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  1. Re: Selling Ribery (HELP!!!) he's injured at the moment and i play 3 up front and that's where i would play ribery up front i have ronaldinhio,van nistlroy, mutu, and sub strikers i have tevez, di natale and olic. I am also not struggling with money at the moment as i have 102 mil. so i don't know what i should do. Also the team that are buying off me are in the league below
  2. Im selling Ribery and a bid has come up for between 80 and 82 mil shall i go for it or not. It won't really effect me because the team is in div 2 that is buying and im in div 1, but shall i sell or not?!?!
  3. Re: Super Liga (Ian Mulcahy) lol jealousy?
  4. Re: Selling Buffon (HELP!!)
  5. Re: Super Liga (Ian Mulcahy) lol rating yourself:)
  6. I have an offer for Buffon. He offered Buffon for Cech and said he would buy a rubbish player of me for more than the asking price after the buffon check transfer goes through as you can only do 1 active deal with a club at a time. Shall i do the deal or not?
  7. Re: Super Liga (Ian Mulcahy) it looks like everyone so far thinks United will win Div 1
  8. Re: Super Liga (Ian Mulcahy)
  9. Re: Official SM Forum COD5 Clan good idea when i get my ps3 next month i will join cos hopefully i will get the game
  10. Re: Call of Duty WaW Official Thread! i think modern warfare is better than WaW but online is alright
  11. This is the thread for Super Liga. The owner is Ian Mulcahy so speak to him about a team:) Write down anything to do with match reports or transfers ect....
  12. Write down here match reports, transfer rumours ect! PS: owner is Ian Mulcahy not Ian Mulachy
  13. mase

    Dream Team

    Re: Dream Team messi and ronaldo on the wings will be unstoppable!
  14. Re: Who will win the Uefa Champions League? hopefully, but i think inter will win for some reason.
  15. Write your dream team down here. No ancient players!!!
  16. Re: Best player in the world!
  17. Re: Best player in the world! different
  18. Re: Best player in the world! xavi's freekick against united was quality. he was unlucky i didnt go in. and his ball to messi was pin point
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i need a quality centre mid higher than 93 to play along side sneijder
  20. What transfers do you want to see for your team. I want to see Man U get a quality dani alves as right back and ribery to play left mid
  21. Re: Best player in the world! iniesta is a world class player that has more tricks up his sleeve!!
  22. mase

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread My Bayern Munchen team. Player Pos Age Rt Morale SM Val Chair Val TB - DIEGO LOPEZ, Rodríguez Gk 27 91 £7.1M £11.5M 10 Jul - ABBONDANZIERI, Roberto Gk 36 90 £1.4M £1.3M - Int ABIDAL, Éric LB/CB 29 93 £7.3M £9.2M - Int LAHM, Philipp LB/RB 25 93 £9.4M £24.9M - - BOSINGWA, José RB 26 93 £9.1M £21.3M - - CORDOBA, Iván CB 32 94 £5.9M £7.8M 11 Aug - LUCIO, Ferreira CB 31 94 £6.6M £10.7M - Int CANNAVARO, Fabio CB 35 94 £2.9M £3.9M - Int JUAN, Silveira CB 30 93 £6.7M £8.4M - Rtd MALDINI, Paolo CB/LB 40 91 £129k £110k - - NEDVED, Pavel LM/CM 36 92 £1.6M £1.5M - - ROSICKY, Tomás LM/AM 28 90 £6.0M £5.0M 13 Jul - SALIHAMIDZIC, Hasan RM/LM 32 89 £3.8M £2.9M - Int ALBELDA, David DM/CM 31 91 £5.1M £4.5M - Int SNEIJDER, Wesley CM/AM 24 94 £10.5M £28.8M - - LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar CM/RM 28 93 £7.9M £14.0M - - VAN BOMMEL, Mark CM/DM 32 92 £5.0M £6.1M - - VERON, Juan Sebastián CM 34 92 £3.3M £3.1M - LnL SEMAK, Sergey CM/AM 33 91 £3.5M £3.1M 11 Jul - D'ALESSANDRO, Andrès AM/LM 28 90 £6.0M £5.0M - TrL RIBERY, Franck Wing/AM 26 95 £10.7M £31.6M - - MUTU, Adrian Fwd/AM 30 94 £7.2M £9.2M 14 Jul - RONALDINHO, Assis Moreira Fwd/AM 29 94 £7.9M £14.1M 20 Jul TrL DI NATALE, Antonio Fwd 31 93 £6.1M £5.6M - Int TEVEZ, Carlos Fwd/AM 25 93 £9.4M £21.7M 21 Jul - OLIC, Ivica Fwd/Wing 29 91 £6.1M £5.0M 11 Jul Int VAN NISTELROOY, Ruud CF 32 95 £6.4M £18.3M - - TONI, Luca C
  23. Re: Game of 2009! yeah i know lol:(
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