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  1. There are lots of contenders for the game of 2009 and still lots more to come. Who do you think so far has blown you away? Here are some from my long list. If you have any others tell us. Assassin's Creed 2 Infamous The Sims 3 God of War 3 Fight Night Round 4 Dead Rising 2 Fallout 3: Broken Steel Marvel vs Capcom 2 Lost Planet 2 Need for Speed: Shift Tekken 6 Ghostbusters Dark Void
  2. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. yeah, it will be hard to choose between benzema and tevez
  3. Who do you think will win the Uefa Champions League next year. I have a feeling Inter Milan will do it.
  4. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. I heard Benzema will go to united as apparently i think the lyon chairman said they are not saying benzema isn't up for sale:)
  5. Re: Stars of next season! i've got a feeling A.Young will move this season.
  6. Re: pato and sneijder keep sneijder he's great for me.
  7. Re: Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2009 broad messed up with that throw against netherlands. last ball aswell!!
  8. Re: Stars of next season! hopefully!!! i also hope tevez stays at united.
  9. Who do you think will be the star player of next season? I think Gareth Barry will be outstanding for city.
  10. I think this is a tough one. They are both great players but this season I think messi has done better.
  11. Re: Best player in the world! i would put ronaldo as my second best
  12. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo-does he deserve a 98 rating? he's a great player but some people don't like him for how he plays ie diving. i think he deserves 97/98 in my opinion.
  13. Name the player who you think is the best in the world at the moment and explain why. Mine is Messi. he is pure class and has the ability to do nearly anything you can imagine!
  14. mase

    Friends Problem

    Re: Friends Problem strange, hopefully should get sorted soon.
  15. mase

    Friends Problem

    Is it me or whenever i look at my friends the same people are online. I dont think they are as my other friend contacted me and it shows he's offline. Does anyone else have the same problem?
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