2003–04 against Hansa Rostock for Stuttguard.
  18. Re: Tevez is leaving!! We should sign Benzema quick defo
  19. mase

    The Moan Thread

    Re: The Moan Thread I wanna be GM to. Should be getting it soon
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